How Can World Invocation Day Strengthen the Spiritual Work of the United Nations and

Contribute to the Transformation of Planetary Consciousness?




In Observation of the Christ Festival/World Invocation Day, 2013[1]


Dear Friends, I would like to begin by inviting each of you to engage your creative imagination. 


As you prepare to do so, it might be helpful to recollect that the esoteric wisdom refers to the creative imagination as that distinctly human faculty which is actually the seed of the intuition and even the precursor to that enlightened state of bliss which in the East is known as samadhi.


So, within that context, if you would, for the next few minutes, close your eyes and imagine the more than 7 billion people now on our planet as one vital, dynamic organism, one interconnected, interrelated planetary center—a multicolored, multi-hued, geometrically diverse mandala


Keeping this image in your mind’s eye, and reaching deep into the recesses of your Highest Self, allow your imagination free reign and consider the following two questions:


1. According to the highest possibilities that you can now imagine, what IS your vision for the spiritual work of the United Nations and its potential to transform planetary consciousness?


And, secondly,


2. What is it that you can uniquely contribute to help bring about this transformation?


Please realize that this vision, which you just brought forth, is your connection to your Soul’s intention and potential. This vision is what YOU hold in trust for the rest of humanity and all life on the planet. 


It’s a part of the promise of how the new Age of Aquarius and the Satya Yuga or Golden Age we are now entering might unfold—that is, if each one of us takes responsibility for our vision and works in the day-to-day life to make it a reality. 


Remember this vision as we will return to it.


How is this visualization related to the spiritual work of the United Nations and the effect that World Invocation Day can have on planetary consciousness?


A description of World Invocation Day, I think, will provide the answer.


Known also by such names as the Festival of Humanity, the Christ Festival, and the Festival of Goodwill, since 1952, World Invocation Day has been observed as a global day of spiritual healing. 


Occurring yearly, at the time of the Gemini Solar Festival when the sun is in Gemini, it is an opportunity to recognize the whole earth poised in conscious and unconscious invocation.


It is a day wherein people in small and large groups—from Australia and New Zealand to Africa and Europe, from North and South America to all parts of Asia—are meeting—in meditation and discussion—to contemplate the spiritual and divine nature of humanity, its link with planetary and cosmic sources of energy and the healing and transformation that is thus possible on planet Earth.


It is an esoteric truth that we live in a second ray solar system of Love-wisdom and that this energy reaches our solar system through the sign of Gemini, which along with the constellations of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, forms a cosmic Triangle, affecting the healing of the nations. 


Esoterically, Gemini controls the heart of our solar system and, thus, this sign pulsates this cosmic energy of Love and Wisdom into all areas of life, providing the perpetual flow of essential love as a constant, ever-present permeation of all planes and states of planetary consciousness. 


Herein, lies our great opportunity—an opportunity and responsibility, to be of planetary service on this world day of invocation.


The third of three Major Spiritual Festivals, following as it does, firstly, the Easter Festival, at the time of the Aries Solar Festival and secondly, the Festival of Wesak or the Festival of the Buddha, at the time of the Taurus solar Festival, World Invocation Day, or the Christ Festival, at the time of the Gemini Solar Festival is a culminating point that provides a crescendo of revelation, which, if due preparation is made, can lead to transformative changes in the individual and planetary life.


This Festival celebrates the spirit of humanity—aspiring towards God or higher consciousness.  It brings attention to the fact of a Higher Cosmic Will and Plan, recognizing that humanity is not living an uncharted course, and that humanity can be in communication—in contact—with the higher realms of consciousness that have always existed on our planet and that today are becoming increasingly available to a receptive and prepared humanity.


It focuses on humanity’s unique role as a bridge builder and its task to become aware of the unimpeded relationship existing among all centers and states of cosmic, solar and planetary consciousness, relating the Kingdom of Heaven to the Kingdom of Earth, or "that which is above and that which is below," or that which is inward; that is, esoteric, to that which is outward or exoteric—a form of inbreathing and out-breathing, of receiving and giving. 



