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What Is the Spiritual Purpose of the United Nations?
Dorothy R. Tilson

According to the Ageless Wisdom, the next evolutionary step for humanity is the alignment of the three planetary centers of creative intelligence (humanity), love-wisdom (the Hierarchy of the Masters of the Wisdom) and divine will or purpose (the Divine Beings of Shamballa). The conscious and active alignment of these three centers will eventually express itself in the merging of the fourth kingdom of humanity and the fifth kingdom of the Masters of the Wisdom. This ongoing merging of consciousness will eventually establish brotherhood, directly relating humanity to the Heart of God and to the Heart of the Sun.

This is the vision held out before us. What can we do to further this envisioned Plan and Purpose?

The United Nations, after much severe birthing and sufferance, has emerged as the spiritual energy center of humanity. When humanity as a whole, with the United Nations as its center, can consciously cooperate with the Hierarchy of Masters and work as one integrated whole, then our highest aspirations and dreams for our entire planetary civilization can be realized.

In considering our world today let us visualize an example. Let us imagine and look at a wheel, say, a bicycle wheel-see its hub, the many spokes and the outer rim. Let us envision the United Nations at its center as the hub, the many nations including its many individual members and groups of people as the spokes, and all joined together through communication at the rim. Let us look at the condition of this wheel today. Although we have made much progress we are still looking at many cleavages. The spokes of nations are somewhat twisted as some nations try to impose their will on others; or the spokes nations are bent through internal strife. The rim is somewhat bent and broken as communication between and among nations is disrupted because of such frailties as fear, greed and hatreds. The central hub-the focussed energy center-the United Nations itself is flawed through the entrance of the totalitarian and separative thinking of some nations. And then there is the imperfect flow of communication between the hub (the United Nations) and the spokes (the nations). Therefore, we are looking at a rather imperfect wheel.

What can we do about this? We must help the United Nations build and increase the energy at the center so that it can radiate more strongly throughout the nations and, in turn magnetically attract nations to greater cooperation. Individually or in groups, we can invoke the higher subjective energies and help build this more powerful central energy-the United Nations.

The spiritual purpose of the United Nations also connotes the idea of relationship. We might therefore ask, what is the relationship purpose of the United Nations? Let us visualize a more ideal scenario for our wheel. Let us see the central hub-the United Nations-as being in complete integration internally. Let us visualize it as functioning in two ways-one, subjectively, in close cooperation with the Hierarchy who work with the Plan of Love and Light for our planet, together with close contact with Shamballa who know the Purpose for the existence of our planet. Then, secondly, the United Nations is humanity's center-the center for all of us existing on earth-the center radiating subjectively the Plan for humanity-the center that also works objectively. Imagine all members of humanity in closer contact with the United Nations. From this central power penetrating the nation spokes, a greater security for all peoples on earth becomes a reality as the spokes are straightened and strengthened-people living in peace and economic security, free from the fear of war, being able to pursue their potential creative expression; and the rim in perfect shape-where all peoples on earth can visit and communicate freely with each other.

May we say that this scenario connotes a more perfect expression of the United Nations-this more perfected wheel moving as One towards its destined purpose-the manifestation of the love of God, directly related to the Heart of the Sun?

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, has stated, "When the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right human relations but love among men, groups and nations? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale?"1 Therefore, let the United Nations become the eye of the wheel-and of humanity-let it help each one of us attain a new world and spatial mind-set-let us all look forward to "the best that is yet to come." ¨

1 The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, p. 603.

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