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2008 No. 3
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The Individual, the Planetary and the Cosmic Christ (Continued)
As in Heaven, so on Earth. One foundation of Be-ness verily permeates all existence. Precisely this foundation should help humanity to understand the Hierarchy of Infinity. Who then will doubt that in every earthly object is expressed someone's will? Without will no earthly object can be created, nor set into motion. Thus it is upon Earth, and it is the same in the Higher World. Since the existence of the planet as an earthly stronghold requires an impulse of will, it is just as comprehensible that the whole system of heavenly bodies require the same. Such will, of course, is more readily comprehensible to an expanded consciousness. But even the average human will can serve as an example of a microcosm. One need not go too far in special calculation, but if we take as a unit the human will at its highest tension, then it is possible to estimate the force of the impulse of the planetary will. One may be involved in innumerable ciphers, in calculating the will-impulse of a whole system. Such a problem would be an introduction into the Grandeur of the Ineffable. So useful are the observations, therefore, upon will power, when thought sets into motion this cosmic energy. The abode of Agni is the furnace of Cosmic Power. One should not be overwhelmed at the innumerable digits in the calculation of the Magnitude. Figures merely express that of which we are conscious, but the fiery heart, without figures can strive along the path of assimilation of the Grandeur there where word is naught.1

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that our solar system is a second ray solar system of Love and Wisdom. It has evolved from a previous third ray solar system, in which active intelligence was supreme and kingly and in its turn, this second ray solar system, millions of years hence will evolve into a first ray system of Will and Power—a transcendent will and power of which humanity as yet comprehends nothing and far above the current, personal understanding of these concepts.

These three solar systems are also reflective of the past, the present and that which is yet to come. They are differentiated in time and space only where the consciousness of humanity is concerned. From the consciousness of the Logos, as described within the esoteric wisdom, they represent more accurately, highest, intermediate and lowest, and the three form but one expression.

Among the many esoteric names of this second ray are the following, which provide some insight as to the quality of experience intended for the lives who move and live and have their being within this solar system: The Cosmic Christ, The Cosmic Magnet, The Radiance in the Form, The Light Bringer, The Son of God Incarnate and The One Who hides the Life.

This second ray is reflected in the three qualities of the Christ evolution, which we understand through the following concepts: God is love. God is relationship. God is consciousness.

As a result of the evolutionary process, the historical Christ appeared on our planet two thousand years ago and embodied within Himself, not only the principle of love in a planetary sense, such as Sri Krishna also achieved, but He embodied within Himself the cosmic principle of Love—this, for the first time in the history of humanity.

The cosmic Christ can only be known by the individual Christ and it is the historical and Planetary Christ who awakened humanity to the fact that God is Love, thus, pioneering and stabilizing the link that eventually will connect the individual human being, through his/her indwelling Christ consciousness to the Cosmic Christ.

The task of the Planetary Christ, which spans both the Piscean Age out of which we are emerging and the Aquarian Age into which we are moving, is threefold: 1) He "tends the evocation of the fire," helping humanity draw closer to that "life more abundantly," found within the Shamballa (Father) consciousness; 2) He "nourishes the lesser lives," by leading humanity on into the light, and with the aid of all the Great Masters of the Hierarchy, initiating humanity into higher levels of consciousness; and, 3) He "keeps the wheel revolving," so that with every incarnation, the individual has the opportunity to perfect the personal form until it can fully reflect the Light and Love of the Soul—the indwelling Christ life. And, it was to this process that the historical Planetary Christ referred when he called upon every human being to "let your light shine." (Matthew 5:16)

1 Fiery World II, par. 16, Agni Yoga Society, New York