Such grandeur is ahead!
Such a great step awaits its fiery affirmation!
Our teaching and the affirmation of the Higher Principles
will reveal so much that is great to humanity!
A great period is drawing near.  Thus do we create together.
(Fiery World, Vol. III, par. 149)

About the Aquarian Age Community

Recognizing the interrelated oneness of humanity, and indeed of all life, the Aquarian Age Community is a pledged point of synthesis, resonating to the Aquarian keynote, “Water of Life Am I Poured Forth for Thirsty Men.”  Responding to the Aquarian energies of universality, synthesis and loving understanding, it recognizes the spiritual destiny of Humanity and the divine potential at the heart of every individual.  In keeping with the resonance of the new age, the Aquarian Age Community is first and foremost a subjective community, seeking alignment and identification with all Spiritual Beings who inspire the evolution of life on planet Earth.  All who strive to better understand the new spiritual energies pouring into our planet and integrate them into daily living are a recognized part of the community.  As a not-for-profit educational community, it supports the restoration of the Spiritual Mysteries and the transformation of human consciousness.

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that we live in a time of unprecedented opportunity.  The dawning of the greater and lesser cycles of Aquarius have been awaited by the Hierarchy of Light and Love—the Masters of the Wisdom, the Teachers of humanity—for untold millennia.  It is a time when millions within our human family will have the opportunity to make a leap in consciousness, realize their spiritual potential and actively cooperate in the restoration of the Plan of Love and Light on our planet.  That Plan includes the externalization of the Soul—the inner divine principle at the heart of all life, the product of the union between spirit and matter.  When the Soul is freed or resurrected from the matter in which it is encased, then will we know without a doubt that all life is in fact interdependent, interconnected and whole.  Then, will we truly understand and live by the spiritual values of liberty, fraternity and equality.

In support of that externalization process, the Aquarian Age Community.

The Aquarian Age Community is dedicated in loving service to humanity, the planet and the “Great Thinker.”  It is inspired by the teachings of Master Koot Hoomi, Master Morya, and Master Djwhal Khul as these are set forth in the books of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and the Agni Yoga Society.  These teachings seek to inspire and prepare human consciousness for the great opportunities and possibilities of the 21st century.

Belief in the Soul has become widespread during the last two thousand years.
Knowledge of the Soul is the promise of the Aquarian Age.

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