Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2012 No. 2
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By Susan MacNeil, Ph.D.

With its emphasis upon visualisation and the use of the creative imagination…the keynote of group fusion and of service underlies the newer form of meditation.”

The Rays and the Initiations, p. 252.

The United Nation’s destiny, and its mission, is to unite all of humankind behind the idea of brotherhood or right human relations. It serves as a vehicle for purpose and exercises the will through the concept of Oneness and the unity of all life. Humankind is advancing through a great alignment occurring between goodwill (from the people) and the will-to-good (from the spiritual center, Shamballa). How can we contribute to the furthering of these energies and ideas?

The Ageless Wisdom teaching imparts that today an “evolutionary” alignment is taking place and that it is now possible for humanity to “progress upward.” This reminds us of the relationship with the three planetary centres, Shamballa (will/power), Hierarchy (love/wisdom), and humanity (creative intelligence), and through alignment, we are responding to that interplay for spiritual impressions, which creates a constant inflow of energies.

When I was introduced to the Aquarian Age Community at the United Nations, I found the service activities, especially the meditation outline,* deeply inspiring. As I began to participate in this group service with the UN meditation, my urge to serve increased. At the same time, I was observing a number of Ambassadors and other UN staff members being introduced to the UN meditation through Aquarian Age workshops and connecting to the ideas presented in the meditation outline.

With the UN meditation we are uniting the planetary heart centre (the Hierarchy), with the planetary head centre (Shamballa), in order to access the Plan that is an expression of Purpose and produces intelligent activity within the human kingdom. I believe the meditation is having a powerful impact on the UN and in society that is observable in specific ways; for example, Secretaries-General, Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon have both referred to the importance and significance of the UN Meditation Room and the UN Department of Public Information has published a brochure on the Meditation Room.*  Also, and more generally, by greater demands from the leaders of all countries for right human relations towards the common good, the social media connecting like minds everywhere, and uprisings by citizens of the world expressing their will through various actions.

Learning that the meditation room is housed right below the General Assembly seemed to signify another significant alignment, and after many years of using the meditation, I experience the energy, strength, and force behind its use. It is through visualization, imagination and the will that we engage the awakening of human minds and hearts toward our common thread of Oneness on this planet. What other body can best accomplish this other than the UN? I sometimes have the benefit of meditating in the UN’s General Assembly, and use the meditation by first visualizing the Avatar of Synthesis, the Spirit of Peace, and the Lord Buddha overshadowing the Christ, standing as the head of the General Assembly, with the intention of strengthening the hands of the New Group of World Servers.

We begin meditation with “Alignment.” There is individual alignment and group alignment. As we ponder the work that alignment achieves, the method of individual alignment refocuses our energies on the mental plane, bypassing the turbulence of emotionality with its inherent distractions, as our minds and hearts beat as one toward spiritual purpose. At-one-ment of soul and mind occurs through the process of alignment that is necessary prior to the full ability to serve. Group alignment occurs as servers from around the world subjectively meet on the mental plane, identify with the group at the outset of the meditation work, and maintain that point of identity throughout the meditation.

In The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 618-20, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul speaks to evolutionary alignment when he states, “You have, therefore, as a guarantee of the return of Christ into public recognition, an implementing of a great alignment. This alignment, when effectively concluded, will bring about a clear channel or pathway of return or line of light or magnetic power between:” Shamballa, Hierarchy, the Christ, the initiates, disciples and aspirants, the hearts of people of goodwill in all lands, and “the focal point through which the Lord of Love will work on Earth.” The rest of the meditation follows along the line of the “Six-fold Progression of Divine Love.”  It is a sacred call to strengthen the path of return for the Lord of Love. The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity meditation is, to my mind, a response to the invocative cry of humanity, and a vehicle to help realize the purpose of this great alignment where Spirit vitalizes matter and is therefore uplifted and beautified.   


* To request a copy, please see, the Diamond Light Reply Slip.