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2021 No. 2
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The Laws of the Soul And The Great
Fellowship of the Universe

The spirit of man is undying; it forever endures, progressing from point to point and stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects.1

Established many long eons ago at the first dawn of manifestation, the Laws of Nature were known to be the highest phase of the divine life possible in the first solar system.  In that system, the Humanity of today was prepared and the principle of intelligence became manifest.  Having been cultivated for millennia and brought to maturity in that previous system, this energy of active intelligence is fundamentally the most powerful in the planet.  

By Contrast, the Laws of the Soul are expected to be realized in this, our current second ray solar system of Love-Wisdom.  Today, these laws are slowly beginning to subordinate and render negative the previously supreme Laws of Nature.  It is in this system that the Hierarchy of Love made its appearance and it is in this system that, ultimately, the nature of love-wisdom will come into full manifestation upon the physical plane.  When these laws are fulfilled, the purpose of our second ray solar system will conclude and the Laws of Life or Spirit, denoting a higher frequency, unimaginable to anyone below the status of a third degree initiate, will supersede the Laws of the Soul

Humanity is thus governed by three divinely ruled groups of laws — all of which govern the expression of today’s living purpose: one Law is fully developed and realized, another one is developing, and a third, is latent and relatively quiescent.  The Laws of Nature are the separative laws of the form nature; the Laws of the Soul are the blending laws of group integrity; and, the Laws of Life, which are the dynamic laws of Being (Spirit), will be fully realized in the next solar system, once the Laws of the Soul have sufficiently awakened, purified and refined the humanity of today.

These three stages in the unfoldment of God’s plan for our planet, constitute the three major planetary centers of Head, Heart and Throat — in the body of the Planetary Logos — the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.  These are the three planetary centers of consciousness known as Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity — all radiating their forces and energies, in accordance with the Plan of Love and Light and the Purpose of Divine Will.

Whereas the lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solar system, it is the higher abstract intuitional mind of love as pure reason that is unfolding in our current system.  In that first solar system, emphasis was laid upon intelligent materiality. The marked attainment and high achievement of the most advanced of that time was to attain complete control over matter, unfold the mind principle and evidence an appreciation of the material world.

Inclusive of all the planets along with our Earth, humanity must today achieve a different goal.  The second divine aspect, that of love, must be manifested through the medium of matter permeated with the qualities developed in the first solar system.  What was perfection in that distant time must now be subordinated as it presents a destructive impediment to the experience and expression of Love.

If we consider this broader context in which today’s humanity lives and moves and has its being, we can perhaps better understand the cause of the conflict, confusion, hostilities and chaos that is currently inherent to life in the three worlds.  Whereas a very few (“the flower of the race”2) who have attained a high spiritual status can respond to the Laws of Being, others are beginning to respond to the Laws of Love and are attempting in all ways possible to live accordingly, and then there are those unwilling to move forward, who yet resonate and respond only to the separative Laws of Nature.

It is only when the Laws of Nature are fully realized that the individual becomes the aspirant and can then respond to the Laws of the Soul, which will eventually establish the destined great Fellowship of the Universe.3  The Agni Yoga wisdom encourages humanity in this striving: “Think of what happiness it is to walk on the crust of the planet, imbuing it with awareness of the spirit. Think of what happiness it is to pass under the rays of the constellations, being a focus for rays that are tens of thousands of years old.”4 

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