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2011 No. 3
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Freeing the Prisoners of the Planet

Now a new attempt is being made to free the "prisoners of the planet". The Hierarchy, through the Group of World Servers now in process of formation is seeking to externalise itself, and to restore the mysteries to humanity to whom they truly belong. If the attempt is to succeed it is basically necessary that all of you who have sensed the vision or seen a part of the intended plan should re-dedicate yourselves to the service of humanity, should pledge yourselves to the work of aiding to the utmost of your ability (ponder those words and search out their significance) all world servers, and should sacrifice your time and give of your money to further the endeavor of the Great Ones. Rest not, above all, from your meditation work; keep the inner link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunity are great and all possible helpers are being called to the forefront of the battle.4

In the well-known aphorisms of Raja Yoga, as expounded within the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we learn that the objective of Raja Yoga is to free the thinker from the modifications of the thinking principle so that the individual no longer merges him/herself in the great world of thought illusions nor identifies himself with that which is purely phenomenal. Standing free and detached, the individual learns to use the world of the six senses in the field of his/her intelligent activities and through an understanding of the nature and distinctions of matter to then comprehend “the world of form, which has held his spirit a prisoner for so long.”5

In this practice, the mind is relegated simply to the position of an instrument—a sensitive plate that can register either that which pours into it from above or that which affects it from below. As a result, once recognized, the Dweller on the Threshold, subjected to a discriminating discipline and finally controlled and mastered, after many incarnations, consciously seeks the cooperation of the Soul, the Angel of the Presence. Although it yet constitutes a barrier to spiritual progress, it is increasingly more influenced by the Soul than by its lower nature.

Today, many are the disciples and spiritual workers who through their dedicated service and their conscientious practice of meditation and deep focused thinking are able with more or less success to “hold the mind steady in the light,” thus finding themselves in closer relationship with the Angel and away from the Great Illusion.

Ultimately, the prisoners of the planet include all lives which are embodied in form and many are the classifications and complexities of this concept; however, here, we are focusing on those prisoners within the human form.

Once the burning ground has done its work of purification, the light of the Angel envelops the personality who is now able to bridge between the world of spirit and of material forms, and radiate the light, quality and characteristics of the Angel into the world, bringing healing redemption and liberation to the prisoners of the planet.

This epic work of the Ages, which will eventually be possible to humanity as a whole, is well summarized in the following passage from the book, A Treatise on White Magic:

Just as the human brain, made up of an infinite number of sentient responsive cells, can be suitably impressed when quiescence has been achieved, and can become the medium of expression for the plans and purposes of the soul, transmitting its ideas via the mind, so the planetary Deity, working under the inspiration of the Universal Mind, can impress humanity with the purposes of God and produce consequent effects in the world of phenomena.

…. [As you think this through,] it will be apparent to you that when this point is grasped, the purpose for which humanity exists, the objective before the group of world mystics and workers, and the ideal set before the individual aspirant, are the same as in the individual meditation; the achieving of that focussed attention and mental quiet wherein reality can be contacted, the true and the beautiful can be registered, divine purpose can be recorded, and it becomes possible to transmit to the phenomenal form, upon the physical plane, the needed energy whereby the subjective realisation can be materialised.

….Through humanity on the physical plane, the nature of reality will be revealed; the true and the beautiful will be manifested; the divine plan will eventually work out, and that energy [will] be transmitted to all forms in nature which will enable the inner spiritual reality to emerge.6

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