The Spiritual Work of the United Nations

Moving Towards a Planetary Transformation of Consciousness


In Observance of the Christ Festival/World Invocation Day


NGO Resource Center, 2nd Floor, UNITAR Building, UN Headquarters

801 First Avenue, at the NW corner of 45th St., New York City


Thursday, June 12, 2014; 2:30-4:00 p.m.


Join us for this special roundtable via Webinar

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It is difficult to remain without water even for a day.

It is likewise difficult for our consciousness to remain without illumination from far-off worlds.

As with food or water, one also needs the sustenance of the Higher Planes of Consciousness.

Agni Yoga, par. 407


Today everywhere people are ready for the light;

They are expectant of a new revelation, in terms of a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations.

The Reappearance of the Christ


Dear Friends,


You are invited to participate in this month’s special Webinar, which will be broadcast from the United Nations’ NGO Resource Center Conference Room.  Please note the time change from past meetings, due to the availability of the UN/NGO Conference Room. 


The Webinar will be part of a roundtable featuring sacred music, a diversity of talks by guest panelists, discussion and meditation.  To join the meeting via Webinar using either a phone or computer, please register on-line.


Recollecting that it is the power of thought that is the evocative principle of the New World (Agni Yoga, par. 101), at this time of planetary crisis, all spiritual workers can contribute to building thought-forms of solution to world problems.


Since 1952 this Christ Festival has also been known as World Invocation Day, a day observed as a global day of spiritual opportunity and planetary healing. 


You are invited to participate in this year’s Webinar meditation meeting and join the group discussion by formulating your responses to the following two questions:  


“How Can the United Nations Help Us Move Towards a Planetary Consciousness? 


“How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Transformation? 


For information about this Festival, please see the YouTube video, How Can World Invocation Day Affect Planetary Consciousness

You may also wish to meditate on some selected thoughts from the Agni Yoga wisdom and the Tibetan Master about the reappearance of the Christ in The Advancing Planetary Teacher.” 

Additionally, you are also invited to listen to Eleanor Roosevelt sounding the Great Invocation in the United Nations on World Invocation Day in 1952, available as a radio recording on the Lucis Trust website, sent out recently by our co-workers at Intuition in Service.

In observance of this Festival, we are pleased to offer a paper on The Restoration of the Mysteries— The Science of Service: Developing Skill-in-Action, recently posted in our website.  Your contributory thoughts and feedback will be welcome.

We look forward to your participation in this year’s Christ Festival/World Invocation Day on Thursday, June 12th. 

The Quote of the Month for June, relating the work of the Buddha and the Christ, along with its accompanying cosmic photograph is available here

We leave you for now, with the following appeal from the Tibetan Master as presented within The Externalisation of the Hierarchy:

May He Whom we all love and serve, the Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and your help in His task...of leading humanity into the light of a new day. (p. 445) 


In the Joy of Shared Planetary Service,


Aquarian Age Community
a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit NGO in association with UN/DPI





Today everywhere people are ready for the light; they are expectant of a new revelation and of a new dispensation, and humanity has advanced so far on the way of evolution that these demands and expectations are not couched in terms of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations. They are demanding teaching and spiritual help along with the necessary requests for food, clothes and the opportunity to work and live in freedom; they face famine in large areas of the world and yet are registering (with equal dismay) the famine of the soul. 

