Initiation, Glamour, Aquarian Age Community and the United Nations


We have been blessed. Sane and practical information has been given to us regarding the nature and processes of Initiation in the many books by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and Alice Bailey. Alice's book, Initiation Human and Solar, reveals that this is not just a human process but extends beyond us into the Solar and Cosmic Worlds. It is an ever-expanding process of new spiritual awareness, the re-alignment of the mind, heart, body soul and monad to the successively new visions of Divine Plan, dedicated discipline to the requirements of each expansion of consciousness, and greater service to the Whole as the Whole continuously reveals Itself.

Each major advancement along the way is accompanied by a ceremony of Initiation, overseen by the applicants' Master and conducted by either the Christ in the first two initiations or the Lord of the World in later initiations. Here, the Presence is revealed, a New vision given, the application of the Rod of Initiation applied in which the three lower bodies, the centres, and the causal body are both stimulated, raised to a higher level and stabilized. An oath is administered and a Secret is revealed along with its related Word of power. (Initiation Human and Solar, p. 112) Each initiation allows the candidate to participate more fully in the fulfillment of the Plan for humanity's evolution. He discovers his egoic group and the nature of its participation in working out this Plan. He contributes as best he can wherein and wherever he finds himself.

The concept of Initiation is surrounded by many doubts, glamours and dangers. We consider, for example, is there really such a series of human/spiritual advancements? Is one capable of the journey? Has one become vain in supposed Spiritual achievement? Is it too difficult a journey to undertake? We discover these anxieties and glamours as we look within as dispassionately as possible. Ultimately, the heart makes its response, the soul is invoked and the journey begins.

Initiation has most always been considered from the point of view of the individual. It still is but a Great New Note has been sounded. We are told that Sanat Kumara, The Ancient of Days, the Eternal Youth, He in whom we live and breathe and have our being, is undergoing a great Planetary/Cosmic Initiation. As He realigns His vehicles for this Great Initiation, the turmoil is felt by all of the Earth's participants. It is His turmoil that we are now experiencing daily as mankind struggles with the values of the past. Ancient mistrusts, outdated points of view, our lack of love for all of humanity and for those outside our particular groups, our greed and cruelty—it is all surfacing. Terrible as the times are, the difficulties have stimulated what we now understand as Group Initiation, in which like Souls strive together to assist some part of the over-all Plan, to send forth as much Love, Light and Goodwill as possible and to nurture as best they can some part of the emerging new vision for mankind and the Earth.

To the best of our ability we of the Aquarian Age Community are trying to do our part, as a group of aspirants within a larger group of aspirants as we invoke Light, Love, Goodwill and the Will-to-Good especially focused on the General Assembly of the U.N. We are—to the best of our ability invoking the Souls of the Nations and attempting through our meditation, our understanding of the nature of spiritual energies and the practice of goodwill, to assist them in their great millennium undertaking of reducing world poverty, providing education and health care for all, guaranteeing equal rights for women and all persons, eliminating world disease, eliminating the terrible weapons of war and preserving the environment of our beautiful world.

The Tibetan Master has assured us that the heart of humanity is sound and that the success of the Plan of Love and Light, however long it may be delayed, is inevitable. From this we take hope and courage that one day there will be One World, One Humanity, One Life, dedicated to the collective unfoldment of Humanity's Soul in harmony with the Divine Plan for our Planet.