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January 2021

rusvati knows that Our friends in no way resemble those individuals who call themselves occultists and claim to be experts in the sacred knowledge, but exhibit traits that true occultists would not retain. They are often spiteful, rude, envious, intolerant, and without kindness. The sacred knowledge leaves no room for such shameful characteristics.
It is astonishing that people can study books that teach good, yet cannot part with their base habits. The teaching of good requires that the reader, at least to a small degree, will apply what he learns. But in life one can see precisely the opposite; the reader will shed tears of rapture, and immediately afterward do something shameful. Even so, such people love to boast about their self-proclaimed status.
Pay attention to those who are committed to true advancement. They do not impose their beliefs. They avoid claiming degrees of initiation. They always know that it is better not to speak about even their most sacred encounters. They are always kind and ready to offer help. The first task for the true seeker of the sacred knowledge is to cultivate goodness. In doing this he will attract good, like a magnet.

Study of the sacred knowledge requires calmness, and a harmony that enables the student to grasp the subtle vibrations that will purify his consciousness.
Our friends are never arrogant or pompous, because simplicity is their ideal. We value lofty striving, which not only draws Us closer, but also restores the health of the planet. We are saddened by pseudo-keepers of occultism. We do not care for the word itself, for every science is in its way a secret knowledge. Each day science resolves what had been a mystery the day before. This is the most natural process of evolution; there is no reason to take pride in it.

(Supermundane  par. 581, Agni Yoga Society, NY)

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