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2019 No. 1
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How the United Nations is paving the way
for the Externalization of the Hierarchy

“All in this world is built by human hands and feet.”
(Helena Roerich Letters 1, 30 April 1935)

By Maria Calegari


We know from the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul’s writings that the spiritual purpose of the United Nations is aligned with the purpose of the Hierarchy of our planet and that by their envisioned objectives, programs and activities, albeit in most instances, unconsciously, the United Nations is aiding in preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ, the Coming One.  The Tibetan Master also has stated that the United Nations was conceived under the impulsing energies of the Three Spiritual Festival of 1945—in service to this Plan.  Through the U.N. the conditions necessary for His Reappearance are being made possible.  Such conditions include, for example, the protection of human rights, peace and security, right human relations between all of humanity despite national boundaries and different religious beliefs.  National boundaries we are told by the Tibetan will no longer exist in the future.   For example:

The stage of national selfishness and the fixed determination to preserve national integrity—interpreted often in terms of boundaries and the expansion of trade—must gradually fade out.  The nations must pass eventually to a more beneficent realization and come to the point where they regard their national cultures, their national resources and their ability to serve mankind as the contributions which they must make to the good of the whole….Some day the principles of cooperation and of sharing will be substituted for those of possessive greed and competition.  This is the inevitable next step ahead for humanity—one for which the entire evolutionary process has prepared mankind.1

Perhaps one of the most needed and fundamental of human rights is expressed through Sustainable Development Goal #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, which promotes sustained and inclusive human growth, full and productive employment and decent work.  To work, is a fundamental human right and must be protected. What could be more important than the protection of this basic spiritual need to work and to labour, and this we do through our very human body, hands and feet. The International Labour Organization celebrating its 100th anniversary is a U.N. agency that serves this important human right. It sets international labour standards and promotes social protection and work opportunities for all. It is composed of 187 member states including the Cook Islands. We can also see that many of the Sustainable Development Goals contribute in some way to the cause of fair employment. Employment where there is no discrimination which can violate basic human life. Discrimination can affect us all and is strongly linked to violence and harassment in the workplace for both women and men.  As of 2018, there is also still a very large gender gap in employment with women at 48.3% in the labour force and men at 74.9%.

This protection of a basic standard of employment and work environment is one of the core spiritual values of the United Nations.  The International Labour Organization is about social justice, the overcoming of poverty, the hope for a better future, decent work—all of which lead to self-respect.  Mr. Guy Ryder ILO Director General stated, “When these three keys turn together, when governments, employers and workers are able to come together, doors open and social justice advances.”   Social justice creates conditions where people can work in freedom, safety and dignity. These rights must be enforced at the international level. This oversight is what the ILO has achieved.  These world problems in labour are presented at the annual ILO conference where all member states, workers and employers contribute to the report and have a voice. The landmark “ILO Commission Report on the Future of Work” for 2019, co-chaired by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, highlighted the unique role the ILO should play in the development of a “human centered Economic agenda” in the International System.

Despite the difficulties and challenges of our world, the Ageless Wisdom teaches us to not strengthen evil. Our task and that of the offices and agencies of the United Nations is to assist all the good and beautiful seeds taking root today all over our globe.  Alice A. Bailey writes in The Externalization of the Hierarchy, that when the Labour Movement is swept by the energy of goodwill, basic changes in world affairs will take place.  That when the Christ inaugurates the foundations of the new civilization, capitalists, labour leaders, financial experts and thinking workers will lead the way. We need then to remember that the Hierarchy, the spiritual watchers of our race are “standing like a wall of steel,” unshatterable and immovable between humanity and the forces of materialism. This gives us courage to keep on keeping on as we together build our beautiful new world.  

1 Problems of Humanity, Alice. A. Bailey, Copyright © Renewed 1992 by Lucis Trust, pp. 12-13.