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2016 No. 2
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The New World Order—the Responsibility of
the New Group of World Servers
And the Men and Women of Goodwill


It is in the recognition of what is happening to mankind as a whole and behind the scenes, that the thinkers of the world and the New Group of World Servers can best serve; it is the unfoldment of the human consciousness in response to the presented conditions in any country or countries that is of moment; the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself on the things that matter and to express itself in a living fashion. The thinkers and servers must learn to concentrate upon the awakening consciousness and not upon the superficial movements. This awakening goes on apace and, my brothers, satisfactorily. The form or forms may suffer but the intrinsic awareness of man is becoming, during this century, expressively divine.1 

The Ageless Wisdom informs us that whereas in the past, the intention to raise the level of human consciousness focused on the avenues of religion and philosophy, today, there is a shift into the fields of world-wide education and the arena of world affairs. 

The recognition and a heightened awareness of the One Humanity as well as an increasingly closer alignment with the Hierarchy, the planetary Center of Love and Wisdom and Shamballa, the planetary Center of Will and Purpose necessitates a clarification of the international situation and all activities which come under the department of government in its three aspects of statesmanship, politics and legislature are today receiving much spiritual attention.

The full expression of ashramic energy is being directed to practical world affairs and to the education of the general public, states the Tibetan Master in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (p. 582).

How do we arrive at a true world unity without a planetary system which practices right human relations—at interracial, interethnic, and intercultural levels?  How do we eliminate the widespread hatred and prejudices in the world today?  How do we foster the rule of cooperation and how do we insure that the rule of love-wisdom, holds sway in all world affairs?

Attempting an answer to such questions requires an educated, enlightened public opinion as well as a better understanding of world affairs—both are indispensable.

The growing planetary unrest and the clash of conflicting ideologies are telling indicators that humanity’s mental powers are awakening and its ability to comprehend world affairs is growing.  This, it is explained, “is one of the greatest of spiritual events and is the foundational fact which makes the life of the soul and the growth of intuitive perception possible on a large [planetary] scale.”2

Outlining and elucidating humanity’s current devastating, complicated problems—the obstacles which oppose the creation of a New World Order, the Ageless Wisdom indicates the extent and depth of the issues involved:

“The world situation today….is caused entirely by the widespread hatred in the world—hatred of people and of races, hatred of individuals and of those in power, or of influence, and hatred of ideas and of religious beliefs.  Fundamentally, it is caused by the separative attitudes of all peoples and races who, down the centuries and also today, have hated each other and loved themselves.  It is caused by people in every country, who have sought to cast the blame for conditions on everyone except themselves, and who have diligently sought for scapegoats whereby they may feel personal immunity for their share in the wrong thinking, the wrong speaking and the wrong doing.”3

However, there is great hope in the fact that for the first time, and on a planetary scale, men and women of goodwill are aware of the evil which must be eliminated—this, along with a complementary awareness of a shared, noble vision of how life could be—witness the vision held out by Secretary-General António Guterres, presented in this newsletter.   Everywhere, at the local and global level, and especially within the United Nations, via conferences, committees, working groups, town hall meetings and neighborhood networks, humanity is seeking solution to existing local/global problems.

The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men and women are equal in origin and goal but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development.  World decisions must therefore, in the future, be based upon a steady determination to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control by any group of people, anywhere, in any country. 

When a particular number of men and women of goodwill, dedicated disciples and members of the New Group of World Servers can coordinate and integrate their service activities and function as inspired or integrated, soul-infused personalities; when these same spiritually awakened helpers of humanity recognize the urgent responsibility that lies in their thought-making activities, which can be either definitely constructive or potentially destructive, then can we more truly move towards the creation of a New World Order.

Only when the Christ consciousness (the Soul) in every human being is more awake and alert than is at present the case, then and only then can the peaceful and loving intentions of people everywhere transform our current sad state of world affairs into a sane, constructive and beneficial New World Order. 

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