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“Water of Life Am I Poured Forth for Thirsty Men”

September 2014*

Dear Friends and Co-workers,

With this letter, we wish to bring your attention to the availability, in the Reply Slip, of the text of the Virgo Webinar Address as well as the opportunity to request, via e-mail, the monthly e-newsletter, “Transforming Planetary Consciousness.”  When first conceived as the theme of the monthly newsletters, at the beginning of this year, this title was meant to be an aspirational and inspirational call—an affirmation of our vision.

However, over the past several months, we have joyously noted that increasingly, world leaders are calling for transformation.  For example, in his recent address to the General Assembly, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon declared, “transformation is our goal”!  And, the President of the General Assembly chose this theme for this year’s work: “Delivering on and implementing a transformative post-2015 development agenda”.

Humanity is preparing for the leap in consciousness, for the spiritual transformation of consciousness prophesied for this evolving Age of Aquarius.  The earth is destined to become a sacred planet.  This destiny will only be realized as a result of the striving and labor of humanity.  Will you join us in this labor of love?

You are invited to participate in the Webinar meditation meetings of which three remain for this year.  These Webinars provide an opportunity to engage in the sciences of the New Age: the science of meditation, the science of service and the science of the Antahkarana.  To participate, Register HERE

With this letter we also wish to ask for your support and enlist your help in two additional ways.

Firstly, we are in need of technological help—for the webinars, for the recordings of the Webinar meetings, and for the formatting and sending out of the monthly newsletters.  Additionally, we are in need of co-workers who can help our current volunteers in updating the Aquarian Age Community Website.

In order to continue in these service activities, we also enlist your financial support, without which these activities could not continue.  May we call upon you to generously help us shoulder and meet the financial needs of the Aquarian Age Community?  As you know, whether the sum is large or small, if given with a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual need, it can act as a magnetic seed, attracting the needed monetary flow.  Make a Secure, Tax Deductible Credit Card Contribution HERE.

For those of you who regularly contribute, please accept our grateful and heartfelt appreciation.

In loving planetary service,

Ida Urso (for)

Aquarian Age Community

*As some of you know, the relocation of our office to Ohio was required to meet the health needs of an ailing and elderly parent.  The responsibilities associated with this care once again delayed this first issue of the newsletter.  We thank you for your patience and your continued support.