The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 143

Welcome and Introduction

Musical Interlude (Eileen)


Sounding of "The Affirmation of the Disciple”


Video of the Sounding of The Great Invocation in the Six Official Languages of the UN




  1. The Christ Festival/World Invocation DayPreparing for a Planetary Transformation of Consciousness (Ida)

  2. The Great Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom and the Supermundane World Who Eternally Encourage Humanity   Onward; Who Are They and What Is Their Role in the Transformation of Planetary Consciousness? (Kathy)

  3. What Is the Relationship between the Globally Realized Four Freedoms & World Invocation Day? (Susan)

  4. How Can the Global Spiritual Community Help Create a Focused, Determined and Enlightened Public Opinion about the Spiritual Work of the UN and its Relationship to World Invocation Day? (Maria)

  5. How Does the United Nations Express the Intentions and Values of  World Invocation Day? (Steve)

  6. How Can Youth Be More Fully Engaged in the Spiritual Work of the United Nations? (Mary)

  7. How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Transformation? (Danilo)


Group Participation


1)    “How Can the United Nations Help Us Move Towards a Planetary Consciousness?”


2)  “How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Transformation?”


Meditation:  “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity





May He Whom we all love and serve, the Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and your help in His task—climaxing this year—of leading humanity into the light of a new day. 

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 445

Welcome and



Dear Friends, Good afternoon.   Welcome to those of you here in the UN/NGO Conference Room and welcome to those of you participating via Webinar.  Thank you for being here.  Please excuse the delay in starting this meeting.   Thursday is a very busy day in the NGO Resource Center and today, especially so.


It’s a Joy to be speaking with you from within the UN and I’m delighted that we have this opportunity to work together today for the Christ Festival * World Invocation Day * the Festival of Humanity* and, the Festival of Goodwill!  Of course, these are all the names by which this Festival is known—like Gemini itself, a Festival of many facets and deeply esoteric potentialities!


The actual moment of this Festival falls in the early morning hours of just 11 minutes past midnight, on Friday, June 13th, here in the U.S. Eastern Time zone.


Today, therefore is the last of the two days of preparation—and all of us have an opportunity to prepare the way—prepare the way for a better future for all life on our planet, preparing to play a part  in accelerating a planetary transformation of consciousness and preparing the Path of Light for the feet of the awaited Reappearance of the Christ, the Externalisation of the Hierarchy and the Restoration of the Mysteries, so that once again, as in old Atlantis, the Masters of the Wisdom can openly walk among us and the Mysteries can once again become an accepted way of life, publicly valued and  sought after,  just as is the case today for a Master’s or doctoral degree in higher education.  At that time, humanity can more scientifically and purposefully engage in the processes of transmutation, transformation and transfiguration.  For such a future, we work.


As we know, the two days of preparation prior to each of the 12 Solar Festivals also refers to the opportunity we have to engage in a dedicated, upward striving that will allow us individually, as a group and as part of humanity to prepare ourselves so that we can become the recipients and custodians of as much of the inflowing spiritual force that will be poured out into our planet on the exact moment of the Gemini Solar Festival—in the service of humanity.

Looking at today’s program agenda, you can see that we have a rich and full program ahead of us. 


Because our aim is to create a “symphony of diverse notes and energies,” as inclusive and diverse as possible, several different aspects of this Festival opportunity are being addressed—in short presentations of under five minutes each. 


My wish is that each of us take personal responsibility to make this meeting a focused, invocative and evocative spiritual event that can strengthen the spiritual work of the United Nations as an aid, in preparation for the reappearance of the Christ, adding to the pool of light within the UN, while providing the microcosmic seed of unity, at this auspicious time of the year—that will lead to the planetary transformation of consciousness towards which we are all striving. 


Related to planetary transformation, the Tibetan Master informs us that Cosmic Love reaches our solar system through the sign of Gemini, which, with the constellations of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, forms a cosmic Triangle, affecting the healing of nations. 


It is for this reason that Webinar participants will see a photograph of the Pleiades on your computer screens.


Due to our time constraints, we will dispense with formal introductions and allow each person, within his/her allotted time, to introduce themselves, indicating also the theme of their talk.


That said, I would like to turn the microphone over to Eileen who will help us raise our consciousness with her sacred, healing sounds, followed by Maria who will lead us in the sounding of “The Affirmation of the Disciple” and then followed by the video of the Great Invocation, sounded in the Six Official Languages of the UN. 


