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2011 No. 2
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The Arts–Building a Lighted Way for the Christ
To stimulate the aspiration in the hearts of men so that human receptivity to the good, the beautiful and the true may be greatly increased. These energies will bring in the new creative era, which will sweep into expression as soon as worked tension has subsided; then men will be free to think and to create the new forms for the new ideals; then they will bring into manifestation in words, in music, and in sculptured forms the new revelation and the new world which the coming of the Christ will inaugurate.1

Throughout the centuries there has been a great spiritual outpouring expressed through the creative arts. Antiquities in our museums, from the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations on into the Renaissance demonstrate man’s soul nature finding voice through beauty and artistic forms. And now as we make our way into the Aquarian Age there seems to be an increasing urge and need to be creative at a higher turn of the spiral.

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul outlines for us in the above quote, the true purpose behind the arts, which is to not only stimulate men’s hearts and minds but to build the lighted way for the Reappearance of the Christ. For this to happen he reminds us that the nations of the earth must come together in peace, unity and cooperation. Countless men and women of goodwill now work in group formation towards this goal. The creative arts can provide a common ground, a sacred meeting place where peoples from diverse nations can set aside their separative ways and join harmoniously in celebration of beauty and harmony.

In Cyril Scott’s book, Music It’s Secret Influence throughout the Ages, he prognosticates, “the national Devas of various countries working through sound will seek to form a bridge between nation and nation by inspiring the harmony of true cooperation and that genuine peace which is not merely the laying down of arms.”

The United Nations, which serves as a peace making body includes the Arts through UNESCO’s “Artists for Peace” initiative. This UN Arts initiative includes internationally-renowned artists who use their influence to heighten public awareness regarding key development issues and inform the public about UN projects and work in culture, education, the sciences and communication. For example, Russian singer Alsou Abramova was recently recognized for her commitment to help the most vulnerable people throughout the world as well as for her charitable activities to empower childhood development. Unique artists are giving of their time, skill and talent in this Seventh Ray work.

Art provides that midway point, the mandorla, between our higher self, the soul, and our lower vehicles in physical form. We know from the Ageless Wisdom that the present work of the planetary Logos, the Masters and Humanity is to make sacred our Earth through the spiritualization of matter. The co-creation and consecration of art forms, along with devic interaction and the seven ray energies, is enabling this process to take place. This striving of humanity to create beauty through sound, color and form is akin to the spiritual practice of meditation. It requires the same discipline, concentration, invocation and evocation.

The Tibetan Master suggests that true occult art is of a revelatory nature. “There is a mystical beauty to be achieved as we all know through art. This conveys a general sense of beauty, colour and inspiration, and thus it clothes and veils ideas. There is an occult beauty also to be achieved in the field of art. This conveys a different sense of beauty, colour and inspiration, clothed in those forms which reveal ideas.”2

Just recently a painting by Leonardo DaVinci, who is a probable fourth ray disciple, was newly discovered. It is of the Master Jesus, called “Salvator Mundi,” world saviour. He is raising his hand in a blessing and it will soon be exhibited at the National Gallery in London. A timely example of that which is hidden stands revealed.

The same glamours and illusions that distort international human relations also affect the arts in today’s world. Still many artists and disciples are working to bring through fresh inspiration from the intuition and buddhic plane. It’s what the Tibetan Master calls “spiritual perception.” The arts especially can reveal the world of significances, of reality and truth. Our Tibetan “Brother” goes further to suggest that we need to view all of life as “creative livingness”—the call to bring forth, day by day, “the good, the true and the beautiful.”

Recognition of this will surely aid in the building of the lighted bridge between all nations and humanity enabling the Christ to reappear.      (Next | Index)

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