Initiation of the Nations

Cornelia Schaum

For understanding the initiation of nations we will recognize ourselves as onlookers and we will try to see the picture from "farther outside" than is usually customary. We have to reach up to our planetary Logos in order to be able to duly visualize the development of the nations and the aspect of initiation, for the initiation of the nations concerns HIS entire people, respectively HIS community of peoples. The nations represent the highest expression of personality of the Logos at a certain point of time. The initiation of a nation is valid for most of the people, not for the single disciple-in-training living in non-initiated humankind. Disciples shorten the time span of their period of development via the path of initiation. Most humans will not shorten the period of time, but will take initiation as a whole after a regular epoch of evolution, as humankind as a whole in the initiation of the nations.

The fact is to be added that nations, or communities of peoples, show differing degrees of readiness for initiation at different points of time on the various levels of initiation.

If our Logos wants to judge HIS time-dependent overall development, HE assesses the development of entire nations at a certain point of time. For this evaluation he disregards the evolution of individuals and the initiated ones who are always outstanding among the mass of people. Initiated people are not the standard for an entire nation; they are the seeds of polarization in a people, which may serve as a factor of orientation for the mass of the people if they want to progress in their individual development, or as humankind as a whole.

Initiated persons of different states of initiation are the stepping stones for a nation, and therefore our Logos has directed his special attention to HIS initiated ones, for it is them who initiate the rhythm of a new circulation. He is in contact with them in various graded ways, depending on their individual attainment, or degree of initiation. The highest initiated ones, who have access to Shamballa, know what our Logos plans to do at any point of time, they know HIS will.

The initiated ones of a nation are active in order to lift nations as wholes on a higher level, for nations are the bigger "cell formations" of our Logos in his expression of personality. Simultaneously we realize the importance of initiation, for it has an effect as a "catalyst" for progress within entire nations.

Our Logos exists within as well as outside of time and space. Everything that our Logos has ever been, is, and will be within time is at the same time present as a union beyond time and space. For our Logos, our past, present and future are HIS undivided omni-presence. HIS omnipresence becomes our past, present and future only within time and space.

HIS cells and cell groups, that is, his human beings and nations belong to HIM. HE would not be able to remove even one cell from HIS body since the respective cell forms the stepping stone for its own future, and thus, for the whole. If this stepping stone would be lacking, the rest would not exist. We can realize this clearly if we watch something in an infinite mirror - we only get the same thing again and again, only mirrored anew and on another level. It would not be possible to remove one of these reflected pictures and preserve the others, because the one reflected image becomes the basis for the next reflection. If one would cut out one reflection, reflections would stop here.

In this way we see a mutual dependence of his cells and regions, where none is of more or less value than the other. For HIM there is neither time nor space but only identification and change of the One into the Other,— and this fact is of greatest importance. Everything changes into the other, only our earthly-human consciousness separates into segment units, into beginning and end. With our time-related brain we cannot comprehend the unbroken transition of existence and thus we get separation instead of unity.

The nations are—seen from a higher perspective—only one nation on the many different levels of the diversification of being: One single nation divided in various eras of consciousness and evolutionary states in time and space. Different combinations of rays of nations communicate with each other and in their feedback inhibit or promote each other. Related to our Logos this means his inhibition or acceleration of his personality development, but we must never separate the development of the nations from the one of the Logos, because both are directly connected with each other and form one unit.

The development described here is perfected when the nations in time and space have overcome their individual experience as a separate nation and all nations melt into one nation: One single nation consisting of many different national centres of consciousness working together individually in complete harmony, intelligently and inspired by love, to lift the Whole to an even higher turn of the spiral of evolution. This means, in the end, the initiation of the nations into a perfect brotherhood and signifies the entrance of the human being into the golden age of an international peace and of "sharing".

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