Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2009 No. 1
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The Inexorable Cycles of Light and Darkness
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. (St. John 1:5)
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

In all spiritual strivings towards the Light, it is helpful to remember the fact that planet Earth is currently a non-sacred planet, likewise striving, on its own high plane, to become a sacred planet. It is also helpful to recall the related truth brought forth by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and proven to the scientific community by Einstein's theory of relativity that matter is at the opposite continuum of spirit and that spirit is a higher vibration of matter.

What is it that distinguishes a sacred planet from a non-sacred planet and what is the relation of the above truths to the inexorable cycles of light and darkness, poignantly experienced by every spiritual seeker and by humanity at large?

As understood within the esoteric wisdom, planet Earth is made up of seven "interprenetrating worlds," all occupying the same space, except that the finer types of matter extend further from the centre than do the denser types. Within this wisdom, planet Earth is regarded as a non-sacred planet because its informing spiritual Life is yet striving to attain all five of the major cosmic initiations. That is, the unimpeded divine circulatory flow that is characteristic of a sacred planet is not yet possible. In a non-sacred planet the higher divine aspects are not synthesized into one unit of conscious response and activity.1 "The physical nature of the planet is not in harmony with spatial fire,"2 states the Agni Yoga wisdom in its profound simplicity.

The result is that all life on planet Earth is undergoing an interim of upheaval, chaos and difficulty. As a part of the microcosm made in the image of the macrocosm, each individual human being has the momentous responsibility of becoming a planetary bridge-builder and aiding in the process of stabilizing the light. Aware of both the material and divine natures of which he/she is composed and vacillating between the two poles of spirit and matter, the result is the inexorable experience of the inevitable cycles of relative light and relative darkness, depending on the degree and depth of awareness.

In seeking the lighted altitude of the Soul, when successful, and contact is made with the higher spheres of consciousness, increased light floods the seeker, throwing into relief the relative darkness of the daily life. Moments of inspiration and revelation are therefore inescapably followed by periods of darkness and obscuration. Light ever exposes darkness. At each higher turn of the spiral, at each higher rung of the ladder, the disciple confronts yet another level of imperfection or of darkness within him/herself and within the manifested world.

Thus, we have the testimony of those who have undergone the "Dark Night of the Soul"—of which there are relative degrees because the stronger the light perceived, the denser the darkness experienced.

The striving one is forewarned by the Agni Yoga wisdom: "Each heroic act invites persecution. Combat with darkness is unavoidable and the waves of chaos will engulf bold fighters... It should not be thought that a broadened consciousness is achieved without struggle. Each one who wishes to serve with Us knows that he will have to endure the assaults of darkness."3 And, additionally, "You place a torch and at once, out of the darkness, a multitutde of insects swarms around it. You manifest psychic energy and immediately new, diverse conditions appear, small and great, far and near."4

Light is ever inclusive, harmonious—because of its cohesion—and transparent, yet the darkness battles the light in an attempt to preserve its identity and remain separate. It is for this reason that a Spiritual Teacher awakens love and inspiration in some and hatred and antagonism in others.

Because the permanent atoms that make up the individual sheaths (the human form that clothes the soul) are made up of the matter of the planet and it is this matter that has not yet attained its potential luminosity, so each spiritual seeker is inevitably engaged in the process of planetary redemption exemplified in this ancient and ageless mantram: "Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality; From darkness to Light; From the unreal to the Real." We have been assured by those who have gone before us that every level of darkness veils and hides a still more supernal glory; initiation is a constant fusion of the lights, progressively entered, enabling the seeker to see further, deeper and more inclusively. Every dark night brings the sweet dawn of awakening and unerringly, just as the noontime sun disperses the shadows, so the Light ever reveals and disperses the darkness that imprisons and blinds. Let us all then enjoin, "Let there be light!"

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