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2014 No. 2
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Reconciliation: Bringing Spiritual
Energies into the Daily Life

The necessity of a great group participation in a Day of Forgiveness and of Forgetting….This is a forgiveness which is based upon a recognition of the universality of human error in the past, and the fact that there is no blame to be apportioned to this or that group, nation or church, but that we have all made mistakes, have all failed to understand, and have all been guilty of lack of love and of tolerance. It is not, therefore, a forgiveness which is based on a spirit of magnanimity or a sense of expediency or superiority, but upon a desire to forget the past, and to push forward into the New Age and participate in the new social order, free from the ancient hatreds, relinquishing the memory of the old mistakes in policy, judgment and method, and ignoring the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts.1

Among the dictionary definitions for the word reconciliation are “a reunion,” and “a bringing together.”  A related word is “balancing” and as a verb, “to reconcile” is to make compatible.

As a theological concept, reconciliation describes the end of the estrangement between God and humanity and the purpose for the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation, or the Sacrament of Penance is to find God’s unconditional forgiveness, which then calls on us to forgive others in the same way in which we have been forgiven.

Einstein proved to the scientific community what the esoteric wisdom had long taught:  energy and matter or spirit and form are interchangeable and inexorably connected to each other.  According to this esoteric wisdom, reconciliation is the act of bringing about an unimpeded circulatory flow and relationship between Spirit-Matter or Life-appearance.  Within this Wisdom the true Heart is the Soul, the Atman, or the Higher Self —that electrical spark of consciousness—created at the point of intersect where energy and matter or spirit and form meet.  This bridge between the two realms of spirit and matter is a component of the Cosmic Magnet.

Just as the heart within our bodies sustains our physical life, so the systolic and diastolic pulsation of the Cosmic Magnet irradiates our solar system and planet with energies that are as electro-magnetic waves constantly and eternally circulating within and around us, calling on us to engage in the act of reconciliation:  bringing Universal Spiritual Energies into the Day-to-Day Life, bringing spirit into matter, or Heaven to Earth.

Here, it is interesting to consider that with regard to the relationship with humanity the greatest problem faced by the Hierarchy of Love-wisdom is articulated through the following two questions:  “How can the consciousness of humanity be expanded?” And, “How can the ascending energy of humanity be brought into rapport with the descending energy of spirit, so that another great expression of deity can emerge through humanity into manifestation?”2

We are told that these questions are not easily answered due to the fact that the astral or emotional bodies of human beings (which constitute the astral body of humanity as a whole) are today in a state of chaos, and are swept by ancient desires, ancient and deep-seated selfish attitudes and by ancient hatreds. The task is also complicated by the activity of the mental processes of man which are characterized by pronounced and developed illusions, by separative attitudes and by specious arguments!  However, it is pointed out, there are, at the same time, enough people in the world who are responsive to the spirit of goodwill and who are animated by a desire for permanent right human relations.

 To this point, it is heartening to realize that the United Nations proclaimed the year 2009 as the “International Year of Reconciliation.”

In a press release about this resolution it was said that this Year can become a vehicle for creating a fraternal human society, based on values such as truth and justice and for restoring the unity of mankind now separated by ethnic, religious and other kinds of conflicts. [GA/10536, 20 November 2006, Sixty-first General Assembly Plenary, 56th Meeting (AM)]

This is an indication that humanity is beginning to forge a reconciliation—a bringing together, a reunion, a compatibility of the inner subjective energies with the outer objective manifestation, affirming thus, the fourth stanza of the Great Invocation: From the centre which we call the race of men, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out, And may it seal the door where evil dwells”!   

1 Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, Alice A. Bailey, Copyright Renewed ©1970 by Lucis Trust, pp. 647-648..
2 The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, Copyright Renewed ©1985 by Lucis Trust, p. 139.

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