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The Christ Festival and World Invocation Day;

An Opportunity to Prepare for a Planetary Transformation of Consciousness




Occurring yearly when the sun is in Gemini, this Festival recognizes the whole earth poised in conscious and unconscious invocation.


Esoterically, Gemini controls the heart of our solar system and thus, this sign pulsates the cosmic energy of Love-Wisdom into all areas of life, into all planes and states of planetary consciousness.


The third of three Major Spiritual Festivals, this Festival is a culminating point, which when fully understood, will provide a crescendo of revelation, leading to transformative changes in the individual and planetary life.


It celebrates the spirit of humanity—aspiring towards God or higher consciousness.  It brings attention to the fact of a Higher Cosmic Will and Plan, recognizing that humanity is not living an uncharted course, and that humanity can be in communication—in contact—with the higher realms of consciousness that have always existed on our planet and that today are becoming increasingly available to a receptive and prepared humanity.


It focuses on humanity’s unique role as a bridge builder as it becomes aware of the unimpeded relationship existing among all centers of cosmic, solar and planetary consciousness.


It brings attention to the planetary process of invocation and evocation—a process that is as true for the flower that pushes its way through the dark of the earth, as it is for the disciple, who turns for sustenance and nurture towards the inner spiritual sun.


Human invocation includes the massed demand, unconsciously voiced, and the crying appeal, wrung from the hearts of men and women in all times of crisis such as we witness all around us. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all individuals who live in the midst of turmoil and disaster.


Then there is the invocational spirit of sincere men and women as they participate in the rites of their religion—and in prayer and worship, lay their demands for help before God. 


And lastly, there are the trained disciples and aspirants of the world who use certain forms of words, certain carefully defined invocations, focusing the invocative cry and appeal of the other two groups, giving it right direction and power.


Here it might be helpful to consider the esoteric keynote of Gemini: 

 “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”  


As a dual sign, Gemini calls attention to the twins, Castor and Pollux, who represent the dual nature of humanity.  One twin represents the mortal half—the personality, and the other—the immortal half, which is of the soul, or the spiritual self. 


This immortal part—the expanding Soul or Christ consciousness links each one of us to the Great Living, Vibrant Chain of Hierarchy—a Hierarchy Who creates that stream of Light, Love and Will-to-Good that has existed on our planet since the dawn of humanity—a stream which grows ever more electrified, magnetic and vibrant each time that any one individual takes up his or her work of world salvage and healing.


 “The Great Helpers of humanity do not abandon the Earth so long as sufferings go unhealed”; however, to reach Them, we must tune our consciousness to Theirs—we must still the voices of the demanding, materially oriented personality and, instead, listen to the voice of the Soul.   

Thank you.

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The Great Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom and the Supermundane World
Who Eternally Encourage Humanity Onward; Who Are They and
What Is Their Role in the Transformation of Planetary Consciousness?




One way by which we can understand somewhat the quality of the Masters of the Wisdom is by a consideration of the fact that as a group they constitute the heart center of our planetary life just as the center Shamballa is the planetary head center and humanity constitutes the planetary throat center.  These three centers are, for the first time in planetary history, coming into a condition of alignment in which there is a three-way interrelationship between them.  This interrelationship, once established, will be temporary and coincident upon the powerful changes that are in store for our planet in the relatively near future that relate to the emergence of this “second center” from its relative obscurity wherein for aeons of time the Masters have worked behind the scenes to impress and stimulate those members of the human family who are sensitive to Their impression. 


When considering anything, it is helpful to ponder the name (or names) assigned to it.  In the case of the Masters, they are known by various names.  In reference to the name of  the Masters of the Wisdom it tells us much about their level of achievement.  To Master something is to attain a high degree of specialization, as in a university degree.  It is not the highest degree, so this name indicates that there are higher levels of possible attainment beyond that of a Master and this is decidedly the case as we’re told that the taking of the sixth initiation (an individual becomes a Master with the taking of the fifth initiation), one only takes one’s first step upon the “way of the higher evolution”, which in some teachings is considered the beginning of the real path. The Masters have mastered human limitation.  Their attainment is not related to considerations of the lower mind, known in the Ageless Wisdom as acquired in the Hall of Learning, and instead relates to the Hall of Wisdom and the higher mind. 


