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2019 No. 1
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The Culmination of the Age of Knowledge
and the Beginning of the Age of Love

Year by year, He [the Buddha] has released this light and has presented opportunity to the Forces of Enlightenment to strengthen Their hold upon the minds of men.  The success of Their effort has been so great that it has led to the crescendo of knowledge, to the glory of modern science and to the widespread education which has distinguished the past five hundred years. Knowledge is the hallmark of our civilisation; it has often been knowledge misapplied and dedicated to the selfishness of men, but it has been an impersonal thing personally applied; this must end. Now another phase of that light can begin to demonstrate as the result of the past, and that is Wisdom. Wisdom is the enlightened application of knowledge, through love, to the affairs of men. It is understanding, pouring out everywhere as the result of experience.1

In the Ageless Wisdom, the Buddha and the Christ are known to be Great Brothers.  Having lived and served humanity 600 years before the birth of the Christ, the Buddha prepared the Way for the Great Teacher of our time;  He prepared the field of humanity’s mind for the eventual work of His Beloved Brother.  As such, the distinction between the work and purpose of these two divine Messengers lies within the region of thought and of recognition. 

The Buddha was the first of our humanity to achieve “Enlightenment.”  Because of this supreme accomplishment, and because of His own point of high evolution, the Christ was then enabled to inaugurate a new era and institute a new goal, wherein another divine principle was enabled to come into manifestation and to achieve general recognition.  Through His exalted Presence and service to humanity, the Christ brought forth for humanity an expression of a new divine aspect—that of Love.  Whereas the Buddha culminated the “age of knowledge,” the Christ began the “age of love.”  Both ages provide a testament to humanity’s long evolutionary journey—a slow, but steadfast and unwavering path, an expression of the divine continuity of revelation, leading from death to immortality; from darkness into Light; and from the unreal to the Real.

Esoterically understood, this evolutionary journey has resulted in the unfoldment of humanity’s egoic lotus.  Through His striving, the Buddha accelerated the opening of the knowledge petals of this lotus, thus preparing the Way for today’s opportunity:  the unfoldment of the love petals, initially accelerated by the life and work of the Christ, Who enjoined humanity to love one another as He loves us. (John 13:34)

The energy flowing from the outer tier of knowledge petals has produced the speed, and intellectual civilisation of our modern culture, as well as today’s emphasis on mass education—as evidenced, for example, in the fourth of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals*, calling upon humanity to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

This lighted energy and humanity’s consequent application of it has opened a new channel and new possibilities: the vitalization of humanity’s heart center.  To date, this has led to the widespread aspiration and strivings towards cooperative engagement, facilitated by a growing sense of group love.  The result has been the philanthropic, goodwill and welfare movements of the day, including the proliferation of globally oriented “affinity groups” engaged in world-wide demonstrations by people of goodwill clamoring for justice and improved right human relations for all.

How to further accelerate the unfoldment of these love petals, bringing forth the needed planetary transformations?

Today, humanity’s vanguard—the New Group of World Servers and the disciples and initiates of the world are called upon to develop and express a deepening spirituality through loving understanding and group love, possible only when the mind can be held steady in the light, reflecting then the pure reason (pure love) of the Soul, the “Son of Mind.”

The development of such spirituality requires an esoteric recognition and understanding of the world of energies that lie behind the happenings of the three worlds of human expression.  These energies are directed by the incontrovertible Universal Law of Cause and Effect, which underlies the entire evolutionary process. 

Esotericsm—the science of the Soul, the animating consciousness in our world, requires a life lived in tune with the inner subjective realities.  It is the art of “bringing down to earth” those energies which emanate from the highest sources and there “grounding them,” applying them to the everyday life.

When applied with dedication and understanding, all true esoteric activity produces light and illumination, resulting in the inherited light of substance being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the Soul, thus, regenerating humanity and aiding in the manifestation of the Age of Love. 

1  The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, Copyright Renewed 1985 © Lucis Trust, pp. 466-467.

* For further information see this UN Website: Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; A Plan of Action for People, Planet and Prosperity.

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