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2011 No. 1
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The Beloved Teacher and World Service
Under the Law of Sacrifice, the Lord of the World remains ever behind the scenes, unknown and unrealised by all the "seeds" He came to save, until such time as they have reached the stage of flowering forth as perfect men and, in their turn, become the saviours of humanity.  Then they know Him to exist.  From the standpoint of the forms of life in the four kingdoms of nature, Sanat Kumara is non-existent.  In developed humanity, prior to moving on to the Probationary Path, He is sensed and dimly sought under the vague word "God."  Later, as the life which the "seeds" have manifested reaches the higher layers or brackets in the human hierarchy, there emerges in the consciousness of the disciple, the assurance that behind the phenomenal world is a world of "saving Lives" of which he may eventually form a part; he begins to sense that behind these Lives there stand great Beings of power, wisdom and love Who, in Their turn, are under the supremacy of Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the Creator, the Lord of the World.1

As we continue to journey into the Aquarian Age, service is becoming an ever more popular phenomenon.  Everywhere we look—on the local, national and international level, individuals and groups—men and women of goodwill and of loving hearts are working to heal and uplift the lives of their fellow human beings.

As the natural and man-made global crises of our times devastate the lives of untold millions throughout the world, service is becoming both more appealing and compelling and world service, once the life of a unique hero or heroine, increasingly is becoming the focus of groups and organizations united in the shared purpose of world salvage.

The esoteric wisdom has much to teach about the science of service, which can eventually establish an unimpeded, lighted chain from humanity via the Hierarchy to Shamballa—the planetary centers of creative intelligence, love-wisdom, and will/purpose, respectively.

Service is and will continue to become an ever more necessary and seemingly natural way of life—eventually for the whole of humanity.  In an isomorphic relationship with the deepening and evolving sciences of meditation and the Antahkarana, the science of service will lead humanity from the unreal to the real and from aspiration to realization.  The spiritual worker knows because s/he serves and not the other way around.    

True world service requires strenuous inner striving and tremendously hard work, eventually transforming the personal life, leaving no aspect unquestioned or untouched.  It is much more than going out and doing good works.  It necessitates sensitivity to world pain as it demonstrates from day to day in world affairs—not because of the desire to relieve one’s own discomfort and misery, but rather, because of a joyous willingness to further the Plan of Light and Love, a deepening love for humanity, and an abiding, reverend love that seeks to cooperatively work with the fiery Guardians of Light Who eternally stand behind the race of men, urging the planetary life onward.

It is the cosmic law of service which brings forth a divine incarnation into manifestation and correspondingly, world service for the disciple is the demonstration of a soul urge or instinct; it is the outstanding characteristic of the indwelling soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the personality.  Interestingly, world service is a manifestation of the Principle of Liberation, which liberates or releases the imprisoned soul consciousness.

Since world service is the demonstration or reflection of one’s relationship to one’s soul, it cannot be taught or imposed from without.  Eventually, it is inspired by the soul-aligned personality’s relationship to the Ashramic Teacher.  Here, it is helpful to recollect that the beloved Teacher is always and at the same time the disciple and student of an even greater and Higher Teacher—a relationship which is ever forged through spiritual striving and thus, disciples are urged: “Strive to Us with all your might.”2

Addressing the role of the Teacher, one such beloved Hierarch tells us, “We liken the concept of the Teacher to a lamp in the darkness….The bonds of the Teaching are like a saving rope in the mountains.” Further, “We do not see the end of the chain of Teachers, and the consciousness imbued with the Teacher elevates the attainment of the disciple as a precious, all penetrating aroma.  The bond of the disciple with the Teacher forms a link of protection in the uniting chain.  Within this defense deserts bloom.”3  Blessed is the beloved Teacher.      (Next | Index)

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