The Use of Creative Meditation and Thoughtform Building
in Planetary Service

February 7, 2004

Kathy Newburn

Good afternoon everyone and welcome. I'd like to thank Ida and Don for organizing this event and thank you, Ida for giving me such an interesting topic for my talk—The Use of Creative Meditation and Thoughtform Building as a Form of Planetary Service. It's an important topic, I think, because it points to the very real service that esoteric workers can provide to the world during this time of planetary crisis and expectancy. But prior to saying a few words directly related to the topic, I would like to take a moment to highlight why this time period is so important. For I think that if we begin to understand just what is happening in our world today then perhaps we will begin to take more seriously our responsibilities.

According to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom we are living and working in the most important period in the entire history of our planet. It is said to be the time for which the Masters of the Wisdom have been preparing ever since their inception upon planet Earth billions of years ago.

However, from the perspective of outer conditions, the world is in such a state of crisis that many people would surely find it difficult to believe that we are on the verge of a spiritual revolution. But as cliché as it might sound, it is helpful to remember that situations are often the most dark and difficult prior to the dawn. We're going through the birth pangs of our entry into a new age, a new civilization. And spiritual energy takes time to work out upon the physical plane. The forces of materialism, which are more aligned with the energies of the physical plane, work out more readily. We shouldn't lose sight of this as we pass through this difficult period.

There are a number of factors coalescing at this time that make it one of extreme opportunity. We are entering into a new age. We are rapidly moving out of the Age of Pisces and entering into the Aquarian age, something that happens every 2,000 to 2,500 years. We're also transiting out of the period in which the influence of the sixth ray was strong and into a period in which we are coming under the influence of the seventh ray, the ray of ceremonial magic. This combination of the incoming of the seventh ray and that of Aquarius is said to be very auspicious and will lead to many positive changes in the world. And besides this incoming of Aquarian energy in what is called the cycle of the lesser zodiac, we're also entering into a longer and more powerful Aquarian cycle in what is called the greater zodiac, a cycle that lasts for some 25,000 years. The overlapping of these two Aquarian cycles is said to be extremely important and auspicious.

These events have created a temporary condition of alignment between the three great planetary centres—the centre Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. This three-way alignment has never happened before in the entire history of our planet and we are told that it will only be temporary in nature. But it means that for a period of time humanity will be able to work directly with the energy of the spiritual will. Up until now, humanity was only able to receive impression from Shamballa through the intermediation of the Hierarchy. But because of the powerful nature of energy from Shamballa, humanity will only be able to receive it in group formation. Through this inflow of will energy, huge and rapid transformations within consciousness become possible.

Then there is the fact that our planetary Logos, the great Life that ensouls our planet, is said to be undergoing a great cosmic initiation. This initiation naturally has a ripple effect upon all aspects of our planet and accounts for the fact that many members of the human family are likewise in the process of undergoing initiation.

In order to help inaugurate this incredible period of planetary growth and initiation we're told that the Masters and the World Teacher are now in process of preparing to come forward before humanity to set the note and tone for the incoming new civilization. Ever since the period of the great flood in the previous Atlantean civilization, these Masters have worked quietly behind the scenes to affect change in the planet. Now, as they prepare to externalize, great changes will begin to take place in all aspects of our planetary life as the great philosopher kings, as Plato called them, return to bring order and the rule of spiritual law to planet Earth.

But the Masters cannot externalize until humanity prepares the way. It's said, therefore, that all eyes are upon humanity, waiting for us to awaken to the responsibility that is being presented to us. For it has been humanity that has created the world's problems and it is therefore our responsibility to solve them. Many changes are needed before the World Teacher can return—the political and religious fields have to begin to clean house in order to restore peoples' faith in the integrity of these institutions. The principle of sharing has to be implemented in the economic field. This will lead to an amelioration of the gross imbalances that exist in our world in which over 50% of the world's people live on under $2 a day while many others suffer under the excesses of a gross materialism. And finally a measure of peace has to be established within the world.

These are daunting challenges but humanity can rise to the occasion, it's just a matter of summoning up our spiritual will to do so. The esoteric workers of the world hold a key responsibility here for they are trained in meditation and therefore they can do much to aid in a great experiment in planetary upliftment. There is a vast process of global salvaging going on. It is this collective, spiritual work that can counteract the negative forces that are so powerful at this time in our world.

This spiritual group work can begin the process of transforming our planet into a great station of light. Each one of us is being asked to become a "light bearer"—and through that process of individual transfiguration we will, in turn, become "transfiguring" agents within the world. First we work to redeem or purify our lower three-fold personality lives and this involves the long process of individual purification and reorientation of our life's intention and purpose.

As that process proceeds and we begin to develop our path of service, we become able to redeem others, to lift them up and give them our subjective and objective support. Finally, we enter into the redeeming work of an Ashram, our inner spiritual group that exists within consciousness, upon the inner planes. Through this participation we begin to learn the lessons of subjective, group work.

During times of crisis in our individual lives we often find ourselves being pulled into a condition of spiritual alignment. Alignment in this case signifies a state in which the lower physical vehicles—the physical, emotional and mental vehicles—temporarily become organized or charged into a condition of spiritual readiness. Crisis situations often enable us to make decisions and take actions that would not otherwise be possible. The crisis releases our spiritual will which serves to negate the influence of the lesser, personal will—the negative voice that often causes us to act selfishly or to not act at all, out of fear.

Likewise, on a larger, planetary scale, crisis situations within the world evoke the higher aspects of humanity's spiritual will. It is during such times that we move into a higher group alignment. Through the use of the spiritual will we, as individuals and as a collective, have the possibility of transforming ourselves from the plodding, rather inert human beings that we normally are, into individuals with a purpose and a goal.

The forces of materialism have long been skilled at manipulating human desire in line with their selfish purposes. The counter manipulation of human desire and will in alignment with the forces of light has never been successfully undertaken by a group on a large scale. But we can begin to work in this manner now.

There is an interesting passage related to this work that we can do on page 113 of Alice Bailey's Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II in the section that is related to what are called the "Seven Laws of the Soul." One of these laws, "The Law of Magnetic Impulse", is particularly interesting because it is concerned with the group meditative work that can be undertaken by the esoteric workers of the world. Alice Bailey wrote, "What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such moment that, at the right time, it could produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent, magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives Who brood over humanity and our civilisation, and Who work through the Masters of the Wisdom....

"This group endeavor will call forth from Them a responsive and magnetic impulse, which will bring together, through the medium of all the aspiring groups, the overshadowing beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be released in such a flood of power that it will work definite changes in human consciousness and help to ameliorate conditions in this needy world."

This paragraph says it all, it sums up the challenge that stands before us at this time—the challenge to use our spiritual abilities to unite with others of like mind and to stand with the Spiritual Hierarchy and then together make the attempt to contact the Extra-Planetary Beings who are hovering over our planet. In aligning with and invoking their august power, all aspects of life upon earth can be irradiated and transformed.

It is to this collective task of creating a potent, magnetic impulse, that we are called at this crisis time within our planet. As we lose sight of ourselves in the great service to be offered, we begin to feel ourselves a part of something much vaster than anything we could ever have previously imagined. The divine pattern of the Plan for our planet begins to dawn upon our awakening consciousness. We find our group brothers and they strengthen us just as we, too, strengthen them. We grow in the realization of the part that each one of us can play in the great drama that is now unfolding. We work towards the realization of the final line of the Great Invocation: "Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth."

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