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2021 No. 2
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Fulfilling the Laws of the Soul

 In Thee is hidden the knowledge of the universe. 
In Thee is born the striving to behold the mysteries

Throughout the ages, the Scriptures of all world religions and those who have attempted to elucidate them, have been occupied with imparting to humanity an understanding of the nature of those qualities and characteristics which should distinguish all true believers, all true aspirants and all sincere disciples.  These teachings have always been given in terms of good behavior and right action, and therefore given in terms of effects and not by the inner causes which have produced them.  All such virtues, good inclinations and attempted sound qualities represent the emergence into expression upon the physical plane of certain energies and tendencies, inherent to Soul Consciousness.

These are governed by energies and laws which are different from those governing the life of the personality.  In this way, humanity has continued to evolve and planetary life has progressed.  The discoveries of science, the adaptation of the laws governing matter and directing material energy to the service and the growing needs of humanity — all these and more have led to a steadily increasing sensitivity of the human mechanism.  As a result, the evolving world consciousness — in spite of its glaring defects, all based on the separative and selfish attitudes of the personalities through which the soul has yet to work — is a guarantee of the innate divinity of all human beings.

What has not yet been understood is that these emerging spiritual qualities, these beneficent characteristics, and the slowly appearing virtues of humanity are only indications of the latent potentialities.  Today, these emerging spiritual qualities are beginning to be scientifically studied.  For example, leading universities such as Yale, Harvard and Oxford to name but a few, are engaged in research and exploration into such fields as neuroscience, the “extended mind,” transpersonal psychology, altruism and consciousness.  The advances being made are probing what Abraham Maslow, the late 20th century psychologist termed, “the farther reaches of human nature.”  What esotericists have long prophesied is today upon us:  the age of Soul Knowledge and Soul Realization is emerging and will continue to flourish as we advance into the Age of Aquarius.

The esoteric wisdom explains that “the qualities of goodness are so called because they are, in essence, the energies controlling group relations; the powers, called superhuman [or supermundane], are fundamentally the powers which express group activity, and the virtues are only effects of group life, rightly handled, which are attempting to express themselves on the physical plane.  The growing science of social relations, of social responsibility, or coordinated civic life, of scientific economics and of human inter-relations, the steadily developing sense of internationalism, of religious unity, and of economic interdependence, are all of them indications of the energies of soul life upon the physical plane, and within the human family.”2

As is today obvious, two sets of principles control human  and planetary life — the selfish or the unselfish, the individual good or the group good, the objective goal or the subjective goal, the material incentive or spiritual motivation, nationalism or the ideal of world unity and world cooperation, separative religious beliefs or Interfaith collaboration — and all the many massed dualities which are expressions of people who are  personalities (integrated and separative) or souls (aligned and group-conscious).

This is the major divergence in today’s world, with the weight of the power on the side of separation and critical differentiations, as this is the line of least resistance.  A balancing of the two is gradually taking place, with the weight of world idealism, as exemplified so clearly by the work of the United Nations, gradually shifting towards soul expression.

As increasing numbers within humanity undergo the experience of the preparatory Probationary Path (the Path of Purification), so more human beings are living a dedicated spiritual life wherein the rapport between the soul and its triple instrument becomes steadily closer and the resulting vibration ever more powerful.  As a result, a conscious relation is established between the Soul and its shadow, the individual, on the physical plane, leading to a reorientation of the personal self to the greater Light of the Soul:

"The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real.  It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away.  Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole....The fires unite, and great the light that shines:  the three merge with the One and through the blaze, a four-fold fire is seen."3

Thus, the emphasis of world thought will increasingly shift to the fulfillment of the Laws of the Soul, leading to a more rapid spiritual unfoldment and the transformation of planetary consciousness. 

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