Another name for the Masters is the Spiritual Hierarchy.  As we know, the term hierarchy relates to a graded series of competencies or attainments.  One way we can consider this term is through the lens of the military with its many ranks and its disciplines.  And the Hierarchy can sometimes be viewed as a “fighting body” -- standing on the side of the forces of light, not passively waiting upon the sidelines of life. 


The Masters are also known as the Brothers of Compassion.  They are brothers because they are related by blood, which is the spiritual symbol for the spirit aspect that unites all things and defies any sense of separation.  The World Teacher, the living Christ, who stands at the center of this great heart center is sometimes known as the “God-Man, the eldest in a great family of brothers.”  Compassion, a quality of love, is perhaps the defining quality of the Masters.  It is said that the remembrance of an experience of compassion as a child was the defining incident that led to the Buddha’s enlightenment, he knew that he had to learn how to somehow regain that childhood state that came upon him naturally while meditating under the rose-apple tree as a child.


And the final and perhaps most defining name that we will consider for the Masters is one that is used in Tibet--the Society of Organized and Illumined minds, which tells us something of their attainment. The Tibetan writes, Their minds are “illumined by love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by a knowledge of the plan and aiming to comprehend the purpose, sacrificing Their own immediate progress in order to help humanity. That is a Master. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 789)

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What Is the Relationship between the Globally Realized Four Freedoms
And World Invocation Day?




The Four Freedoms had been taking shape in the mind of the great first ray initiate Franklin Delano Roosevelt for many years. In fact, one year before FDR articulated his Four Freedoms, Elenore Roosevelt enunciated the Four Equalities: Equality before the law, Equality of education, Equality of opportuanity to earn a living, and Equality to express oneself and participate in government. Harvey Kaye in The Fight for The Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great, stated that in 1941, after his fourth draft and sitting with his speechwriting team, there was a long silence, and “the President said, ‘Dorothy, take a law.’ And he proceeded to dictate, the words rolling off his tongue, We must look forward to a world based on four essential human freedoms…The first is freedom of speech and expression…The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way…The third is freedom from want…The fourth is freedom from fear…” He continued that, “The world order which we seek is the cooperation of free countries working together in a friendly civilized society.” He was beginning to ask the rough and tough questions to the powerful.


When he delivered the Four Freedoms speech to Congress in his annual message, he knew he was addressing Congress but most importantly “the people.” He had just won an unprecedented 3rd term by a landslide and American’s waited with baited breath. It was one of his greatest speeches, and he spoke to thunderous applause as he proclaimed a global vision.


Against all odds, the people saw unprecedented change and the New Deal created great hope and vision. Yet, the same forces of materialism and greed began to destroy what was built, and by 1956, after Eisenhower won the presidential election, he opined to his fellow members in Congress mourning the loss by asking, “Where are the Four Freedoms now? He answered, They have been replaced by the Four Fears: Fear of depression, Fear of communism, Fear of ourselves, and Fear of freedom itself.“


FDR expanded upon his characterization of the freedom from fear stating, “translated into world terms, [this] means a worldwide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor, anywhere in the world.”


