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2010 No. 3
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The Reign of the Soul and the Science of Service
The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms, but labor and service.1

It is your time (and all of you, without exception, can give some) for which Christ and humanity are today calling. It is your activity and skill in reaching those you can reach for which we make demand. It is your money that is needed to enable us to reach the interested public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which will construct that channel through which the spirit of peace can work and the forces of Light enter. The Hierarchy waits. It has done all that is possible from the angle of Its opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make His work materialise on earth and enable Him to consummate the effort He made 2000 years ago in Palestine. The Buddha hovers over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. I beg you to note what I here have said. Everything now depends upon the right action of the men [and women] of goodwill.2

VERY SUCCINCTLY SAID, service is that scientific process which calls forth all the soul powers into full expression on the physical plane. Service is a soul urge or instinct. It is the outstanding characteristic of the soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the personality. Since in its true sense, it is the demonstration or reflection of one's individual alignment and relationship to one's soul, it cannot be taught or imposed from without. The form of service one chooses to render is, therefore, very personal for no one other than one's own soul or Master knows the purposes for which one has incarnated and the unique ways in which one is called upon to serve.

Service will continue to become an ever more compelling and natural way of life—eventually for the whole of humanity. In fact, the Science of Service is one of the three great sciences which are coming to the fore as we move into the new Age of Aquarius. Along with the Science of Meditation and the Science of the Antahkarana, the Science of Service will lead humanity from the unreal to the real and from aspiration to realization.

True service is a manifestation of the Principle of Liberation and as such it is a major releasing factor. Along with death, service constitutes the two aspects of this Principle of Liberation. Both death and service liberate or release the imprisoned soul consciousness.

The Science of Service is based on the Cosmic Law of Service, which was fully expressed for the first time by the Christ 2,000 years ago. Today, humanity is increasingly becoming aware of interdependence and oneness. Growing too is the very practical recognition that only as the love which Christ demonstrated and about which so much has been written and spoken, finds its outlet in service can we begin to measure up to our human potential and capacity.

As increasing numbers render true service, the human family will then enter upon its destined planetary and cosmic work of acting as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of material forms—lifting the subhuman kingdoms into heaven and bringing heaven to earth unto the physical plane. That which has been abstract and ideal can then be realized in the day-to-day life.

We are of course referring to the imposition of the higher soul rhythm upon worldly affairs and the physical plane life of the personality. As spiritual seekers we know, because of our own heartfelt experiences, that there is always a necessary period of pain and suffering that precedes the absorption of this higher energy, which will make possible more effective and enlightened forms of service. The old ideas, rhythms and habits must be released in order that the channels may be purified and prepared so that they may receive, contain and express the new energies.

Is it not the crescendo of this cleansing process, on a planetary scale, and in all areas of life, that we compassionately witness on a daily basis? Is it not the light, the love, and the will-to-good evoked by the new group of world servers that is continually throwing light on the darkest recesses of the center humanity so that once and for all humanity can begin to address and resolve age-old breaches and conflicts?

Selfless service is today evident everywhere; it is the phenomenal expression of an inner reality producing phenomenal outer and tangible results upon the physical plane.     (Next | Index)

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