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2013 No. 1
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Why Is Group Work an Innate Characteristic
of the Age of Aquarius?

Let the group know that life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. Let the group know the vivid, flaming, drenching Life that floods the fourth when the fifth is known. The fifth feeds on the fourth. Let then the group—merged in the fifth—be nourished by the sixth and seventh and realise that all the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group. It onward moves in life.1

It is God Immanent—the Soul in form—that the Aquarian Age celebrates and calls forth. Because the individual’s self-conscious Soul is aware of Itself in all things, we refer to the Age of Aquarius as the Age of Brotherhood. Harmonious unity, universality and synthesis have long been associated with the much-anticipated Age of Aquarius. These are the attributes of the omniscient and omnipresent Soul—the mediating principal of consciousness and cohesion that is basically and intrinsically, group conscious.

In the first volume of the book, Esoteric Psychology, the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, points out that “when studied from the form side, naught but differentiation and separation can be seen.” However, “when studied from the consciousness” aspect, unity emerges. Thus, by the time “the stage of discipleship is reached, a man begins to see himself as a sentient part of a sentient whole,” slowly beginning to react to the purpose and intent of that whole.2

It is for this reason that the esoteric wisdom refers to our world period as “the age of restoration of what has been broken by the fall.3” It is a time when through the awakened and enlightened consciousness, the seemingly separate, individual and isolated parts can be recognized and known as the interdependent units of the One Whole.

Identification, magnetic attraction and “love as pure reason” are as inherent and intrinsic to the Soul as separativeness and differentiation are to the form. Thus, equating the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Brotherhood is not just a poetic metaphor; it is a scientific and factual phenomenon, based on inalienable spiritual Law.

When adequate control is gained and the energies of the inclusive and group-oriented Soul are reflected within the emotional body, the heart centre is awakened and the individual becomes conscious of the true life and nature of relationship. For it is the heart center that awakens us to loving understanding as it bridges, connects and unites. Aspiration and altruism then supersede emotional reactions and competition, aggression and selfishness are transformed into cooperation, compassion and sharing. A basic unity with all that breathes is experienced and there is recognition of the One Life. The individual is then willing and able to irradiate light and love into the personal and planetary environment. And, the longing to serve the whole becomes the guiding and paramount principle in the life.

Indeed, the sacred mystery at the heart of each human being is the key that holds the truth and understanding of the entire universe. Yet that mystery must be known, understood and lived. It needs to be brought into the light of day. In the New Testament we are told to let the mind which was in Christ also be manifest within us. The “mind of Christ” symbolizes the rule of divine, intelligent love—a love that stimulates the Soul within all forms. The Christ, the Buddha and all other great prophets enjoined humanity to follow in their footsteps. They did not seek to be worshipped and set apart and held to be as distinct and separate from the humanity they loved and served. “I have called you [not servants, but] friends,” (John 15: 15) intoned the Christ and “a new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34-35)

This period in our planetary history is significant not only because of a major change in the cycle of the zodiac through which we are passing, but also because, in the words of the Tibetan Master, the Solar Angel—God Immanent--“has ‘come to Earth’ in expectation of recognition.”4

As individuals begin to comprehend and practice the waxing Law of Loving Understanding, in contrast to the waning Law of Cleavages, which has prevailed throughout the past 2000 plus years of the Piscean era, such integrated, interrelated groups whose members are telepathically linked will establish a golden network of light which will serve to create a powerful planetary focal point that will spiritually revitalize the etheric body of humanity—as a whole—and thus demonstrate the true nature of group work.

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