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2019 No. 1
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How Can the Global Group of Spiritual Workers
Prepare the Way for the Reappearance of the Christ?1

By Maria Cristina Donnadieu

The right to use certain great Words of Power or "Stanzas of Direction" is never lightly accorded. 

As a result of Christ's decision [to reappear] and His "spiritual fusion" with the Will of God, the Avatar of Synthesis has become, for the time being, His close Associate. This is an event of supreme and planetary importance. His relationship and planned help date from the time of the pronouncing of the great Invocation and its use by men everywhere. Owing to the stupendous task confronting Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis will fortify Him, and He will be buttressed by this "Silent Avatar" Who (to speak symbolically) will "keep His eye upon Him, His hand beneath Him and His heart in unison with His."

This Being is closely related to the Will Aspect of divinity, and His cooperation has been made possible through Christ's Own attainment along the line of the highest, spiritual will. He works under the great natural Law of Synthesis, producing at-one-ment, unification and fusion. His function (in unison with the energy of Christ) is to generate spiritual will in humanity, the will-to-good; His potency works in three fields of activity at this time:

a. Within the spiritual Hierarchy itself, revealing the nature of the divine will-to-good which the Kingdom of God must express, and the nature also of divine Purpose.

b. Within the Assembly of the United Nations, though not within the Security Council; He is there generating a slowly growing will-to-unity.

c. Within the masses of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment….

The focal point of His effort and the Agent through which distribution of His energy can be made is the New Group of World Servers; this group is uniquely related to this Avatar of Synthesis. The bringing together of all the agents of goodwill (who are responsive to the energy of the divine will-to-good) constitutes the major objective of the New Group of World Servers and always has been. Their work can now be constructively and creatively intensified through the association of the Avatar of Synthesis with the Christ. Their task is to usher in the New Age; in that New Age, the five Kingdoms in Nature will begin to function as one creative whole.2

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that “right doing is the result of being. If your awareness of being is of a personality nature, so will be your activity. If your consciousness is focused in spiritual being, your spontaneous, creative and active service will be consequently by radiation.”3

Entering into spiritual being, we enter into the life of the Soul on its own plane, a group conscious entity. As a Soul-infused group personality, we become a part of the planetary Antahkarana, a lighted path of energy circulation between the inner realms of Light and Life and the outer world of seeming.

The global group stands within the very heart of the New Group of World Servers. Here, we invocatively create that lighted relationship of consciousness between the heavens and the earth.

This vibrant lighted rainbow bridge not only includes the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) linking Humanity and Hierarchy, but extends to the Nirmanakayas, or “inspired Contemplatives” on the Atmic plane, mediating twixt Hierarchy and Shamballa, and those Agents who correspond to the Nirmanakayas and work with the building of the rainbow bridge between our Planetary Logos and Venus.

We read in The Rays and the Initiations that the Avatar of Synthesis “will charge or galvanise the three groups—the directing Agents in Shamballa, the Nirmanakayas and the New Group of World Servers—with dynamic energy in a mysterious way, relate them to each other so that a new synthesis and alignment will be present upon the Earth.”4

It is only fitting that this potent Presence, whose focus is on evoking the Soul of nations, be sensed within the Halls of the United Nations.  He approaches our Earth in order to further “the manifestation of unity, of oneness and of inter-relation...”

At this time of the Gemini Solar Festival, we sound the words of the Great Invocation, reverberating with the chorus being focalized by the Christ, the Lord Maitreya.  We work invocatively, within the divine circulatory flow. We work evocatively through radiation, transforming the underlying etheric grid of our physical worlds, enlivening the work of the NGWS, contributing to the creation of the pathway of Light for the reappearance of the Christ. At this blessed opportunity of redemptive Love, we have no other life intention. 

  1 Based on a talk given for the 2018 Christ/Gemini Solar Festival Webinar Meditation Meeting, sponsored by the Aquarian Age Community on 28 May 2018.

  2 The Reappearance of the Christ, Alice A. Bailey, Copyright Renewed © 1976 by Lucis Trust, pp.73, 77-78.

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