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2013 No. 1
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Using the New Age Science
of Invocation/EvocationTo Support and Strengthen the Spiritual Work of the United Nations

Maria Cristina do Amaral

If we look at the word invocation we can see that it is composed of two words: “invoke” and “action.” Thus, it is clear that invocation is the action of “invoking something.” To invoke may also mean to ask, to pray, to demand, to appeal, to require, to wish, to want, to exact, to attract, to desire, to long for, to look for, to seek, and so on, and in their essence all these verbs have the meaning or indicate an urge to seek or look for something that is sensed as lacking, missing, or wanted; something essential, or that we believe is essential, and that without it, we cannot live.

This needed something will depend on the individual’s level of consciousness and reflects one or other stage of evolution. There is, for example, the “seeking for light” in the plant kingdom, procreation in the animal kingdom, and the search for food and shelter in the human kingdom, until one arrives at that stage of seeking for a heavenly paradise by the Mystics of the race. Beyond that stage, the more evolved of the human race look for and work to manifest higher values such as human rights and right human relationships, a fair and just sharing of the world’s resources, international unity, and world peace. Such individuals are becoming group conscious. These are the servers of the race, ever seeking the Common Good and working to improve the quality of life for all.

It can be said that the union of all nations as manifested in the United Nations, with all its agencies and affiliated Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), is the result of the human urge or invocation for world improvement, betterment, peace and liberation. Thus, at this time, the UN constitutes one of the most powerful organisms for world invocation, and for bringing liberation to the human race, and the meditation of all spiritually oriented groups and individuals is the most excellent means to inspire, support, strengthen, vitalize, and illuminate this “house of the one humanity1.”

As we all know, the age we are entering now is the Aquarian Age, its symbol is a man carrying a pot of water on his shoulder. This symbol expresses the ideal of this New Age wherein humanity as a co-creator with God starts to serve the kingdoms below and above it. Two keynotes of the present age are service and sharing and the ideal of the Aquarian Age is contained within The Great Invocation, which, when said with heart-felt understanding and focus can produce a “collective or mass invocation.”

In this Invocation, the human race, as a co-creator with God, demands and commands: “Let light descend on Earth;” ”May Christ return to Earth;” “Let purpose [God’s Will] guide the little wills of men;” and “From the centre which we call the race of men, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out, And may it seal the door where evil dwells;” and, “Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

Uniquely and importantly, this Invocation does not belong to any one group or religion, but to all humanity. It does not ask anything for the separated self. It is said that “The Great Invocation,” is the most powerful Mantram for healing the planet, for bringing about human liberation and for manifesting the kingdom of heaven on Earth. It is truly Aquarian.

In closing, I would like to ask all who are now reading to use your imagination: can you see yourself as a point of light for the entire planet? Can you next imagine linking up with all other human points of light on the planet, seeing millions of lines of light uniting all human beings, all nations and all kingdoms? Now, can you direct your thoughts to the higher kingdoms— the Hierarchy of Loving Beings overseeing humanity’s and the planet’s evolution?

As a result of contact made through invocation and evocation, can you now focus your attention on the United Nations—the hope of humanity, and through this focal point, offer waves of light, love and the will-to-good to the entire planet and the whole of humanity? Imagine the whole planet as an orb of radiating Light. Hold this image in the mind’s eye as you sound the last stanza of The Great Invocation, invoking the energies now needed on our planet, as you affirm: ‘Let Light, and Love and Power, restore the Plan on Earth.”2  

1 Inquire about how to use the meditation outline, “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity.”
2 The Great Invocation is available on the back page of this newsletter.

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