When acting in this capacity, humanity can then take part in the divine circulatory flow, receiving the invoked higher energies and radiating these to the whole of humanity, as well as to the animal, the plant and the mineral kingdoms, helping thus, in the work of making planet Earth a sacred planet, on the physical plane, and not only on the mental plane as is the case today.


Once the purpose of this day is fully recognized, its legacy will be an understanding of how humanity can scientifically engage in the process of invocation and evocation—a process that describes both the voiced and voiceless appeal, and the inherent urge towards the light—which is innate in all forms, producing interplay and relationship, urging all to intentionally engage in the evolutionary process towards greater goodness, wholeness and perfection.


This process of invocation and evocation is as true for the flower that pushes its way through the dark of the earth into the light of the sun, as it is for the disciple or spiritual worker who turns towards the Light divine to discover and realize the higher and deeper dimensions of consciousness.


Thus, in time to come, "life in the three worlds" of the physical, emotional and mental states of consciousness, will be superseded by “life in the five worlds,” which will then include an awareness of the Buddhic and Atmic dimensions of consciousness—today available only to the spiritually advanced few.  The experience of intuitive, perceptive love— and an understanding of the spiritual will, await those who strive to attain.


At this point, it is important to realize that during this Festival period, unique cosmic energies, known as the Forces of Reconstruction are especially active.  Given humanity’s evolutionary status, these energies are as yet, the least powerful of the three streams of energy released during the three Spiritual Festivals.  However, because of the significant attainments within the United Nations and the progress that is globally occurring in the field of politics and government,  these energies are increasing on the planet to the effect that the objectives of world unity and progress for all the world’s people can become a reality.


Slowly, the will-to-synthesis generated within the General Assembly of the United Nations is spreading through this august body as it becomes increasingly receptive to inspiration from the Forces of  Reconstruction and that Great Spiritual Being known as the Avatar of Synthesis—Both of Whom today work in the closest of cooperation with the Christ.


Together, these energies will aid in stimulating goodwill in people everywhere; they will aid in the growth of people’s desire and demand for right human relations as a natural way of life; they will lead to the realization of the long-held ideal of the brotherhood of man; and, they will prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ—the awaited Spiritual Planetary Teacher.


Here, it might be helpful to mention the esoteric keynote for the sign of Gemini: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”—“I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”  (Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey, Copyright © renewed 19979 by Lucis Trust, p. 379.)


As a dual sign, Gemini calls attention to the twins, Castor and Pollux who represent the dual nature of humanity.  One twin represents the mortal half—the personality, and the other—the immortal half, which is of the soul, or the spiritual self. 


This immortal part, existing within each individual, links each one of us to the Great Living, Vibrant Chain of Hierarchy—a Hierarchy made up of those Beings who watch over humanity’s evolution and create that stream of Light, Love and Will-to-Good that has existed on our planet since the dawn of humanity; a stream which grows ever more electrified, ever more magnetic  and ever more vibrant each time that any one individual becomes aware of the eternal Spiritual Hierarchy and  takes up his or her work of world salvage and healing.


From the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Kybalion of Hermes Trismegistus, the Agni-Puranas, the Upanishads and other ancient sacred writings, to the contemporary esoteric wisdom, the Spiritual Teachers of Humanity have long held out the promise of a Higher Way of life—if humanity could recognize and apply the eternal spiritual principles and precepts. 


Again and again, throughout history, Enlightened Spiritual Teachers have come forth, manifesting as much of the divine and cosmic wisdom as the humanity of the day could comprehend.  As planted seeds, these spiritual teachers left their ideas in the hearts and minds of humanity, there to germinate and bear fruit—leading us ever onwards from death to Immortality; from darkness to Light and from the unreal to the Real. (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Copyright Renewed 1985 © by Lucis Trust, p. 485)


Increasingly, people are becoming familiar with the radiant Rainbow Bridge of Light, which is the focus of this Christ Festival and World Day of Invocation.  At this time, humanity is encouraged to reach out in highest aspiration to the Christ and the great Hierarchical chain of Beings who labour, as the Bodhisattva Pledge indicates:


“For as long as space endures; And for as long as living beings remain; I too will remain; in order to help; In order to serve; In order to make my own contribution to dispel the suffering and the misery of the world—until the very last weary pilgrim has found his and her way into the Light serene.”


