What is Initiation and what is the Effect of Initiation?

A Co-Worker

Initiation is the work of healing and redemption. It does not take place on the physical plane, but within each of us, on the 'inner' planes and it changes our awareness and how we fundamentally live and view life. It is a graded series of liberations or awakenings, which results in the attainment of increased freedom from that which lies behind. A broadening of consciousness, a constant fusion of the lights—the fiery transmutation of the centers—and entry into the mind of the Logos accompany each successive initiation. All initiations, we are told, are preceded by a series of disillusionments which, when realized and comprehended, leave us no choice but to move forward into greater light.

The initiation process is excessively hard and always self-imposed, but it is the process where we become who we are. In fact, the Master Morya suggests, that it is better to express initiation itself by the word education. And, instead of referring to initiated and uninitiated, we might say knowing and unknowing, or cognizant and ignorant. Brotherhood (10), Agni Yoga Society

Although initiation is a strictly personal matter, it is a group event with a universal application; a process we undertake together—for the soul is ever group conscious. This entails working behind the scenes as a soul—as one integrated unit, personality and soul fused and blended—and initiation always includes the voluntary sacrifice of everything held dear to our heart on one plane or another. Yet, it brings with it energies of increasing strength and light—fresh revelation and vision. These energies we evoke ourselves. They are dependent primarily upon our determination, purpose and will, persistence and spiritual integrity—with the principal hindrance being that of laziness or lack of speed.

The idea of ceremony attached to taking initiation is merely an idea, which exists solely in the mind of the initiate. Only when we are overwhelmed by a sense of world need and with no thought of the personal self do we knock and the door of "knowing" will be opened. It is the result of: Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination and Discipline—based upon a deep understanding, a sense of proportion and a focus on world service.

Our joyful responsibility with regard to humanity's initiation is to sacrifice our self for others, to work with love for all beings, no matter who they may be, and for that freedom "whereby the soul and its powers can unfold and all men be free because of an individually attained freedom". The effect is that of the priceless redemption of human souls, and the progression of humanity forward upon the Path of Return.