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2008 No. 2
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Developing A Fiery Heart: The Need of Our Times
As the Bible says: "the love of God is shed abroad" in the human heart, and its transforming, magnetic and radiatory power is essential for the reconstruction of the world and for the establishment of the new world order. Upon the unfoldment of the heart centre, and on an intelligent relation of mankind to the Hierarchy, with the consequent response of man to the energy of love, all disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect, for as a "man thinketh in his heart, so is he."1

Any thoughtful, caring person who looks out on the world stage today cannot but first recoil in horror and anguish. Upon regaining the energy and strength to bear witness and then engage, there comes the compulsion to consider how humanity will ever be able to heal and transform the injustices and suffering that are so pervasive, and seemingly so deeply entrenched. How can the conflict and cacophony ever be resolved? How will the corruption, deception and selfishness of the day ever be brought to an end? Will the rampant materialism forever hold sway, triumphing over our responsibility to each other and to our care for the planet?

The answer is encoded upon the human heart and clearly delineated within the eternal Wisdom of the Ages: hatred does not cease by hatred, but by love; a problem can never be resolved on the level at which it was created. Ever a higher wisdom must be sought, ever the higher road must be traversed, and ever the energies must be transferred from the three energy centers of the lower personal self into those centers of energy above the solar plexus. The higher consciousness must be cultivated.

No easy task this! For millennia the focus of life on planet earth has been on the consciousness of the three material planes of life as known and understood by the five senses, which through the evolutionary process have slowly been perfected. In ancient Lemuria the disciple learned to control the physical body and aspired towards emotional control. Later in ancient Atlantis the disciple learned to control the emotional body with aspiration towards mental control, so that today, the disciple's goal is to control the mental body with aspiration towards knowledge of the inner causative agent—the Soul. For this, the energy cycles of cosmic and solar proportion are aiding humanity. "Esoterically speaking," indicates the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, "a point of contact, a moment of 'spiritual intercourse,' is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born."2

As the mental faculties are developed and reach a fairly high level of unfoldment, so thinking in the heart becomes possible. This ability to think in the heart is the result of the process of transmuting desire into love during the task of raising the forces of the solar plexus into the heart centre. Via this process, humanity becomes aware of relationship, compassion and responsibility, for "only from the heart centre can stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together."3

The heart centre of humanity is created by the sum total of the hearts (symbolically speaking) of all those men and women of goodwill who are serving their fellow human beings, sponsoring human welfare movements, working for the establishing of right human relations, and constantly offsetting the separativeness of the human mind through the inclusiveness of the divine love nature.

It is the heart centre through which the love energy of the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom can persistently flow. Thus, the love streaming forth from the Heart of God enters the hearts of humanity. Thus, the Hierarchy, which is the heart centre or the place where love prevails upon planet Earth is brought into relationship with humanity.

Related to the development of the heart center, the Agni Yoga Wisdom also brings attention to the need to cultivate a fiery heart: "Many conditions of the heart, from soft-heartedness to cruelty, have been marked by the observation of people, but rarely has fiery-heartedness been emphasized. Yet it is precisely this quality that should preoccupy and attract our attention."4 Further, the fiery heart particularly understands the inadmissibility of malice, recognizing this as a worthless expedient.

Today, only noble thoughts and noble deeds can offset the darkness and ignorance rampant on the planet. These spring forth from the fiery heart that alone can be dedicated to the Common Good.

The fiery heart is additionally a product of the Law of Loving Understanding—one of the Laws of the incoming Aquarian Age, which reflects an understanding of unity, of synthesis and of brotherhood. This New Age of Aquarius is not an abstract ideal. It is a living reality within the deepest fiery heart of each human being.

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