The Master Dwjahl Khul asks us in “Esoteric Healing” “How can the Four Freedoms become factual and not just beautiful dreams?” He strikes a cord pronouncing that spiritual people must work for this, and that the Four Freedoms will insure right human relations. And from the Externalization of the Hierarchy (Pg. 656), he reminds us we are fighting for the “freedom of the will of men, as it expresses itself in the press, in speech, in government, or in the struggle for a deepened spiritual life. This ‘energy of liberation’ he continues, was sensed, registered and voiced for humanity by Franklin D. Roosevelt in The Four Freedoms.” FDR laid the foundation for the new civilisation and the new world culture.  In The Rays and Initiation (pg. 769), The Tibetan Master beautifully states that “The Four Freedoms or the Atlantic Charter express the emergence of the love of God in its form of the spirit of Christ.” And that’s why we are here today, to celebrate the Christ Festival of love and light.


In reading Simon Marlow’s Wesak full moon talk from London, he reminded me of the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who miraculously survived being shot in the head. And she said in an address to the UN, “The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power, and courage was born.”


This is the courage our Teachers require of us, and the meaning of World Invocation Day. It is our mission within World Invocation Day to embrace the four freedoms and see them absorbed into the consciousness of the General Assembly, since it is through the evolution of consciousness that our planet, civilization and culture survives and thrives.

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How Can the Global Spiritual Community Help Create a Focused,
Determined and Enlightened Public Opinion about the Spiritual Work of the
United Nations and Its Relationship to World Invocation Day?



It is an inspiration to be here today at the United Nations with many friends and co-workers, working within the energies of the Christ Solar Festival on behalf of Humanity.


I too love what the United Nations stands for as our future collective Planetary Government and as an outpost of light, love and goodwill for all.


As a new representative for the Aquarian Age Community, it’s been a true joy to sit in at the NGO/DPI briefings, getting to see first hand how world issues like equality, world peace and the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals are being addressed.


We recognize the subjective work in aiding the transformation of planetary consciousness and the question that still arises is how can we better educate and inform the public about the spiritual work being done within the UN and its cornerstone World Invocation Day?


Clearly the new avenues of Webinar telecasts like this one, on-line videos, and social media are reaching many more individuals. As has been previously mentioned, within the United Nations there is now much more open support for spirituality, prayer and meditation. World events celebrated within the UN like the Vesak Festival, World Peace Prayer Day and the International Day of Happiness are so encouraging.


Several thoughts have come to mind as suggestions to further our group efforts.





We here all share the same hopes and desires for Humanity, those of Brotherhood, Compassion and Goodwill. The question still remains, “How can we re-ignite the Hope within the public and the United Nations that there is a Plan based on Truth and not ignorance as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


Perhaps this quote from The Tibetan from The Reappearance of the Christ (pp. 59-60) will help to further our focus, understanding and cooperation.


“He (The Christ) will be the enunciator of spiritual statements which will not necessitate interpretation and receive the wrong interpretation because He will be present to indicate true meaning.”


True meaning and the choosing of right words can also be our goal as we hold His future vision in the Light with the intention of service to Humanity and the furtherance of the Plan.


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How Does the United Nations Express the Intentions and Values of World Invocation Day?



Dear friends,


It is a special honor to be representing World Goodwill today, together with my co-workers, Kathy Newburn and Dora Ospina. Thank you for inviting us.


Tomorrow, the day of the June full moon, the 100-day countdown begins to the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st. More than any other UN event, Peace Day and the organizing and mobilizing of goodwill around Peace Day and leading up to Peace Day, has engaged networks of meditation and prayer from around the world. We might think of it as 100 days of invocation leading up to September 21st, Peace Day.  As others have pointed out World Invocation Day, today, the day before the full moon, makes a perfect moment to launch a concentrated movement of multi-faith invocative inner action to build a climate of thought that will help all people of goodwill in their efforts to build cultures of peace.


You have asked me to speak on the topic “How does the United Nations Express the Intentions and Values of World Invocation Day?”  So, what are the intentions and values of World Invocation Day?


