Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2011 No. 2
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The Science of the Antahkarana
Understanding Humanity’s Relationship to Its Celestial Home

In Thee is hidden the knowledge of the universe.
In Thee is born the striving to behold the mysteries.

As this newsletter is going to print the yearly General Debate of the United Nations’ General Assembly, currently comprising 193 Member States is wrapping up its 66th session. One world leader after another has brought attention to the extraordinary challenges of our times, which will require a new mind-set for solution.

Recognizing the “shifting sands of time,” the Secretary-General of the United Nations has insisted that the world cannot continue to move forward with its business as usual attitude: “the old world is slowly but irreversibly changing and the contours of a new world are just beginning to take shape.”

Affirming this need for what we recognize to be a new state of consciousness, Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley of the Kingdom of Bhutan made a sharp contrast between our economic development processes of the past and those that are needed for our current time: the “voracious beast” of the past has created “the monster of a consumerist market economy.” This has cost humanity its physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Needed are processes that are “holistic, sustainable, inclusive and humane.”

The energies of the Age of Aquarius are slowly but surely beginning to register in the minds of humanity who is steadily awakening as a whole to the incoming spiritual urge. Daily, we witness examples of this overwhelming impulse towards spiritual light and towards a new and more holistic orientation. Spirituality, the ageless wisdom teaches, is the evolutionary process that drives humanity forward towards eventual wholeness. It refers to the spark of knowingness, the spark of consciousness that is at the heart of every individual. It is this spark, which gives rise to humanity’s horizontal relationships, creating the family of humanity and it is this spark that produces humanity’s vertical alignment, relating it to the existing celestial and universal energies.

The Agni Yoga wisdom teaches that humanity dwells in a restricted reality and that “only a minor part of reality is cognized by humanity.”2 However, humanity is slowly awakening to these multidimensional relationships of which it is a part and which will eventually lead to the great “Fellowship of the Universe3.”

It is through the Science of the Antahkarana—one of the three major sciences that will increasingly gain prominence in this 21st Century, that humanity will learn to scientifically explore and deepen these relationships. The scientific truth of Christoph Kuffner’s words, inspired by Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia, will be incontrovertibly understood:  man is indeed, native to the skies.

Humanity’s increasing ability to use the mind creatively and deeply provides confirmation and evidence that it is preparing en masse to intentionally and scientifically engage in this evolutionary process.

It is on the plane of mind that the Soul—the spiritual principle and the center of Love-Wisdom, is discovered and understood. When perceived, the Soul reveals to the personality a wealth of spiritual relationships accessible via the Antahkarana—the rainbow bridge of life. Woven out of the threads or energies of life, consciousness and creativity, when fully functioning, the Antahkarana becomes as an illumined, electrified cable linking that which is above and that which is below or that which is esoteric and to which is exoteric.

To build the Antahkarana is to extend the reaches of consciousness. The goal is to arrive at that place wherein the wise and tried disciple “stands in the ocean of love,” willing and capable of pouring this love into the world.

Building the Antahkarana is the consummation of a long process, providing in the end, evidence that, in the words of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, "spirit has mounted on the shoulders of matter" to that high place from whence it originally came, including the gain of experience, full knowledge, and all that life in material form could give and all that conscious experience could confer. The Son (the Soul) has done His work. The unity of all things is known to be a fact in consciousness and a human spirit can say with intention and with understanding: “I and my Father are one.4

As each individual accomplishes, so the multiplicity of their dominant strands of light fuse into one whole and their lesser strands are lost to sight in the radiant rainbow bridge of light which humanity will eventually complete. For this we strive and serve and work.   (Next)

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