A Historic and Unique DVD

Transforming Planetary Consciousness
The Great Invocation
The Spiritual Work of the United Nations

And the Liberation of Humanity

There is a symbiotic relationship between the Plan of Light, Love and Power that is the spiritual destiny of humanity and the goals and objectives of the United Nations.  A successful United Nations is necessary and pivotal to the transformation of planetary consciousness.  A successful United Nations will pave the way and create the Path of Light for the Feet of the Beloved Christ Who will reappear and once again, on a higher turn of the spiral, walk amidst humanity, completing the Work He began over 2,000 years ago.  See, for example, The Advancing Planetary Spiritual Teacher and Preparation for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher.

The DVD includes the following videos, with spectacular photographs of the United Nations, the Cosmos, and a photo of the inspiring painting by Nicholas Roerich, “Signs of Christ.”

  1. The Great Invocation in the Six Official Languages
    of the United Nations
  2. The Great Invocation in Arabic
  3. The Great Invocation in Chinese
  4. The Great Invocation in English
  5. The Great Invocation in French
  6. The Great Invocation in Russian
  7. The Great Invocation in Spanish
  8. The Esoteric Sciences Underlying the Sounding of the Great Invocation
  9. What is the Effect of Daily Using the Great Invocation?
  10. How can World Invocation Day Affect Planetary Consciousness?
  11. What Is the Relationship between the Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Transformation of Planetary Consciousness?
  12. The Foucault Pendulum and the UN’s Divine Purpose

Photo: Sirius—Brightest Star in Night Sky (NASA, APOD)

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1 DVD, inclusive of foreign postage $40.00

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