The intention is that people around the world think about humanity’s struggle to build a world of justice and peace and that they use prayer and meditation to invoke the divine qualities needed in this struggle. It is a day of invocation to higher forces, divine qualities of Light, of Love and of the Will of God. It is God’s purpose that human beings work at creating a world that reflects the love of God – the love that lies at the heart of our being. It is God’s purpose that we human beings use our capacities of will and creativity to build a world based on love and goodwill. To the extent that we share in this One Sacred Work, regardless of our religious affiliation, so are we attempting to blend our small but precious human will with the far greater Will of God.


Those Great Inner Powers, the saints, angels, Immortals, bodhisattvas and Rishis honored in all of the religions and referred to in the Great invocation as the “Masters”, are leading humanity forward on this pathway of love. The Great Invocation expresses a clear, simple and universal invocation to divine forces of Light, Love and Power – and on World Invocation Day the intention is that the Great Invocation will be used by people of all religious and spiritual approaches. When it was first written down in 1945 it was offered as a prayer that could be used by hundreds of millions of people – not just a small collection of esotericists or meditators – but by vast numbers of people who in the simplicity, authenticity and transparent honesty of their cry to the powers of Light and Love would generate a call from humanity that would pierce the heart of God.


How does the United Nations Express the Intentions and Values of World Invocation Day? The UN Charter expresses universal principles and laws of love (cooperation for the common good, faith in the dignity and worth of the human person and of the equal rights of men and women; the determination to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another; respect for the fundamental freedoms for all).


Not surprisingly, the processes of the United Nations reveal that there is a profound gap between the principles of the Charter and the practice of inter-governmental relations (just as there is a gap in most human beings between the values of the soul and the values that govern their daily lives). Recognition of this gap between ideal and practice leads to an invocation to bridge that gap; and it leads to purposeful, willful action to bridge that gap.


The United Nations places governments in an environment (often referred to as the ‘international community’) where they must confront, almost on a daily basis, the gap between the law of cooperation and right relations in economics, for example, and ancient, raw forces of national sovereignty and self-interest, separateness and competition.  Within this environment that is the UN, governments, sometimes under pressure from their populations of people of goodwill, are ever so slowly struggling to bring the higher principles of the Charter into expression in law and in practice. The drawing up of a set of Sustainable Development Goals that includes a plan for meeting these goals during the years 2015 to 2030 is perhaps the clearest sign that the UN is leading governments to act in right relations with the principles and values enshrined in the Charter.


World Invocation Day seeks to focus and concentrate humanity’s call to the higher worlds for enlightenment, wisdom and benevolent will to guide us in the One Work of building right relations. We are largely working in the dark so we need this higher vision.  The United Nations seeks to focus and concentrate the governments of the world and their peoples on the One Work of building international relations around principles of cooperation, sharing and respect for the rights and integrity of every human being. Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth, on our home – the Earth ; Let Light and Love and Power guide the shaping and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in all the halls and conference rooms of our United Nations.  

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How Can Youth Be More Fully Engaged in the Spiritual Work of the United Nations?




Keynote: “Service is spirit in action.”


Spiritual Aspects of Youth and the UN


The United Nations fills a spiritual need of emptiness that Youth has in relation to the mass desire for unity, togetherness, and group unification. The one world, one people that the Youth so greatly believe in is presently represented by the United Nations. The Christ Consciousness is ever blossoming within the United Nations, and it is reaching out directly to the hearts and minds of young people in all cultures and countries across the world.


The United Nations represents humanity’s highest aspirations. This gives the youth hope, thus it permits them to extend their support without getting stuck in a single ideology or viewpoint. This is a gift of invocation. As we look within ourselves for solutions to life’s many challenges, we then outwardly seek the people, organizations, and establishments that are already working towards permanent solutions.  The UN is a key example of this.


Physical Aspects of Youth and the UN


The Youth are currently filled with the attitude of “enough is enough”!  War, poverty, slavery, hunger, etc.—for the Youth of the world these are problems of the distant past and it is quite painfully challenging to understand why they are here in the present when they can so easily be alleviated through united group effort. The Youth feel as if they are “waiting for the world to change” and that in time the physical world will catch up with the world they currently believe can exist, which so far is only in the mind’s eye.


