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2016 No. 1
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The Power of Thought and Energy
Transmission in Planetary Service


You can—if you so desire—help construct the thought form of the New Age teaching.  You do this, above all, by your thought; by your practical application of any truth, which you may have understood, to your personal life at any cost; by your sacrifice and your service to your fellow men and by the constant dissemination of any knowledge which you may possess.1 

A well-known and accepted spiritual aphorism and a favorite biblical directive (Matthew 18:20) indicates that when two or more are gathered together with spiritual intent, the release of energy is exponentially greater than if one were to work alone.  Energy follows thought.  Ideas are attractive, magnetic centers of force, making an impact upon human consciousness.  Ideas and thought-matter together produce thought-forms that eventually result in the objective universe.

The esoteric wisdom teaches that the approach or "touch" of enlightenment is effected through the mind and clear, focused, meditative thinking are the means by which to arrive at a state of full clarity, where life is seen and known truly as it is—devoid of shadows or veils.  For just as the outer physical sun shines brightly in spite of closed doors and windows, so too does the Soul shine brilliantly on its own plane.  But it is only after repeated and continued attempts that the mind begins to create a path of light leading to the higher plane of mind wherein the Soul is eventually contacted and known.  Only after many long years of dedicated practice is the mind able to hold itself steady, withstand the effulgent light and able to receive the touch of enlightenment from the plane of the Soul.

The indisputable value of lighted thinking is emphasized in the Agni Yoga book, Leaves of Morya's Garden (Illumination), which asserts that it is "not words, but the runners of thought [that] weave the aura." (II:VI:9)

From the wisdom of a multitude of spiritual traditions to the contemporary presentation of the Ageless Wisdom, we know that there has never been a period in our planetary history in which opportunity has loomed so large, wherein so much spiritual light can be contacted and utilized by humanity.

This evolving Age of Aquarius facilitates this process of enlightenment because the conditions are such that spirit and matter can more easily be related; the existing cleavages during the past Piscean Age, such as for example, the split between religion and science and the mind and the Soul are increasingly being offset and healed, bringing about unity and greater cooperation at all levels of planetary life. 

It is this eventual union between the inner essence and the outer tangible form that will provide the opportunity for the enlightenment and restoration of humanity to its original high spiritual state.  However, this cannot happen unless spiritually aware individuals dedicate themselves to this path of light, identify themselves with the nature of the Soul, and eventually create an unobstructed channel through which the Soul can enlighten the individual, the group and humanity as a whole.

Speaking about the individual's role in human spiritual evolution, in the second volume of her collected Letters, Helena Roerich indicates, "The greatest benefit that we can contribute consists in the broadening of consciousness, and the improvement and enrichment of our thinking, which, together with the purification of the heart, strengthens our emanations. And thus, raising our vibrations, we restore the health of all that surrounds us."  (25 October 1936)

The art and science of creating effective and powerful thought-forms of solution in planetary service is not easy of achievement.  Individual, group and planetary conditions all play their part in the successes or failures of such attempts. 

Writing about the obstructions which prevent clear spiritual thinking, the Tibetan Master explains in A Treatise on White Magic that “certain factors must be present.”  If, for example, “emotional or mental chaos exists, then …the spiritual currents are deflected and the brain makes no record of that which may be inwardly seen and heard.  If fatigue is present and the physical body is in need of rest, then likewise the inner fails to be recorded.  It is the centres in the etheric vehicle which are vitalised and become active in this work of contact and consequent transmission of energy; if therefore the vitality is low and the pranic fluids are not assimilated, then the whole vibratory contact is lowered and the centre fails to register vibration and response.  When again the stimulation is adequate and the other conditions are resolved into the necessary quietude, then again the currents may be encountered, response follows and a fresh cycle of receptivity eventuates.”  (p. 324)

It is wise, he explains, that all who seek to serve humanity should be fully aware of each step taken, while simultaneously engaged in the constant steady attempt to decentralize oneself, continuously invoking the more inclusive and dynamically radiant Soul. 

1 Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, Alice A. Bailey, © Renewed, 1970 by Lucis Trust, p. 712.

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