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Y2K: The Release of Energy from Shamballa

Life, as we know, constitutes a series of progressive awakenings leading to ever more inclusive, vital and refined states of consciousness. Humanity, the 4th kingdom in nature, supersedes the mineral, the plant and the animal kingdoms. Generally, human beings have the habit of focusing on the external and transient worlds of the physical, the emotional and the concrete mind-the three lowest subplanes of the seventh cosmic physical plane. Yet, the initiating seeds or motivating causes for our day-to-day experience lie deep within the subtle, subjective realms constituted of energy centers above and beyond the human.

In the East the first and most exalted energy center on our planet is referred to as Shamballa. In the sacred texts of Egypt this expression of life is known as the Holy of Holies. In the Ageless Wisdom it is the "White Island" and the City of the Gods. In the Christian Bible there are references to the Will of the Father and in the esoteric wisdom it is the jewel in the lotus and the place where the Purpose and Will of God are known. Within Shamballa can be found the One fundamental School of occultism and the One Initiator-the All-Seeing Eye of God for our planet. Existing in etheric substance, Shamballa is a vast focal point of energy created by the radiating vibrations of great Beings who have attained even beyond the 5th Spiritual Kingdom and who in turn are responsive to and "enlivened" by extra-planetary sources.

The planetary etheric body holds all expressions of life together in a cohesive, coherent and interdependent Whole. Given etheric vision we would be able to witness the circulating lines of light passing from form to form and center to center. Some lines are bright and some are dim; some are circulating with rapidity while others are lethargic and slow in their interplay; some are circulating with facility in a particular kingdom in nature and some in another. The esoteric wisdom tells us that the objective of the circulating energies is to vivify all life on the planet with the aim of promoting the unfoldment of consciousness so that Planet Earth can eventually actualize its potential as a Sacred Planet.

However, given humanity's emphasis upon the outer form, humanity is conscious only within its own ring-pass-not and is therefore fundamentally separated (in consciousness) from the divine energy flow within our planet. Because of the brave and strenuous efforts of the New Group of World Servers, the disciples and aspirants of the race and the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, this situation is slowly changing. Influenced by the incoming universal Aquarian energies and motivated by the intention to end suffering and to improve the living conditions of all upon our planet, humanity is in the incipient stages of fulfilling its destiny as planetary savior. Slowly, humanity is learning to function as the intelligent, loving intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness and the sub-human kingdoms.

In the year 2000, humanity will have the opportunity and challenge to cooperate with the fiery energy streaming forth from the "Father's Home." At this time, the "Lights that carry out the will of God" will shower their vital energy directly into the human kingdom. This powerful, electric energy will have the dual effect of destruction and healing synthesis. It will destroy within its "blazing, purifying fire" all that which impedes and obstructs the divine circulatory flow. And, it will bind together in synthesis that which has been separated.

Depending on the focus of consciousness, this energy will either produce a welling up of the individual self-will or it will stimulate the will-to-good. It will intensify the immemorial struggle between that which would liberate the human spirit or that which would restrict its free expression. It will accentuate the conflict between the "little wills of men" who see not the picture whole and the divine will of God who would vivify and lend glory to all life within the planet.

The all-encompassing unified efforts of the spiritually aware can help augment the healing synthesis. While knowing "the ways of God" and treading "the ways of men" ours is an unprecedented opportunity. Let us then rise to the challenge and consciously and dynamically intensify our expression of the will-to-good thus fulfilling our role as the pledged builders of the new civilization-the new "house of humanity."  

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