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2017 No. 1
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The Law of Equilibrium in the Age of Aquarius

The imbalance has so greatly increased that the time has come when humanity must investigate its nature. Every appraisal of life and its levers has been so distorted that man lives in his own engenderings. But no one knows about the true levers, beginning with the fundamentals of Existence, and extending to each lever of life in the World created by men. The True World differs as greatly from the one which has been engendered as does Light from darkness. Verily, space is in need of the unification of the existing great Foundations. Therefore, the World cannot be reborn without the affirmation of Equilibrium and the eradication of the essence of imbalance. And in this determination is the wavering of the Cosmic Scales. The Fiery World is being affirmed on this great law.1

The Ageless Wisdom that is referred to in these pages is based on what is termed the hylozoistic theory which posits a living substance, composed of a multiplicity of sentient lives, which are continuously swept into expression by “the breath of the divine Life,” the “Indweller in all forms,” the Creator of the tangible and the intangible worlds and the “Pure Being” Who is also called “the One About whom Naught May Be Said.”

Within this aggregate of complex, intelligent, diverse energies and forces, humanity is eternally subject to the impact and influence of powerful energies emanating from Cosmic laws, founded upon the Cosmic Will—all of which are both transcendent and imminent, within every atom:  “"Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." 

Here, is the eternal hope and challenge for humanity. The Breath of Life is here, present among us and in all forms of expression, including, pervading and yet, remaining transcendent.  It is greater than all appearance and it reveals Itself progressively and cyclically, in response to humanity’s increase in knowledge and understanding. 

It is the pull of that overshadowing "remaining Self" that draws the little fragment back to its originating source. Eternally present, the divine seed—the spiritual potential within humanity, must be awakened so that it can grow and flourish, bringing Light and spreading enlightenment to the entire planet.

Before the beginning of each great Epoch, states the Agni Yoga wisdom, space is filled with the fiery energies that are made available to humanity—as an aid in erecting the future evolution.  “Thus, is fierily affirmed each great beginning.”2

 We are at such a juncture today.  Called for in this New Epoch of Equilibrium, the Epoch of the Beauty of Existence, the time of the world-wide manifestation of the Golden Mean, the Middle Way and the Way of Balance is the harmonization of matter with spirit—an equilibrium that can only be brought about through humanity’s spiritual development and attainment.  

Fiery thinking results when the descent of knowledge from the Supermundane world is increasingly and cyclically absorbed and integrated into the daily life of the humanity of any age.  Such a descent and response has marked the great epochs of the past. 

For example, we can look to the enlightened Golden Age of the Old Kingdom in ancient Egypt when reverence of Universal Order resulted in adherence to the concepts of truth, justice, harmony, order and balance—personified in the winged woman known as Ma’at whose spirit of harmony and balance was worshipped as the model for human behavior—conforming to the will of the gods and replicating on earth, the celestial balance of order and beauty.

As we attempt to imagine the vast sweep of humanity’s history as seen from the vantage point of the Watchful Eye of the One Initiator, we can observe that menacing epochs have been displaced by creative ones and destructive epochs by constructive ones: “One may study the map of the World in different epochs and perceive how the Cosmic Scales have manifested great Equilibrium.”3

Our current time is one in which humanity’s cooperation must be fully engaged in order to bring the Subtle, Spiritual World closer to Earth.  A great effort must now be put forth to arrest and alter the ugly chaos of the present in order to produce the ordered beauty of the future.   Spirit and matter—the inner esoteric and the outer exoteric, the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the spiritual—the dual attributes of the universe must become harmoniously balanced in this evolving Epoch of the Great Equilibrium. 

Just as the soul in far off days acquiesced to the demands of the personality, so now the personality must reverse the process and acquiesce to the demands of the soul.  For this we work.  

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