Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2011 No. 1
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The Heart of the New Civilization
  Reflections on the UN/NGO 2010 Conference1:
Advance Global Health, Achieve the MDG’s

Attending the 63rd conference for Non-Governmental Organizations held by the United Nations Department of Public Information last September 2010, one could sense the note of the emerging Aquarian civilization resonating through the conference focus, the way it was conducted and the deeply committed sense of interconnection apparent in all 1,600 attendees representing some 350 NGOs from more than 70 countries.

In one memorable moment a small woman stepped to the microphone. She was dressed in a long shapeless garment with a headscarf drawn low over her face, reminding of so many false stereotypes often subtly hidden in the Western mind.  Then she spoke.  Dr Sakena Yacoobi transfixed the audience and exploded any hidden prejudices, describing the education initiatives of the Afghan Institute of Learning, meeting the needs and circumstances of a society—traditional people taught in their homes; outreach to remote villages beyond government infrastructure; teaching critical thinking rather than rote learning; leadership and teacher training; program design to meet the priority needs of each group— reading instructions on medicine, caring for women to reduce health costs. Her practical “getting on with the job” attitude brought fresh hope, enthusiasm and inspiration.

At another time a tall dark man’s deeply subtle presence radiated warmly and inclusively while he spoke simply yet with a deep wisdom that had the auditorium hushed in silent reflection.  Jamesa Wagwau, Education Coordinator of the New Vision newspaper in Uganda, spoke of information, meaning in-forming or changing from within and access to it was vital for all.  He also spoke of there being only developing nations at different levels and, like the fingers on a hand with different heights, all needing each other and no one more important than another.

In a workshop, a quiet, almost shy, middle-aged lady turned out to be Dr. Sad Al Dasouqi of the International Health Awareness Network, Jordan. She spoke of the key importance of meditation, volunteer work and traditional or alternative medical approaches being incorporated into modern medical practice to achieve truly healthful living.

Many young presenters brought a freshness, energy, creativity and intelligent clarity that stirred the heart with confidence in the future.  Perhaps the most moving was Christopher Varney, a UN Youth delegate, who spoke of his volunteer work and the heart-rending experience of seeing children die of preventable illnesses in front of their grief-stricken mothers. He exhorted us all to focus on light rather than on darkness and to empower every cynic to be an activist and every government to be a partner.  All participants seemed guided by a powerful forward drive towards an unfolding, shared intention of developing a more whole and interconnected future.

 Most noticeable was the pervasive sense of synthesis or oneness, relatedness and interdependence which seemed to permeate.  General reference to “a culture of peace”; a consciousness focused on building towards a desired future rather than a deficit view; partnerships and coalitions with everyone and every part needed; understanding rather than condemnation; a “deep belief in human wisdom”; a spiritual foundation being necessary for success.

The Aquarian inspiration of the serving man pouring forth the water of life seemed implicit in the group consciousness.  Although they would separate and return to their own fields of endeavour, there remained an underlying sense of relationship, cooperation and common purpose which empowered them.  It can be seen how important these conferences are in invoking and supporting the energies which are needed to enable human consciousness to evolve into the harmonious unity that will most effectively address the issues inherited from the past, and which will lay the foundation for humanity’s destined role in the great revelation of the future.

The very nature of the NGOs draws on the essence of the new civilization: their power comes from an inner urge to serve rather than ambition for temporal power; they express a value for all life with its spiritual impulse; they bridge barriers – cultural, national, ideological and, in this conference, also the divide between genders; they act for the needs of those most in want rather than for personal desire.

They are at the vibrant heart of the global support network during the powerful upheaval of change now sweeping through the world and demonstrating through natural and man-made disasters; the uprising against oppression; rallies and demonstrations as people realize that their forward vision is a shared reality and that everyone is responsible for bringing it into expression.  They are an outer reflection of the subjective network of servers invoking the flow-through of the Light and enlightenment, the Love and interconnection, the Life and potency of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.  They attune us to the wonders of the coming age.  


  1 Written by Judy Norman of the Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service Ltd. (www.sydneygoodwill.org.au), who represented the Aquarian Age Community at the Conference.