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Brotherhood and Telepathy

'Cooperation in all' shall accompany the Age of Maitreya. Not by
command, not by harmony, but by the lightning of thought are the co-workers united.

Agni Yoga (101)

In considering the subject of telepathy, it is important to keep in mind that the etheric body of every form in nature is an integral part of the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being." Thus, the etheric or energy body of every human being is an integral part of the etheric body of the planet and also of the solar system. Every human being is therefore related to every other expression of the One Life. This etheric body is nothing but energy composed of a myriad of threads of force or tiny streams of energy.

Two laws govern telepathic communication. The first law indicates that the power to communicate is to be found in the very nature of substance itself. Because this power lies potentially within the etheric or energy body of every form that is an integral part of the One Life, this first law is the basis for omnipresence and omniscience. The second law is that in union there is strength. That is, the interplay of many minds produces a unity of thought, which is powerful enough to be recognised by the brain. 1

The first stage of telepathic reception is ever the registering of an impression. The Science of Impression is the way of life in the subjective, inner world of reality. This response to the vibratory activity of a radiatory influence is the method by which the Masters of the Wisdom communicate. Because they are attuned to a particular vibration, they can easily be en rapport with each other.

The germ or embryonic capacity for all types of planetary contact is inherent in every human being. However, telepathy (the reciprocal activity of receiving and impressing) is blocked by the barriers erected by the "unprincipled substance" of the three vehicles of the personal self. Turbulence in the emotional body and the existence of such qualities as selfishness, hatred, criticism, suspicion, lack of love, and lack of sympathy create deterrents or barriers to telepathic interplay.

The unfoldment of sensitivity to impression normally and naturally parallels spiritual development. As the dedicated human being begins to demonstrate a response to the indwelling Soul, automatically he/she engenders a magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play.

The growth of telepathic rapport is an anticipated development of our Aquarian Age. Seeking to work for the uplift of the world, esoteric groups, consciously committed to expressing unity and brotherhood in the truest sense, will develop telepathic abilities.

Dedicated to meeting world need and world opportunities such groups will seek to expand humanity's consciousness and help initiate humanity into the spiritual realities. The outstanding characteristic of such groups will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit. Group members will be able to give to each other that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognizes no barriers, refuses all separating thoughts and surround each other with that protecting wall of love that meets all need wherever possible. It will be recognized that without the conscientious and definite inculcation of love and trust among the group members, there can be no true transference of thought.

In short, these groups will comprehend and practice the Law of Loving Understanding, in contrast to the Law of Cleavages, which has prevailed throughout the past 2000 plus years of the Piscean era. Such integrated, interrelated groups whose members are telepathically linked will establish a golden network of light which will serve to create a powerful planetary focal point that will spiritually revitalize the etheric body of humanity-as a whole-and thus demonstrate the true nature of Brotherhood. 

1 Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle by Alice A. Bailey, p. 5

The growth of telepathic rapport will bring in an era of universality and synthesis, with its qualities of recognised relationships and responsiveness. This will be, outstandingly, the glory of the Aquarian Age.

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle by Alice A. Bailey

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