The Youth are ready and willing to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. If we all must suffer, let’s suffer together and support each other in that suffering. Young people all around the world are giving up materialistic wants and dreams to make even the smallest contribution in their communities and countries. Many youth subscribe to the idea that the United Nations can and will become the platform for solution to the world’s many problems. They are just “waiting” for the world to change.

UN Efforts for Support and Engagement of Youth

The United Nations is reaching out to engage the youth of the world in many ways.  The following is a sampling.


  1. Model United Nations (High School) and Model Security Council (College and Graduate School)
  2. NGO Youth Representatives (three per NGO)
  3. High competitive internships and externships for law and graduate students
  4. UN volunteers (25 years and older), very similar to Peace Corp
  5. United Nations Youth Delegates -
  6. International Youth Day – August 12
  7. Envoy of Youth – main purpose “Increase youth accessibility to the UN”
  8. Youth Assembly at the UN every August

All the youth of the world are encouraged to become active in helping to create solutions for the problems that plague our world.  All youth are invited to explore and engage in one or more of the many activities of the United Nations.  The United Nations needs your engaged hearts and minds, as does our world!


Thank you.


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How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Transformation?





Dear Ida and friends,

“How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Consciousness?” As we move to a group discussion motivated by this intense question, allow me first to share my research about the verb ‘catalyze.’ When I first read it, I wanted to make sure that the term in English was the same as in Portuguese, my native language, and indeed it was. I was happy to see that this verb actually wasn't chosen by chance, but it is in the understanding of its powerful meaning that, in my opinion, we might be able to find some answers to the whole question.

From the Oxford and other dictionaries I quote: "Often related to a chemistry process, it means to make a reaction happen faster without being changed itself or to influence and act upon.” In essence, to be a catalyst, you must influence change. 


Today we are assembled to reflect on the spiritual work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity. I had mentioned to Ida before that, just by pronouncing these words, you are compelled to look through the lens of a subtle, yet profound perspective of the UN’s mission, principles and, its priorities for the next set of objectives in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

There are huge demands on the table, including the reduction of inequality, consumption and production model review, and the concern to guarantee that the globalization process becomes a positive force for the people of this generation and the next. It is time for important decisions! All efforts to find ways to make this happen are paramount and require the full engagement of all bodies of the international community. No government alone; no international agency alone; no organization alone will be able to meet the global challenges of our times. Only through unity and constructive cooperation of all will we be able to generate the power to advance in the necessary social, economic and political changes.

This is when the special role of individuals, groups, and civil society organizations are brought to light. As the multi-stakeholder organisms may be focused on designing and implementing top-down approaches, we the people can integrate and complete this process by generating a force from a bottom-up direction. That is the most efficient way to foster the shift of paradigms, collective behavior, and consciousness. After all, what is the use of elaborate plans without people prepared to make it happen?

As some of you already know, I represent the Legion of Good Will, a large Brazilian organization, that for more than 6 decades has invested in a cohesive and impactful framework that promotes education with all-encompassing ecumenical spirituality as the key to develop the whole citizen and prepare new generations for a more unified and sustainable society.  Currently, the organization is present in 150 different cities across seven countries, providing more than 12 million acts of service and benefits throughout schools and community centers. The focus of the Legion of Good Will is to promote a model of education that is capable of supplying Brain and Heart, as defined by the President of the organization and the creator of this innovative pedagogy proposal, José de Paiva Netto.

In his book, It Is Urgent to Reeducate, he explains: “in order to achieve a sublime synthesis between the light of the intellect and the Luminosity of Spiritual Knowledge, the LBV is pioneering advances when it brings to the classrooms —as we have seen with the Ecumenical Citizen, or Solidarity Citizen Pedagogy, and the Pedagogy of Good Feelings, of Affection (for children assisted by the LBV) being consolidated in the Organization’s schools— a training for ethical discernment, aiming at Eternal Life, and more important, a training in accordance with the real challenges that exist on Earth.  As in Cartesian geometry, it is necessary to make material Education (the x-axis) find the knowledge derived from the highest levels of Divine Wisdom, which is Love (the y-axis).”


