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2018 No. 2
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Bringing the Esoteric Point of View to World Affairs

The "door where evil dwells" is kept open by humanity through its selfish desire, its hatreds and its separateness, by its greed and its racial and national barriers, its low personal ambitions and its love of power and cruelty. As goodwill and light stream forth into the minds and hearts of men, these evil qualities and these directed energies which keep the door of evil open will give place to a longing for right human relations, to a determination to create a better and more peaceful world and to a worldwide expression of the will-to-good. As these qualities supersede the old and undesirable ones, the door where evil dwells will symbolically slowly close through the sheer weight of public opinion and through right human desire. Nothing can possibly stop it.1

In this evolving Age of Aquarius, the spiritual precepts that have given birth to the religions of the world and later adopted by their practitioners into accepted doctrine are increasingly being recognized as common sense dictums to be applied to our everyday lives.  What in the past were seen to be abstract, ethereal or otherworldly, revered and sacred ideas around which religions were formed, today these ideas are unceasingly being formulated into plans that will impact world affairs and the education of the general public.

The Sanatana Dharma (“the eternal order” or “the everlasting, righteous way of life”), first brought forth by Hinduism thousands of years ago and often attributed to the Buddha who promulgated the teaching that hatred does not cease by hatred, but by love, is a concept that has been embraced not only by Professor Albert Einstein (a problem can never be solved at the level at which it was created), but also by the UN second Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld (1953-1961) who famously brought the understanding into world affairs that there will be no peace on our planet unless there is first a spiritual renaissance.

From the esoteric perspective, whether we are conscious of it or not, Earth Humanity is an inherent part of Solar and Cosmic Existence.  Within this perspective, the current world situation is an effect and a consequence of the various energies and forces at play behind outer appearance.  It is recognized that there are certain great streams of energy working powerfully in the world at this time—all of which are determining the trend of world affairs.  Although the magnitude and calibre of these energies is not yet fully recognized or understood by humanity, they are nonetheless precipitating pivotal changes that impact human evolution.2

The first and most powerful of these impelling energies are emanating from Shamballa—the planetary centre where the Will of God is known.  The first time that this energy was directly experienced on the planet was at the time of human individualisation, occurring in ancient Lemuria. The second time occurred in Atlantean days, as recounted by Plato to describe the hubris of nations, during the great struggle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. 

Today, this energy of Planetary Will and Purpose, streaming forth from this Holy Centre, is impacting life on our planet in two most significant ways:  It is destroying forms which are considered undesirable and which are hindering the expression of that greater Will and Purpose, and at the same time, this energy, which is a synthesizing force, is binding together that which has hitherto been separated. 

This demonstration of the beneficent Will of God is new to humanity and carries with it, when understood and assimilated, the potency of greater livingness, enabling identification with the Greater Whole of which humanity is an innate and fundamental constituent. 

At some point in humanity’s evolutionary journey, the entire lower nature becomes subject to the Will of God—the purifying and releasing fire.  As the ancient and ageless Mantram of Fire proclaims, the dross must be burnt: “…Behind the Portal, on the other side, lies that which I call home….let all the dross be burnt; and let me enter through that Gate, and tread the Way of Fire.”3

In response to the disciple’s aspiration, the breath of God cleanses, while inspiring and widening the vistas of the lower personal self.  What cannot respond to the divine energies is destroyed, making way for a form that is more responsive, sensitive and resilient to the heightened consciousness.  “New wine requires new wineskins.” (Mark 2:22)  

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