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The Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers

December 21-28, 1998

"May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May I fulfil my part in the One work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech."1

By Merwyn Claire

The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) brings into being for the first time in the world of daily living a "bridge of souls and servers" who make possible the merging of the inner subjective Hierarchy of souls and the tangible outer world. It is the fusing, blending work of the NGWS that can bring about the conditions that will lead to the initiation (expansion of consciousness) of the human family.

This group of workers encourages and implements, whenever possible, the principle of "nonseparateness." They seek to bring about the realization that the world's resources must be shared in order to benefit all of humanity. They seek to break down such barriers as nationalism, racism and religious hatred. Being aware of the essential unity that underlies all manifestation, they seek to bring about the recognition of the one humanity and the One World. The role of the NGWS is both that of forerunner and group savior. As John the Baptist did two thousand years ago, this group is today preparing the way for the Christ, the coming World Teacher, as they labor to bring the "Kingdom of God"-the kingdom of Souls-into physical manifestation.

They are a mediating group providing the connecting bridge between humanity, the fourth kingdom, and the fifth spiritual kingdom of Souls. Ever seeking the highest good for the greatest number, the NGWS respond to the divine will-to-good as they seek to engender goodwill towards all.

Although we are working to achieve timeless effects, we have no time to waste. The esoteric wisdom tells us that in our solar system all is subject to the Law of Cycles. Therefore, periods of opportunity have a time limit. The NGWS work in three-year cycles. The first year is one of "crisis/consolidation." The emphasis is upon the "manifesting principle" or upon the vision leading to choice or perception of an idea. The second year is one of "tension/expansion." The focus is upon the quality and clarity of "the note to be sounded." The third year is one of "emergence/impact on public consciousness." The emphasis is upon the sounding and emphasizing of some clear note and thus impacting public consciousness in some way with the "livingness" of the idea brought into expression.

This current year of "emergence/impact on public consciousness" within the three-year cycle also coincides with the seventh year in the greater seven-year cycle of the NGWS. The present opportunity is therefore great and all are asked to focus on and energize the work of the NGWS. All are further enjoined to make every effort possible to sensitize humanity's consciousness to the incoming energies of the Aquarian Age which includes the anticipated outpouring of energy from Shamballa-that "bright centre" where the "Will of God is known"-in the year 2000.

The restoration of the mysteries can only take place when members of the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom are again openly active on the physical plane, as they were in the days of Atlantis, many millions of years ago. At the core of the mysteries is the recognition of humanity's own divine nature. Humanity, the great world disciple, stands at the door of initiation. It is the great opportunity and responsibility of the NGWS to prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ-the Hierophant of the first and second initiations and the One who will lead in the restoration of the mysteries and the consequent "full flowering" of humanity.2

1 This "mantram of the New Group of World Servers" is daily sounded by many throughout the world at 5:00 p.m., local time. May we encourage you to say it, either silently or when possible, out loud, and to share it with others? Such a daily commitment of but a few seconds of time in whatever circumstance or company you find yourself will be a great aid in the work of the forces of light. It also provides an opportunity to carry forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outer functioning.

2 For further information on the Festival Week of the NGWS and suggestions about ways in which one can participate, readers are encouraged to write to Lucis Trust at 120 Wall Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005.

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