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2008 No. 2
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Harmonizing the Actions of Nations: How Can We Help?

Humanity's task, ultimately, is to become aware of the unimpeded relationship existing among all centers and states of being, or dimensions of consciousness and then relate "that which is above and that which is below," or that which is inward (esoteric) to that which is outward (exoteric)—a form of inbreathing and out-breathing, of receiving and giving. This process would then allow for an unimpeded and divine circulatory flow.

"Humanity," as one Teacher of the Wisdom indicates, "has never really lived up to the teaching given to it." Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Hermes, Vysa or any of humanity's Spiritual Teachers has not yet been expressed as it was hoped. Because human beings do not live up to what they already know, they fail to make practical their information and they short-circuit the light1 that is available.

The field of modern Psychology has given us a conceptual understanding of the reason for this, referring to the unredeemed substance or darker aspects of the personal self that afflicts every individual as the "shadow nature." By its very name, we understand that the shadow is not of the light. It is described as difficult to apprehend; dangerous, disorderly, and forever hiding, as if the light of consciousness would steal its very life, as indeed it would.

We see the shadow mostly indirectly, mirrored either in what we consider to be the distasteful traits, motives and actions of others or in those we project onto others. The shadow is more readily recognized out there—away from us, where we can distance ourselves from identifying with its characteristics and where it becomes less threatening to observe. Robert Louis Stevenson's famous tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a stark and extreme example of the shadow nature at work.2

The Ageless Wisdom refers to this shadow substance as the Dweller on the Threshold—that part of the integrated personal self and the planetary life that is not responsive to the energies of the Soul.

However, it has long been prophesied and we see evidence all around us that, as we move into the astrological and astronomical Age of Aquarius, humanity, the third planetary center, is preparing to awaken and make a major leap in consciousness. This is bringing in greater Light, resulting in greater Awareness and more Understanding.

In the Light, we see greater Light. Thus, individuals and groups are actively and wholeheartedly striving to electrify and strengthen the communicating bridge linking humanity with the higher states of consciousness. In the symbolism of the East, because of this mindful contact, "the Bridge of Sighs" is slowly being replaced by the radiant Rainbow Bridge of Light.

As more individuals become involved and engaged in this striving, so the unhappy psychological acquiescence to sorrow and pain, that has been and is so evident on our planet, will eventually be swept away by the clear light of love, and Joy will be the new keynote, replacing the Piscean keynote of pain.

For the first time in the history of the planet, a quantum leap into higher states of consciousness is possible for millions on our planet. However, just as in the personal life when major transformative changes are preceded by points of crisis, so now we experience continuous and horrendous planetary crises.

The conflicts we witness on every hand are a result of the habitual, steadfast focus on the three conflict-ridden lower planes of consciousness—the physical, emotional and the concrete mental—thwarting and excluding the inclusive, transformative levels of the higher planes of consciousness.

The Ageless Wisdom refers to the Apostolic Succession of Knowers—the Hierarchy of Love, Wisdom and Power—the Exalted Beings who are ever present on our planet, quietly but powerfully radiating thoughts and energies, which are as electromagnetic frequencies energizing the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

All that cannot blend and harmonize with these energies struggles mightily, warring to retain its dominance within its limited sphere, outside the consciousness of the Soul and the circle of Planetary and Solar Love. For as we know from our personal experience, any new spiritual energy is first met with the last ditch efforts of the opposing forces (the "shadow" and the "Dweller"), which, resisting integration, would oppose and thwart the new energies.

Because the United Nations is made up of representatives from 192 governments and governments are a reflection of their people, harmonizing the actions of the Nations of the world—in the end—depends on the ability of individuals to strive towards individual transformation and to develop a planetary consciousness, exemplifying the opening of the heart center and thus demonstrating Soul contact.

This is the goal of humanity's evolutionary journey and this is its spiritual destiny.

May we all work more intentionally and purposefully so that this destiny may be realized sooner rather than later!

1 Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, Alice A. Bailey, by Lucis Trust, 1983, p. 48
2 Meeting the Shadow, Jeremiah Abrams and Connie Zweig, Editors. G.P. Putnam's Sons Publishers, New York City, 1999.