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The Evolution of the Fourth Kingdom of Humanity into the
Fifth Planetary Kingdom of the Soul

Most people would agree that there exists a power beyond earthly considerations that can affect the flow of events and all life on our planet. This power has often been attributed amorphously and generally to God or to Providence. Today, however, as the dawning light of the Age of Aquarius floods the mind and heart of increasing numbers of us, heretofore unknown and unrecognized states of consciousness are being brought into relief and defined. What used to be the darkened shores of our finite and circumscribed consciousness are being illumined and therefore expanded. Not only are increasing numbers of people more willing to admit to states of consciousness beyond the human, but many are attempting to experience and express within their daily lives the qualities and attributes of higher and more inclusive states of consciousness. "God," it is realized, is often a way of nebulously referring to the inner, esoteric and usually veiled or hidden sources of graded and hierarchical Planetary and Cosmic Beings Who guide our planetary evolution.

The esoteric wisdom has long held out the existence of a Hierarchy of Love, Wisdom and Power-a Hierarchy of divine Beings who live and move within our midst unknown and unrecognized except to the few who are willing to develop the "eyes that see and ears that hear." Humanity, as increasing numbers of us are beginning to understand, is not alone. It is not the end goal of evolution nor is it the last and final kingdom of life on our planet. Just as the fourth human kingdom succeeds the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, so the fifth planetary kingdom of Soul succeeds the human kingdom. Yet, the microcosm is ever contained within the macrocosm.

Although much glamour, mystery and distortion surrounds the life and activity of this fifth kingdom of Soul, the fact remains that such a kingdom exists and has existed throughout time. The advanced Souls or "Great Ones" who make up this fifth kingdom have been referred to in different times and cultures as Sages, Magi, Hierophants, Philosophers and Saints. Within Their midst are such Guiding Lights as the Christ, the Buddha, Moses, and others. Today's esoteric wisdom refers to this hierarchy of realized Beings by a multitude of descriptive terms. For example, they are the Hierarchy of Light and Love, the Masters of the Wisdom, the radiant Hierarchy of Bliss, the Mighty Protectors of humanity, the Hierarchy of the Heart, the Sons of God, the Teachers of General Good, the Brotherhood and the "life belt" of the planet.

This fifth kingdom of the Soul, the Hierarchy of Beingness, stands upon exact laws. Penetration into this seeming ring-pass-not IS possible, but only via the full development and control of the fifth principle of manas or mind and its transmutation into wisdom-a synthesis of intelligence and discriminative love. Necessary to such an attainment is the scientific application of meditation and service as well as an understanding of the evolution of consciousness and the creation of the antahkarana or the "Rainbow Bridge of complete comprehension." Hierarchy, we are warned, cannot be understood by the conventional definition of the term. It is not a center of despotism, coercion or willful force. It is instead a center of goal-fitting cooperation, collaboration and supreme responsibility. An indivisible, vigorous and conscious striving as well as great firmness and determination will bring the aspiring disciple to the threshold of this Center of Love and Light. However, it is the awakened heart that provides the natural link between the visible and invisible worlds. Therefore, the development of a dynamic and fiery heart is a most vital and indispensable requisite.

In contrast to the human world of chaos, conflict, aspiration and bewilderment, the Hierarchy of enlightened Souls stands, immovable in its spiritual strength and steadily oriented towards world salvation. Because they cannot and will not interfere with humanity's free will, they wait "within the silence of the universal Ashram" until the time when the invocative appeal and magnetic radiation of the bridging group of the New Group of World Servers reaches a potency which They cannot deny. In willing service, with heartfelt veneration and in conscious ascent let us each therefore seek to penetrate, understand and express the energies of the fifth Kingdom of the Soul.

The word Mahatma is translated as Great Soul. Some imagine the Mahatmas as a completely distinct race. One should not conceive a Great Soul to be entirely distinct. Each Mahatma began his ascent from the very midst of the people, having only dared to choose the difficult path of the Great Soul.

Hierarchy, par. 304

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