Using Meditation to Support the Work of the United Nations*

Seminar; Saturday, February 7, 2004; 2-4:30 P.M.

240-242 E. 53rd Street, Meditation Room, Quest Book Shop, New York City1


"Within man is contained all that exists. He can evoke anything in himself, from the beginnings of all illnesses to the highest transcendental possibilities. He can allow himself to develop any illness, but he can just as easily join the Higher Forces."
(Supermundane III (554), Agni Yoga Society)

I The United Nations and the Destiny of Humanity
Ida Urso, President Aquarian Age Community

II Creative Meditation and Thoughtform Building As a Planetary Service
Kathy Newburn, Life-Long Student of the Esoteric Wisdom

III Some Astrological Observations about the United Nations

IV Audience Participation

"Not words, but the runners of thought weave the aura."
(Illumination, II:VI:9, Agni Yoga Society)

* Sponsored by the Aquarian Age Community, a non-profit, accredited nongovernmental organization in association with the UN Department of Public Information. URL:; E-mail:
1 Quest Book Shop is between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. Take E or V Train to Lexington Ave & 53rd St. or No.6 to 51st St.

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