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May Peace Prevail on Earth

"When in perplexity, sit together in silence and think one thought....The law is that two concordant thoughts increase the power seven times. This is not magic but a practical consideration."

Leaves of Morya's Garden, Vol. II, Par. 7, p. 78

By Deborah Moldow

"May Peace Prevail on Earth." These simple words are a prayer, a vision and a powerful tool for healing ourselves and our planet. People all over the world are taking these words into their hearts, joining in a thoughtwave of light and love that is growing brighter every day.

The prayer for world peace was the inspiration of a Japanese poet and philosopher named Masahisa Goi (1916-1980). After witnessing the terrible destruction of the Second World War, Mr. Goi searched for a way to bring people together in our common desire for peace. "May Peace Prevail on Earth" came to him as a universal prayer that transcends all divisions of nationality, religion, race or culture. Founded in Japan in 1955, the World Peace Prayer Society world headquarters are now located in New York City. There are also offices in Japan, Munich and San Francisco, as well as volunteer Peace Representatives in 30 different countries. In 1990, the Society was officially recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization associated with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations.

Anyone who desires to live in the spirit of the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" can be a member of the World Peace Prayer Society. At the simplest level, this may mean adding this prayer to the prayers of your own faith, or to your correspondence or telephone answering machine. Active members enjoy organizing World Peace Prayer Ceremonies or planting Peace Poles.

There are more than 100,000 Peace Poles in 160 countries around the world. Most of them are 4-sided pillars about 7 feet high proclaiming, "May Peace Prevail on Earth," in different languages on each of the four sides. A Peace Pole is planted in the ground to dedicate a place - a town, a university, a school, a park, a place of worship or a private home - to world peace. The Peace Pole dedication ceremony brings the community together in celebration, and then the Peace Pole remains to link earth and sky in silent vigil for peace on earth, part of a great network spanning the globe.

Another popular project of Society members is the World Peace Prayer Ceremony. This is a prayer for peace in every country of the world as the flag of each nation is presented one by one. It is a profound and beautiful expression of love for the whole global family, as well as the plants and animals that share our planet with us. People are often amazed at how many countries there are and how moving it is to name and pray for each and every one. This Ceremony has been performed in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations in 1990 and in major cities worldwide. Recently, a World Peace Prayer Ceremony was held for the religions of the world.

Every August, more than 6,000 people visit the day-long Amenia World Peace Festival held at the 154-acre World Peace Sanctuary two hours north of New York City. This is a joyful day of multi-cultural music and dance, crafts, international foods, activities for children, and a glorious World Peace Prayer Ceremony on a ceremonial field ringed with flags and mountains. In 1998 the ceremonial program of the Festival was webcast live at, allowing 12,000 people in many countries to join in simultaneous prayers for peace. This historic occasion illustrates how the Internet may be used as a divine tool for uniting prayer energy worldwide.

As we move toward the new millennium, many people all over the world are beginning to tune their hearts and minds to a new frequency. Global prayer and meditation are being consciously used as increasing numbers of us recognize that our world is in fact a product of our thoughts. We can choose peace, compassion and healing for our communities, for ourselves and for our world. Will you join us in a moment of silence and affirm, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" at any time, but especially at 12 noon each day, in your time zone?

For further information, the reader may contact the World Peace Prayer Society at 800 Third Avenue, 37th Floor, New York, NY 10022. Phone: (212) 755-4755. Website address:; E-mail address:

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