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2012 No. 1
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The Universal within the Individual and
the Individual within the Universe

The evolution is important not of earthly humanity but of humanity of the Universe.  If this simple formula could be adopted by human hearts, the whole starry vault would become tangible. Verily, it would be easier for the beings of other worlds to pierce through the stifling atmosphere of Earth if toward them were coming appeals from earthly incarnates.1

The theosophical literature refers to the One Life—the One Boundless Immutable Principle, which precedes all manifested and conditioned Being—composed of spirit at one end and matter at its opposite end with various gradations of both in between.  The Agni Yoga wisdom refers to the concatenation of the Universe and the bond with Infinity:  “Humanity is bound to the Cosmos by inseverable bonds.”2  The wisdom teachings offered by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, refers to the Science of the Atahkarana—the bridge of Life composed of the three strands of Life, Consciousness and Creativity, revealing, eventually, the Light supreme. And, among others, Lord Krishna clearly enunciated the relationship of the part to the whole in His unforgettable words, “Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.” 

The life of the macrocosm is ever reflected within the microcosm and both are inextricably linked.  This recognition inspired William Blake’s celebrated poem inviting the perception of “the world in a grain of sand” and “heaven in a wild flower”—a poetic truth affirmed by the Agni Yoga wisdom: “The Thinker said, ‘In each drop of dew is reflected the whole Universe.’”  (Supermundane IV, 822)*

“Can one ascend and descend in isolation?” (Agni Yoga, 168)* asks this same wisdom, while providing the unequivocal response:  “truly, no being can act without affecting his surroundings” because one link draws after it another and one life predicates the next.  Indeed, “The entire Universe is as one stream!” (Infinity I, 193)*

This truth, corroborated by the Teachers and Prophets of the Ages is presented within The Secret Doctrine as the hylozoistic theory, explaining that all forms are composed of a multiplicity of sentient lives, continuously swept into expression by “the breath of the divine Life,” the “Indweller in all forms,” the Creator of the tangible and the intangible worlds and the “Pure Being,” Who is also called God. 

Lest we think that this perennial wisdom enjoins us to turn away from our earthly duties and our day-to-day life, we are enjoined otherwise.  For example, “when we summon to the far-off worlds, it is not for a detachment from life but for a discovery of new ways.  Only in realizing participation in Infinity may one reach the upper spheres….Let the far-off world live in the consciousness of men as a wondrous kingdom. This is just as indisputable and just as real as the fact that a growing seed gives birth to a flower.” (Infinity, I, par. 44)*

It is the development of a spiritual consciousness that opens the doors to the Infinite, transforming, uplifting and enriching the planetary life.

The Eastern land from whence the sun rises, which gave to the world knowledge by which the ultimate Reality can be known, also gave birth to many wise prophets and teachers.  Writing in 1916 about the difference between the worldview of his native India and the West, Rabindranath Tagore made a distinction between becoming merely a man versus a “man-in-the universe.”  India, he wrote, “has her own idea about wherein superiority really consists:  it is not in the power of possession, but in the power of union.”  And, “when man shuts himself out from the vitalizing and unifying touch of the infinite, and falls back upon himself for his sustenance and his healing, then he goads himself into madness…His appetites do not minister to his life, keeping to the limits of their purpose; they become an end in themselves and set fire to his life and play the fiddle in the lurid light of the conflagration.” He further explains, when man's consciousness is restricted only to the immediate vicinity of his human self, the deeper roots of his nature do not find their permanent soil and thus, his spirit is ever on the brink of starvation, and in the place of healthful strength, he substitutes rounds of stimulation. (Sādhanā, the Realisation of Life, Internet Sacred Text Archive)

 As we contemplate these deeper truths, it is helpful to realize that regardless of how each of us may experience or cause a destructive conflagration, the Love-Wisdom of our Second Ray solar system underlies the happenings of the time; it ever persists, waiting for the sons and daughters of the Universal Life to awaken to the beauty of their spiritual heritage."     (Next)

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* Published by the Agni Yoga Society, New York, NY.