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2021 No. 1
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The Livingness that Enables

The Teaching is but the lifting of the curtain of the theater. How wonderful it is to be an actor in the world’s mystery!  Walk in joy! ….I teach not to dream but to harken to the flow of events.1

The promise of the New Age of Aquarius is that the concepts of death, substitution, vicarious at-one-ment and sacrifice, are being superseded by the experience of resurrection or livingness, spiritual unity, transference and service.  In this manner, a new note is entering into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom.

Livingness equates with Synthesis, with Will, Life, Power, Energy and Direction.  It supersedes while at the same time encompassing the experience of unity/polarization, and appearance/action.  The path of ascent into higher consciousness is the path of Livingness — the path of Resurrection.

In His public work, over two thousand years ago, the Christ proclaimed that He had come so that humanity might have life and that they might have it more abundantly (John X.10).  This “life more abundant” is the livingness that enables.  It reflects the heightened vibration of the energies of the physical plane life and those of the spiritual life of the disciple, who is becoming aware of the immense universal life of which he/she is intended to become a responsible, cooperative, contributing unit.

It is through the process of initiation that the individual disciple brings into activity those registering and recording cells within the brain substance which have hitherto not been susceptible to the higher impression. Through this expanding area of registration, which could also be described as the development of a finer recording instrument or responsive apparatus, the mind is enabled to become the transmitter of higher values and spiritual understanding.  The individual then becomes aware of areas of divine existence and states of consciousness which are always eternally present, but which the individual was previously unable to contact or register.

When the searchlight of the mind is able to penetrate into hitherto unrecognized aspects of the divine mind and when the magnetic qualities of the heart are awakening and becoming sensitively responsive, the individual is then able to function in the new unfolding realms of light, love and service.  S/he is then initiate.  That is, the energies, which animate the physical body, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mind have been blended with, and transmuted into the energies which animate the soul.  The spiritual mind is then conveying illumination and the intuitive nature is then conferring spiritual perception.

All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings. Progress, movement, awakening, expansion, enlightenment, evolution, growth — these are but some of the described effects, both within and without, of the creative process that is the livingness that enables — a process that continuously works out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form.

It is this livingness, this heightened vibration that today, in our evolving Age of Aquarius, is producing momentous changes in human consciousness, awakening the race and completely altering humanity’s attitude to life and to its grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living.  It is this force which is bringing about a tremendous crisis — the second crisis2 of the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that which has been hidden from the beginning.

The crux of the issue is ever in the field of consciousness.  The delineation is between form and the life within the form; between progress, leading to the liberation of the human spirit, and reactionary activity, leading to the imprisonment of the human consciousness and the restrictions of its free expression.

The Livingness that enables is the Way of Resurrection; it is the “Radiant Way” that leads straight and directly from one great planetary center of consciousness to another:  from Humanity to the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom and from the Hierarchy to Shamballa — the planetary center of Will and Purpose.  It is a Way which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance of love, infused with the essence of the Will of God — the "inexorable and exacting Cosmic Laws" of Being intended to ennoble the whole of humanity via the process of livingness, loving understanding, and intelligent activity.3

1 Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, Illumination, 204, Agni Yoga Society, NYC.

2 The first crisis of individualization occurred when the human being became a living Soul, indicating thus, the appearance of the three divine aspects in a unit of life in form bringing about an entire reorganization within the animal form.  See, for example, Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, Copyright Renewed © 1990 by Lucis Trust, p. 258.

3 The Rays and the Initiations, Copyright © Renewed 1988 by Lucis Trust, p. 318.

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