So, as a civil society organization working in support of millions of individuals every year, we fraternally recommend education as the strongest strategy to help catalyze the work of planetary transformation, as long as it is understood and practiced as a transcending tool integrated with the global challenges and the Culture of Peace.


To conclude, as we are in the midst of the World Invocation Day, or the Christ Festival, I could not forget to mention the motto that moves all the ecumenical, humanitarian and educational work of the Legion of Good Will, which also naturally drives the spirit of those who understand that the best way to lead is to serve. It is one verse (the 34th of the chapter 14th according to John): "a new commandment I give you: Love one Another as I have loved you," with these words, the Christ summarizes the greatest challenge to all human beings trying to coexist in this collective house. May this directive of Love be also the spirit of the United Nations and of us all.


Group Participation


Because of technical problems, the spoken responses to the group participation questions could not be recorded; however, readers are invited to reflect on and think through the following questions on an on-going basis and submit these in writing as in the response below.  Please send these to the following e-mail address: where they will be welcomed.


1. “How Can the United Nations Help Us Move Towards a Planetary Consciousness?”


“This world organisation – even if at times appearing rudderless, powerless and penniless – nevertheless holds a vision that brings us together in a mutual striving towards a better world and the common good.


“People-participation in the United Nations is not a new notion. Even in 1945, Ernest Bevin, the British Foreign Secretary, envisioned the establishing of a World People’s Assembly to be seen as a completion of a development of the United Nations. With today’s increased public awareness of global as well as local issues and our growing sense of indignation with the general state of affairs, we, the world’s peoples, are now ready to take our rightful place within the United Nations – alongside our governments – in a partnership for peace.


“We have for so long blamed, mocked, criticised and analysed this institution that we created. Perhaps what it needs is nurturing. Maybe what is missing is faith and the courage to hold steadfastly to the vision that a fair, peaceful and prospering global neighbourhood is fully possible – provided we express the willingness to bring it about. This needs not only goodwill but also a very real will-to-good.


“It was not cynics or impractical dreamers, but pragmatic, persevering and accomplished visionaries that walked the moon. Let us walk the earth with equal resolve and enthusiasm – as partners in peace.” 

(Gita Brooke, Peace Through Unity) 



2. “How Can Individuals and Groups Help Catalyze the Work of Planetary Transformation?”





The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

For information about using this meditation outline, please write to








Thank you each and every one for your good work here today. 


Thanks to those of you who are here in the UN NGO Conference Room—and to those of you joining us via Webinar. 


With your help, I think we achieved our three-fold purpose of:


*creating  a focused, invocative and evocative group channel that will strengthen the spiritual work of the United Nations—as an aid, in preparation for the reappearance of the Christ;


*of adding to the pool of light within the UN; and,


*of providing a microcosmic seed of unity at this auspicious time of the year, as an aid in the transformation of planetary consciousness.


Everyone is encouraged to continue to creatively work during the remaining three days of the Festival—the day of safeguarding, which is tomorrow, and the two days of distribution, on Saturday and Sunday.


Before we go, I would also like to encourage everyone to use the meditation outline on the spiritual work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity, weekly, every Friday.  Please write to request a copy, if you need one.


The Cancer Solar Festival Webinar will be held at the usual time of Noon to 1:00 p.m., here in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone on Friday, July 11th.  Please inquire about how to participate in the monthly Webinar meditation meetings (  Registration links for the 2014 year can be found HERE.


May each of you have a productive month full of Light, Love, joyful insights, and deepened opportunities for world service!


May all Good Blessings be upon each and every one of you.


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