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2016 No. 2
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Achieving a New World Order in the Age of Aquarius

An epoch is being created of general collaboration, work in common, and collective solidarity of all workers, irrespective of class distinction. The most essential problem that now faces humanity is precisely to synthesize the spiritual with the material. New achievements in science, new investigations and discoveries of the laws of psychic energy, will demand new penetration and understanding of the subjective, or spiritual world. Undoubtedly, the discovery of the laws of psychic energy will help to establish a new order of life. The bond between the dense world (the physical) and the Subtle (the world of energies) will become evident, and the Higher Wisdom will become affirmed by the Force that directs and links all existence. 1

 Amidst the many and varied conflagrations, erupting everywhere—locally and globally, wherein the well-known and seemingly secure pillars of the established everyday world are crumbling before our very eyes, how is it  that we can think about a new world order? 

Considering today’s current events in the broadened and lighted perspective of the esoteric Ageless Wisdom provides an illuminating, salutary understanding. This Wisdom indicates that a new world order is the natural outcome and the natural evolution of a Soul-inspired humanity; it is the effective expression of the fusion of the inner spiritual way of life and the outer civilized and cultural way of acting; it is the manifestation of such spiritual attributes as creative intelligence, love-wisdom and concerted, spiritual purpose applied to the daily life.

Informed by such a perspective, we can more clearly understand the outlines and parameters of the old world that has served its purpose, but which must now give way to the new.  Like the myth of the phoenix, daily and unremittingly this old world is dying and crumbling at our feet, and, as it does, amidst the defiant screams of its impending death, it also reveals the new potential.  A potential that is based on a regenerated and broadened consciousness—a resurrection from the tomb of materialism into the inclusiveness of Love and Goodwill.

The ongoing conflagrations are severe and the transition from the Old Age of Kali Yuga to the new Age of Satya Yuga has been described in the ancient texts with considerable accuracy.  The gravity of our time has been indicated and prophesied as this descriptive passage indicates:  “People will lose trust in one another, and will compete in doing evil.  They will develop a persistent hatred of all except their own kind, and will sink into irresponsibility and depravity.  To all these insanities will be added the most shameful—the intensified competition between male and female.”2

The Agni Yoga wisdom further elucidates: “When falsehood and self-conceit apparently rule, then indeed there has arrived a great turning point in evolution….The stronger the thunder, the more powerful the lightning. All reiterate—the New Age arrives in storm and lightning. For the lightning there are needed positive and negative energies. If Maya does not furnish the negative evidence, how then can flash forth the sword-blade of positive reality?  We say briefly that never before on the planet has thought about cooperation been raised to the extent that it is at present.“3

Interestingly and encouragingly in its 71st session on 17 November of this year, the United Nations General Assembly discussed an agenda item, entitled, “The Role of the United Nations in Promoting a New Global Human Order.” The deliberations were focused on the Secretary-General’s Report, published this past July, which highlights the efforts of the United Nations system to reduce inequality and promote human development globally.  First proposed at the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen in 1995, many of the elements of the new global human order have been echoed at other development conferences.  The main outlines include the eradication of poverty, putting people at the centre of development efforts, combating inequality, promoting gender equality, social integration and inclusion —all of which are critical objectives within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Backed by statistics and specific examples, the obvious is made abundantly clear: A world wherein injustice, inequality and the violation of people’s basic human rights prevail, will never be stable or secure. 

The force of reciprocal action must be great, states the Agni Yoga Wisdom.  The "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing" must be replaced by the "Law of Ancient Dominating Good"; The City of Light, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of the Soul—the Hierarchy—the Centre of love and mediating understanding are all descriptors that characterize this New World Order, which simply stated, is the appearance of soul-controlled men and women on earth in everyday life and at all stages of that control.   For this, we work. 

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