Referring to World Invocation Day as the Christ Festival brings attention to the universal Christ Principle at the heart of all life and to the living Christ, the pulsating, reverberating, planetary point of Love Divine; the Lord of Love and Compassion—the One Who is known and is expected to return into outer activity, being referred to in the world’s religions by such names as Maitreya, Bodhisattva, Messiah, Imam Mahdi, and so forth; the One to Whom is committed the guidance of the spiritual destiny of humanity, and the development of the realisation within each human being that he and she is a child of God; a cell divine within the Universal All. 


All striving seekers are known to this Loving Being, even though they may be unaware of Him.  The radiance of the energies that He continuously pours forth, stimulates their desire, inspires their compassion, fosters the spark of struggling life and spurs on the aspirants of the world until that momentous day dawns when they stand face to face with the One Who draws all of humanity unto Himself as the Initiator of the sacred mysteries.


On this Day of World Invocation, this World Spiritual Teacher blesses the world by sounding the last sermon of the Buddha and the Great Invocation, thus linking the full enlightenment of the past to the current cycle, with its focus on human and divine cooperation in the distribution of the energies of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good. (For a copy of this powerful mantram, please see the end of this article.)


The Container—the Individual

This brings us back to the importance of your visualization of a few moments ago.


One of the keynotes of the Satya Yuga—the New Age of Aquarius into which we are progressing, is the value of the individual and the fact of the One Humanity—the value of the individual and the fact of the One Humanity.


As an indispensable and inextricable part of the One Humanity, each individual has the opportunity to add his and her quota of Light and Love to the unfolding planetary transformation. 


The recognition will dawn as an inevitable truth that each of us either adds to the problems on our planet or, we increase the light and become part of the solution. 


We either insure the perpetuation of the status quo, or we help to improve the quality of life on our planet. 


Eventually, all will recognize the wisdom and Joy of cultivating individual gifts and potentialities in order to selflessly, responsibly and lovingly offer these in service to the whole. 


Inspired by the Agni Yoga wisdom, we can embrace our responsibility and participate in planetary healing and uplift by placing the following four stones into the foundation of our actions:  1) a reverence for the Blessed Hierarchy, 2) the Realization of unity, 3) the Realization of co-measurement and 4) the application of the canon, “By thy God.”  (Leaves of Morya’s Garden; Illumination, Agni Yoga Society, NY, II:IX:10)


Here, it’s important to note that all spiritual training must be self-applied.  A Spiritual Teacher, a spiritual or esoteric school can aid us in our striving by offering the blueprints, providing the benchmarks and mapping out the journey; however, no word spoken or written can transmit the inner spiritual sense—which must be cultivated and realized within one’s own heart and mind.


Written and spoken words can arouse the hidden fire of divinity in the human soul, and through the kindling of that flame burn the dross of imperfection, limitation and unworthy desire residing in the life of each aspirant. However, each individual must take up the task of transformation on his or her own.  Each individual must do one’s own house cleaning, dedicating oneself to a chosen spiritual discipline and with diligence and loving commitment, daily engage in personal striving. 


The Greatest of Spiritual Teachers could be standing in front of you, poised to offer a blessing; yet, if you had not done the necessary work of personal redemption and transformation; had you not cleansed the lenses of perception, you would not be able to recognize, let alone appreciate or benefit from the precious gifts offered by such a Blessed One. 


This is why it is said that if the “pick-pocket meets a Holy Person on the road, the only thing he or she recognizes are the pockets.” 


“The eye sees what it brings to the seeing.” 




