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Humanity Know Thyself

Although signs of change exist on every hand, the focus of our modern life is yet overwhelmingly one of materialism. The physical plane holds us captive and enthralled. Many, if not most, within our modern society yet consider this plane as the ultimate, if not the only reality. However, numerous have been the Wisdom Teachers of the race-springing forth in various places throughout the world and at different times in the history of humanity-pointing the way to a more inclusive, vital and sublime reality. Based on the wisdom these great Teachers sought to impart and share, a body of knowledge has accumulated and has long been available to all on the planet who would expend the effort to seek it. This sacred knowledge, often referred to as the "Ageless Wisdom" or the "Sacred Mysteries of the Ages," includes the esoteric inner teachings of all of the world's spiritual traditions. It describes most meticulously and exactly the multitudinous levels and planes of life within and beyond the physical plane.

In this Wisdom seven cosmic planes or levels of consciousness are described and each of these seven levels are themselves subdivided into seven additional levels. What modern humanity normally refers to as life, is herein described as experience in the three lowest levels of the seventh subdivision of the seventh and lowest plane of consciousness. That is, most individuals today are aware of and function on the physical, the emotional and the mental plane of the seventh Cosmic Physical plane. However, as many of us are beginning to realize, "Life more abundant" does exist and given the requisite effort, is accessible.

As we are able to obtain a glimpse into these higher levels of consciousness, we realize that that which is above ever contains and includes that which is below. Or, looked at from a different perspective, that which is within is ever the germ and seed of that which is without. To focus exclusively on the outer, the exterior, the physical, is to ignore the propelling cause. As our consciousness expands, so does it become ever more inclusive; so does it create the bridges of understanding between the inner and the outer or the higher and the lower. As human beings, we are outwardly separate, yet in consciousness and in fact we are an integral part of the whole of humanity, the planet and the universe. The connections are real and tangible although not obvious to the physical senses. The awareness of these connections is as basic, real and revolutionary, as was the fact that the earth is round and that it revolves around the sun. Such awareness evokes a sense of grandeur and ineffable joy as well as responsibility.

Those who are able to realize but a glimmer of these vast realities are eager to give all and do all in order to awaken that awareness in others and to further awaken and refine their own consciousness. Thus begins the study of the Sacred Mysteries of the Ages. Plato's allegory of the cave, the biblical story of the prodigal son, the pursuit of the philosopher's stone, and the golden thread of Theseus-all of these are but symbolic testaments to the "path of return" followed by those who would pierce the veils and know the divine Source from which all proceeds.

Just as a beam of light is modified according to the medium through which it passes, so does the divine consciousness become modified and obscured by the various planes through which it must pass. It is a question of the vibration, frequency and clarity of the medium. If we seek to minimize the distortions and modifications; if we seek to fully know and experience the power and beauty of the indwelling consciousness, we must remove the impurities and obstructions within the media; i.e., in the various planes.

To achieve this awareness we must investigate the properties of consciousness and study the "kingly science of the Soul"-with the same intensity and to the same degree that we now study the properties of the physical plane. Only as we learn to vibrate to a higher frequency can we liberate the consciousness from the confining prison house of the material plane. Thus, we can learn to identify with the Soul that knows Itself to be a point of light within a greater Light, a strand of loving energy within the stream of Love divine and a point of sacrificial fire within the fiery Will of God. The promise of the Aquarian Age is that joy, resurrection and renewal await those who so strive.¨

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