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2010 No. 2
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The Spiritualization of Matter
The incompatibility between spirit and matter compresses itself like a rushing vortex. When the spirit is burdened by contacting imperfection through the shell, it begins a battle which discloses this imperfection. The shells that impede the spirit are like encumbrances obstructing the path. Truly, encumbrances! The cosmic creativity incessantly clears away strivings toward darkness. Humanity's chief lack, lack of understanding, lies in this expressed disharmony. When the spirit and the shells which clothe it will be in harmony, humanity will come closer to the cosmic union.1

The Ageless Wisdom to which we refer in these pages is based on the hylozoistic theory presented within The Secret Doctrine and expounded within the books of the Agni Yoga Society and the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, under the authorship of Alice A. Bailey.  This theory posits a living substance, composed of a multiplicity of sentient lives, which are continuously swept into expression by “the breath of the divine Life,” the “Indweller in all forms,” the Creator of the tangible and the intangible worlds and the “Pure Being,” Who is also called “the One About whom Naught May Be Said.” 

This theory recognizes that all matter, everywhere in the universe is organic; that all forms are built up of infinitesimal lives, which in their totality, constitute one Life.  These composite lives, in their turn, are recognized as a corporate or communal part of a still greater Life.  Thus, we have a great scale of lives, reaching all the way from the tiny atom up to that vast atomic life, which we call a solar system, which itself is yet part of a greater whole.

Life according to this theory is the synthesis of all activity—an activity which is a blend of many energies and the sum total of the energies of the seven solar systems, of which our solar system is but one.  Only one of these seven great rays, the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom, is in operation within our solar system.  It is the seven sub-divisions of this Second Ray that we refer to as the seven great rays, which form the basis of the endless variations of this solar system.  H.P. Blavatsky refers to this great truth in the first volume of her book, Isis Unveiled:  “As the seven prismatic rays proceed from one spot in heaven, so the seven powers of nature, each of them a number, are the seven radiations of the Unity, the central, spiritual SUN.” (p.514)

Unlike the human being, the seven ray Beings are fully conscious and entirely aware of the universal purpose and Plan.  They are “impelled toward fulfillment” and Theirs is the task of wrestling with matter in order to subjugate it to divine purpose, thus producing those qualities which will carry the will of God to completion. 

This work of wrestling with matter in order to subjugate it to divine purpose is the millennial work of the ages.  It is the goal—18 million years old—of the Hierarchy of Loving Wisdom and, we are told, it is the challenge of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days.  Its’ objective is the transformation of Planet Earth from its current status as a non-sacred planet into a sacred planet. 

This objective, as some have conceptualized it, is to “bring heaven to earth,” to imbue substance with spirit, to lift and beautify matter and to electrify its vibratory frequency, so that humanity can awaken to the Greater Whole of which this planet is a part.

Specifically, the spiritualization of matter necessitates the transmutation, the transformation and the transfiguration of physical, emotional and mental substance, and thus, all history is the record of the effects of these seven radiations or energies as they play upon humanity and all life in its varying stages of evolutionary development.  Of course, the response to these impelling and compelling energies depends upon the level of consciousness of the receiver and thus, the seeming chaos within the planet.  Those who strive to understand and cooperate with these spiritual and Cosmic energies are met with resistance; they are vilified, attacked, scorned and misunderstood by those who see not the greater whole and see instead, only the small circumference of their immediate lives and their immediate plans and desires.
Whether recognized or not, the spiritualization of matter is the purpose for which spiritual workers tread the Path of Return.  According to the esoteric wisdom, “spiritual impression has been interrupted and there has been interference with the divine circulatory flow. It is the task of the disciples of the world to restore this flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facing spiritual people at this time.”2  May this realization motivate us to more mindfully and lovingly work, with exacting dedication and commitment!     (Next)


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