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2015 No. 1
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The Heart Doctrine Governs Occult Development

Dora Ospina*

The heart doctrine governs occult development; the eye doctrine—which is the doctrine of the eye of vision—governs the mystical experience; the heart doctrine is based upon the universal nature of the soul, conditioned by the Monad, the One, and involves reality; the eye doctrine is based on the dual relation between soul and personality.  It involves the spiritual relationships, but the attitude of dualism or of the recognition of the polar opposites is implicit in it.  These are important points to remember as this new science [of building the bridge of consciousness] becomes more widely known.1

From a certain point on the path, the disciple becomes a point of tension that moves forward, integrating more and more latent energies in his/her esoteric constitution—from the three atoms of the Spiritual Triad to the three atoms of the personality. The soul-aligned disciple goes forward from recognition to recognition, from unification to unification, and this allows the server to live more fully in the three worlds, as s/he learns to see them from within the world of meaning and of being.  This is brought about by the relationship between the mind, the Solar Angel, and the spiritual heart, responding to the awakening intuition.  This in itself entails the development of a new sense incorporated into the being and seeing mechanism of the disciple - the eye of inner vision, which enables the disciple to love truly.  This is the reason why love and pure reason are synonymous.

The physical heart is a symbol.  From where does the heart collect the power to radiate heat to all parts of the main?  The heart moves constantly and courageously and understands that if it does not give everything in every heartbeat, its days would be numbered.  From this generous dedication to give everything it has, comes its maximum power.  The awakening of the heart center indicates inclusiveness, group appreciation and contact, and also group thought and activity.  This heart activity is not necessarily what is commonly understood as love, affection or devotion; it is a completely impersonal irradiation of the energy of love like that of the sun, of which the heart is its symbol that shines alike upon all.  This recognition that love as a spiritual energy is not sentiment, nor a desire to be nice, nor even a personal desire to be connected to others, is very important for the true spiritual server.  Otherwise, the true power of the heart with its radiating love—a love which unites all life as it brings healing to all forms, is not understood or actualized.

In connection with the effort to awaken the heart centre so that its radiating power is activated, the use and purpose of the creative imagination is of great value.  As evolution proceeds, the astral main becomes a mechanism of transformation; desire is transformed into aspiration and aspiration is transformed into a growing and expressive intuitive faculty.  The reality of this process is demonstrated in the emergence of that basic quality which has always been inherent in desire itself: the imaginative quality of the soul.  This creative imagination is all that eventually remains of the active and powerful astral life—once the monumental task of redeeming the desire main has been accomplished.

The thread of life—the embodiment of will and power, is anchored in this center of love.  This is the most powerful energy available to each human being—if it is spiritually understood and used.  It serves as a bridge to the higher worlds of consciousness.  In the Agni Yoga wisdom, the heart is considered as a magnet, and this magnetic property gives it the ability to attract what is needed to serve, while rejecting the non-essentials. The brain thinks quickly, identifying personal boundaries and limitations; the heart thinks deeply and cohesively.

Why do we talk about the flame of the heart?  Because the heart represents the center of resonance with the Love principle in all human beings; it also simultaneously resonates in the Soul, in the planetary heart Centre—the Hierarchy, in the Heart of the Hierarchy—the Christ, and in the Logos and beyond.  Truly, the heart is a vessel of universal energy.2

The heart is linked to intuition, and therefore with vision.  In following the path of evolution, it is incumbent upon the disciple to use these two faculties: the eye of vision and the intuitive understanding of the heart.

In the Preface to the book, Heart, the Agni Yoga wisdom advises, “After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart.  It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire.  

* Adapted from an address given at the Arcane School Conference, May 2014...
1 The Rays and the Initiations, Alice A. Bailey, Copyright © Renewed 1988 by Lucis Trust, p. 458..
2 Heart, par. 9, Agni Yoga Society, NY..

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