Wrought in the transfiguring fires of dispassion, detachment and discrimination—the following are the recognitions which each of us in time must attain:


 *Recognition of the indwelling, eternal Soul—the spark of consciousness that ever urges us onwards;


* Recognition of the Great Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings—ever keeping watch and ever available to inspire and lend a hand when called upon; and,


* Recognition of the existing Plan of Light and Love and Power—and the part that each person can and eventually must contribute to that Plan. 


On that note and with this blessing I would like to end: 


May we each recognize our unique role in the spiritual renaissance now taking place on our planet—and once recognized, may we each play our part with earnestness, with Love and with dedicated responsibility, recollecting the Agni Yoga wisdom which reminds us that: 


Without the bond with the Higher World, there is no progress, neither is there true joy.

(Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol. I, Agni Yoga Society, NY, Letter: 16 January 1935.)


Thank you for your attention.




The Great Invocation


The Great Invocation is a sacred mantram, derived from seven ancient word forms, held in trust by the Masters of Light, Love and Power. It has been sent out by the combined Ashrams of the Masters of the Wisdom and by the entire Hierarchy of Light and Love and Power. We are told that it is used “by its Members with constancy, exactitude and power.” And, further, “it will serve to integrate the two great centres: the Hierarchy and Humanity and…relate them both in a new and dynamic manner to the ‘centre where the Will of God is known.’” (The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul in The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A.Bailey, p. 759).

Although it is thousands of years old, it was given to humanity for daily use in 1945.  It has since been translated into more than 70 languages and it is today used by countless millions of people of all religions, or of none; it is distinctive of our unfolding Aquarian Age.


Each of the stanzas refers to a different dimension of consciousness and so it is helpful to pause at the end of each one, and take the opportunity to focus on the centers of Light, Love and Purpose.  In the last stanza, we strive to radiate these energies into the consciousness of the whole human race.


The mantric power of the words and the phrases used in the Great Invocation create a rhythmic vibration, invoking spiritual energies and Great Beings of Light, Love and Power.   Thus, each word is sounded intentionally and with as much awareness and mindfulness as possible.


Many religions believe in a World Teacher—a Coming One who is to reappear, as has been the case throughout the history of humanity. This Coming One is known by such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisattva, the Messiah, the True Aquarian and the Kalki Avatar—just to acknowledge a few of the names by which this Spiritual Teacher is known.


In the English version of the Great Invocation, which is the original language in which this Invocation was given to humanity, the term Christ is used for this Coming One. And, it may be of interest to note that in the ancient archives, before Christianity came to be, this term was a title, attributed to the One, Who at any given time holds the title of the World Spiritual Teacher—the purified or Initiated One.


Just as the title of Buddha was given to Siddhartha Gautama as a recognition of attainment,  indicating his ability to access buddhic consciousness, so the Christ is a title, recognizing the attainment of the 7th degree of initiation and indicating the highest pinnacle of love-wisdom—a love so inclusive that It encompasses the souls of all life on the planet.  When this center of Love-Wisdom is awakened within each human being—to any degree whatsoever—it’s as if a vibrant, imaginary Lighted thread connects that individual to the planetary Christ—the focal point of all Love-Wisdom for the planet.


It is for this reason that all spiritual seekers as well as all of the major world religions look to this Great Being, knowing Him through their own traditions. 


Christ—as a word and title has great esoteric significance and radiates its own powerful numeric vibration.


The word "man" in the Great Invocation is a derivative of the Sanskrit term, Manas, which refers to the mental principle—the positive element that characterizes humanity, emphasizing the fact that humanity is able to THINK and use the mind, distinguishing it from the other three kingdoms it is meant to protect and nurture.


It is of great benefit to sound this sacred mantram daily.




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[1]By Ida Urso, Ph.D., edited and revised text of YouTube video, published in June 2012.  See, also “What Is the Relationship between the Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Transformation of Planetary Consciousness?”  For further information, please write to