Creative Meditation — A Planetary Service to Support the Spiritual Work of the UN*
What Is Meant by the Liberation of Humanity?

Via our bodies with which we often exclusively identify, each of us is connected to the mineral, the plant and the animal kingdoms. However, it is via the Soul—the inner spark of consciousness—within each human being that humanity can realize the full potentiality of being human. The liberation of humanity refers to the ability of each human being to fully develop and freely express the fullness that he/she is—on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. However, the liberation of humanity cannot occur without the creation of the necessary planetary environment that will allow and facilitate that expression.

What Keeps us from Experiencing this Inner Consciousness on a Day-to-Day Basis?

In the East the oppressors of humanity are referred to as maya, glamour and illusion. In the West these same obstacles or impediments are referred to as materialism, selfishness/ greed and separativeness. These veils or blinds obliterate or eclipse the life of the Soul—the inner spiritual consciousness. They imprison humanity within a limiting, lower state of consciousness, characterized by ignorance, pain and suffering.

How Can the United Nations Via its Worldwide Work Liberate Humanity?

The United Nations can facilitate the liberation of humanity by accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth in its Charter, by helping people live the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the "global conscience of the world") and by working to insure that all citizens of the planet have access to the basic Four Freedoms: freedom from fear and want, freedom of word and expression and freedom of conscience and worship.

What Is the Relationship Between a Culture of Peace and the Liberation of Humanity?

When the United Nations, on behalf of all people everywhere, accomplishes the goals set forth in its founding documents, then we will, in the words of UNESCO and the many other cooperating organizations, create a culture of peace. This will provide the physical and psycho-spiritual tranquil environment in which humanity can begin to fully realize all its capabilities and thus, fulfill its destiny as planatery saviour, becoming the care-taker of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, an expression of the blossoming Soul.  However, created on behalf of "We the Peoples," the United Nations cannot be successful without the concerted help and support of each person it represents and seeks to help..

How Can Meditation Help in this Process?

In meditation, humanity has the opportunity to align with the vibrations of the inner consciousness. Meditation, as a creative, planetary service, is successful only when the emotions are stilled, the concrete mind is quiet and attention is focused on the plane of Soul—the plane of the abstract or intuitive mind. As the mind and heart are aligned with the transcendent Light, Love and Power of the Soul, in an act of selfless service, humanity can then radiate these energies into the planetary environment. As a result, the etheric environment surrounding Planet Earth is transformed, thus providing the subjective matrix that will support the efforts of all who work for the upliftment and well being of humanity and all life on the planet, leading eventually, to the transformation of existing conditions.

Will You Participate, Either In Person or Subjectively?

Will you participate in this work of planetary redemption either in person at the UN or subjectively from wherever you are? A meditation outline is available in English, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish.  The dates for these monthly meetings are based on propitious astrological cycles—when spiritual energies are most readily available on our planet.


*The term "spiritual" is here used in its most inclusive sense, encompassing the whole of life. It refers to the evolutionary process that drives humanity forward towards eventual wholeness and it therefore encompasses all development—be it physical, emotional, mental, or intuitional. It refers to the spark of knowingness, the spark of consciousness at the heart of every individual. It is this spark of consciousness (some would say, spark of divinity or God-Immanent), which connects the whole of humanity and makes of us as brothers and sisters, creating the family of humanity. It is this spirit or spark that endures forever, progressing from point to point and from stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadily and sequentially all attributes and aspects possible to the human being. Spirituality is characterized by ever-widening horizons, growth and wholeness, greater vision, love and compassion, understanding, integration and synthesis.

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