Aquarian Age Community

October, 1998

Dear Friends and Co-workers,

At this the end of our first year of publishing the Diamond Light Newsletter we want to take an opportunity to thank you for your support over the past year and to share some plans for the coming year.

First and foremost, we want to let you know that without YOU, the community of interested and supportive readers, Diamond Light would have no purpose and would cease to exist. In our introductory letter of last year we encouraged you to "commune" with us and to send in your ideas, suggestions and responses to our work. Many of you did just that and as a result, you inspired, encouraged and enriched our work. To the best of our ability, we incorporated your ideas and suggestions into the Diamond Light.

With this letter we would like to mention some new endeavours, in which we invite and welcome your help, participation and support. Within a few weeks from the time you receive this mailing, the Aquarian Age Community will become part of the growing cyberspace network with its own website, now nearing completion. The site ( will include the most recent issues of the Diamond Light, information on the Cosmic Images greeting cards and their availability, information about the Aquarian Age Community and links to other sites of interest. If the response to the website is positive and we can continue to meet all our expenses, we will eventually host an area in which you will be able to communicate with each other.

As readers of this newsletter, you are aware of our interest in the work of the United Nations as it relates to the spiritual welfare of the planet. Over the last few years we have witnessed a notable growth in the number of people who understand that this great body—in spite of its many imperfections and flaws—does have a most vital and spiritual role to play in the transformation of life on our planet. Seeking to encourage and support this view, a group of interested people recently came together for a roundtable discussion. With the intention of offering subjective support, the group agreed to meditate, at least once a week, on the spiritual work of the United Nations. We invite and encourage your participation in this meditative effort. For that purpose, a meditation outline—"The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity"—is available upon request through the enclosed reply slip, as is a summary report of this roundtable.

We now come to a subject of pivotal importance-not only to the Aquarian Age Community, but also to many other co-workers and to the planet as a whole. This year's Human Development Report published by the United Nations Development Programme indicates that the world's 225 richest individuals (of whom 60 are Americans) have a combined wealth of over $1 trillion-an amount equal to the annual income of the poorest 47% of the entire world's population. By way of contrast, the report indicates that 4% of this wealth or an estimated $40 billion/year could achieve and maintain universal access to basic education and basic health care for all. It could also provide adequate food, clean water, safe sewers for all the people of the world and reproductive health care for all women.

As we well know, money is one of the most important things needed today for spiritual work. And, sadly, it is the one factor that is most often missing or in short supply. The United Nations is not the only organization of goodwill experiencing financial difficulties. Many within the New Group of World Servers need money in large quantities to aid in the work of world salvation. Increasingly, there is the recognition that money needs to become a "flowing golden substance," moving out of the control of the Forces of Materialism into the control of the Forces of Light. That which has hitherto been given for purely materialistic satisfaction must now be given for spiritual purposes. This can only happen if the men and women of goodwill and the New Group of World Servers together bring their collective thoughts and energies to the task. If you are now not doing so, will you weekly meditate—in a most concerted and concentrated way—on the need of attracting money for spiritual purposes? A meditation outline, "Reflective Meditation on Attracting Money for Spiritual Purposes," is available on request.

Within your reflective meditation, may we further ask you to consider the financial needs of the Aquarian Age Community as well? Many of you have been regularly and remarkably generous in your contributions to the work. And, for this you have our deep and heart-felt appreciation and gratitude. However, the Community is currently experiencing a deficit and is sustained by a loan. Money is not only needed to meet basic overhead and operating expenses, but money is also needed if the work is to deepen and expand as it is hoped it will. For example, we would like to collaborate on the creation of audio and videotapes featuring the ageless wisdom. We would also like to undertake research and organize on-going roundtable discussions on such themes as the restoration of the mysteries, telepathy, esoteric astrology and the science of sound, to name but a few of the topics of interest. Via roundtable discussions we can bring our respective insights and collective attention to these esoteric sciences of the new millennium. Such work cannot go forward without the needed financial resources. We therefore ask for your help as we move forward, trusting that the needed financial supply IS available.

In whatever small or grand way possible, the Aquarian Age Community seeks to cooperate in the unprecedented opportunity to express upon the plane of earth the inner kingdom of the Soul. To this end, we bend our every effort and encourage each of you to continue to reflect on how we might best do that-individually and collectively. As is indicated by the Tibetan Master in the book, The Rays and the Initiations, we urge you to experiment, experience and express.

In lighted, loving Aquarian service,

Ida Urso

Aquarian Age Community

" human feet and human hands the Temple will be built..."
(Leaves of Morya's Garden, Vol. II)

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