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July 2021

t times people are ready to recognize the power of thought, but they do not apply this recognition to themselves. They dream about great thoughts but will not put the small ones in order. They will ask how to set thought into motion. One has to start by disciplining the smallest thoughts; only when that is done can one create a thought that moves mountains. By following this advice about putting small thoughts in order, one begins to bring health to the heart. Do not rely on an assortment of outer pranayamas. The path of Agni Yoga is through the heart, but one must help the heart by putting thoughts in order. Disorderly thoughts are like lice and fleas, for they harm the subtle substance. They often carry deadly poison. Precisely the smallest thoughts smack of madness, and are therefore the main obstacle in bringing the subtle and dense worlds together. How can we persuade friends that they should immediately accept what is being said about small thoughts and put it into action? After all, this only requires a little attention and awareness of responsibility.

(Heart,  par. 495, Agni Yoga Society, NY)

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