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2020 No. 2
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The Imperative Need for a Transformation
of Planetary Consciousness

The essential nature of man can be transmuted by the invocation of better vibrations. Only such a reminder will give man access to a higher status. At the present time humanity is found to be continually in the vibrations of the lower spheres; therefore the lower Manas motivates life. The contact of the Ray of the higher spheres will truly give that vibration which will rouse the consciousness. Perception of the spark of Divine Fire in the seed of the spirit will lay the foundation for a new humanity. Precisely it is necessary to establish in the spiritual structure that in which religion has not succeeded, and to apply to each affirmed manifestation the law of attraction. For realization of the Light in the heart will propel toward the Light, but darkness will dwell in darkness.1

The characteristic perspective and unequivocal direction of the divine life is always towards unity, wholeness and synthesis.  It is one of drawing the larger circle and reaching above and beyond the known and the limited. It is one of creatively solving existing problems and overcoming the obstacles that enfeeble and impede progress.  It is one of being able to envision grander and loftier possibilities—to imagine and then create a world wherein Goodness, Beauty and Truth prevail. 

From the esoteric perspective, whether we are conscious of it or not, Earth Humanity is an inherent part of Solar and Cosmic Existence.  Within this perspective, the current world situation is an effect and a consequence of the various intermingling energies and forces at play behind the outer seeming.  It is recognized that there are certain great streams of energy working powerfully in the world at this time—all of which are determining the trend of world affairs.  Although the magnitude and calibre of these energies is not yet fully recognized or understood by humanity, they are nonetheless precipitating pivotal changes that impact human evolution.

The Agni Yoga wisdom points out that all grades of matter meet in the human being and therefore all states of consciousness are possible:

Within man is contained all that exists. He can evoke anything in himself, from the beginnings of all illnesses to the highest transcendental possibilities. He can allow himself to develop any illness, but he can just as easily join the Higher Forces.  Man needs only to understand that he is an inseparable part of the Universe…[He] is the uniting bridge between the worlds. He must not forget his mission. His task is great, in all realms of labor….Especially during the days of Armageddon, man must ponder over the meaning of his stay here. He cannot withdraw from preordained possibilities.2 

Because of its long evolutionary history and its innate spiritual potential, there is that within humanity, built up over the millennia, which can engage in redemptive activity, transmuting and transforming conditions.  Through the Light of its developing Intelligence and its growing compassion and sense of global responsibility, humanity has the opportunity to replace the Ancient Law of Evil Sharing with the Law of Ancient Dominating Good.

We see this work attempted within the many programs, offices and agencies of the United Nations.  Whether it be from the UN Secretary-General himself, or from the regular reminders of the Executive Director of the World Health Organization, or from the High Commissioners for Refugees and Human Rights, or from many of the other UN heads of agencies and offices; the message is the same:  in order for humanity and the planet to overcome the multiple and intensifying planetary crises, we must embrace the imperative need for a transformation of consciousness that will result from the implementation of such universal values as unity, solidarity, cooperation, sharing and right relations to each other and to all life.  The omnipresent refrains are that no one must be left behind; we are all in this together; and, humanity must live in harmony with the natural world.  Governments, it is pointed out, must deliver the transformational change that people demand; otherwise, the impact on all life will be catastrophic. 

The esoteric wisdom teaches that when humanity is assured of divinity and of immortality, and has entered into a state of knowledge as to the nature of the soul and of the spiritual kingdom in which that soul functions, its attitude to daily life and to current global affairs will undergo such a transformation that we shall verily and indeed see the emergence of a new heaven and a new earth.  Once the central entity within each human form is recognized and known for what it essentially is, and once its divine persistence is established, then we shall necessarily see the beginning of the reign of divine law on earth — a law imposed without friction and without rebellion.3   May such a transformation of planetary consciousness be actively sought far and wide by all thoughtful and caring people everywhere! 

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